Welcome back to the third part of
Bollywood Cricket Commentary! Start us off with this game! Today’s match is between
Shah Rukh Khan’s wild cat, Pork Chops, and Sohail Khan’s single brother
and boss, Sultan. Yes! There are three white chicks from Quantico
on this side of the field. And on the other side, it’s our very own
Bajrangi Bhaijaan leading the Bajran Dal. Looks he left behind his bachelorhood
at Pakistand along with Munni. Looks like he’s been asking around
for forgiveness a lot. There you go, the famous spider-cam shot! Salman’s hand going forward
and backwards. He’s saying bye as well.
Let’s take a look at a recap. What they say is right, Sherry.
Salman is his very own umpire. That’s a great one, Lala! He’s seen here practising his shots. Here he is again
in a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ costume. -He’s not letting Chopra get any footage.
-Absolutely! Looks like he’s still going around
asking for forgiveness. He’s trying to treat the field
like his Twitter account. Screwing around with the balance
of forgiveness. All Out! And he got himself out.
Salman went for an all out! A national example of ‘Self-Awareness’. He’s increased the honor and status
of this gentlemen’s game. Moing ahead with the game. Finally the cheerleaders have a chance
to their job. Where are these women from?
The US, UK, Canada or Melbourne? Don’t be fooled, Sherry. They’re from UK,
can’t you look at their poverty? A towel’s in the game. A sign of spot-fixing on the field. This is the very towel that shook
the ground! He ruined the careers of players
like Sreesanth. A good use of the towel,
with the this bottom-hand move. And here’s Priyanka Chopra
in the towel… That was quite close, Sherry. Hey, there’s a reverse-swing. Both the players are tit to tit.
Salman’s heart broken! Salman’s waiting for the decision
to be reviewed from the lighthouse. Asking for another chance. Back in the game with the towel. He makes an amazing move like Bali
with his towel! Number 313 you’re not okay, Sherry! He made two signs with those balls. He moves his around like this,
what’s that now! Salman’s damaged both his balls
at the same time! The balls are in for a sixer, Sherry! -With a sigh of relief from the night.
-Oye, Lala! Making the ball shine is just an excuse! In reality, a player just wants to scratch
his crotch! Oh, I’m so good! What’s this? This Desi girl got back
to Pali Hill from Beverly Hills. And look behind, the eye of the third umpire
is on her. I want to tell madam Priyanka
something that’s heart to heart. Come over to my mansion
for some fun and frolic. Tell me, my Priyanka darling, What’s your fucking Rashi(Zodiac sign)? Salman completed another hidden run. Full support of the umpire
and police. Priyanka’s crushing the hopes
of our internation Baywatch brother. And here’s Salman’s answer! Oh my! There’s a huge surprise! He’s gone in! His guns are in! He thought it’s the World Trade Center
and shoved his plane inside! Look at this, Sherry.
A shameful result! This is terrible. And here we go, a full commitment
ball chase. He’s running fast behind the ball. He’s caught on to Priyanka Chopra’s bikini
with that big dive! Salman’s asking for extra hours. Out! We just can’t make out
what’s happening here, can we? I wish he was this confused
when he was making ‘Jai Ho’. Look at this, getting the ground watered. The final decision
has been announced! It’s a ‘Yes’! He said, “Oh, my darling.” “Let me show you Ludhiana
and Indiana.” Hey buddy! Leave the poetry to me! There you go, Salman can’t stop
speeding even with the boat. Looks like he’s looking
for a pavement, Sherry. I request you to spare us
common men, man! Look like he’s going to run over someone
even here! We’ll be right here
with our conversations. Till then, good night, ‘shabakair’,
merry christmas, I don’t give a fuck! Come here, Lala.
I’ll tell you a story. There was once a really wealthy
comedian drinking on a plane.

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