When I initially met Jo Kidd in 1985, I
was a member of one of her recreation classes and we became good friends at that time.
That was about 30-40 years ago. I’m a former national table tennis
champion in 1992 and that’s how I met professor Kidd in her class and I became involved in table tennis since then. She gave her whole life in this school. My life is totally changed. After pre table tennis, I don’t go to Las Vegas anymore. Jo Kidd makes me proud to be part of SMC. Jo has impacted all sports here. Because of her passion and her love of sports she’s created probably 48 years ago – the co-rec program. And as you can see, many many
folks come every Sunday. When you pan around and you see these guys playing, some of these guys are 70-80. There’s some 90 year olds down there and it just keeps everybody going. Now we have tournaments, workshops and other kinds of things that were never there before. If students know about table tennis, it’s thanks to you. She’ll get everybody out playing. It’s pretty awesome. There’s no joy if there’s no table tennis. I have some place to go on a Sunday. Just recently last month, Santa
Monica College team made it to the nationals. Because of professor Kidd, we
have the best program in California for table tennis, badminton and karate. My special message for Jo is “Thank you.” You deserve every every accolade. We love her. I love you. She’s like a second mom to me. It’s great you’re being inducted. Thank you for everything you have done
for Santa Monica College, for Santa Monica community and this great program. Thank you for your continual enthusiasm
and support for all of us Way to go, Jo! Thank you Joe for being
around. You go, girl! You go! That’s it. That’s beautiful.
Congratulations, really from the heart From the heart. I hope to spend many many, many more Sundays here at co-rec with Jo Kidd.

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Dennis Veasley

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