What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have come up with a new way of table tennis. Triangle table tennis! The rules are the same as in table tennis but with two exceptions You’re not allowed to hit the ball back twice to the same player And first serve to the left, second serve to the right No! It was Otto’s point! That was good one! Sorry Emil! That counts, that counts! You set me up Otto! Pretty easy serve! From this net, to this net, to your side I was serving to you! No way! Nice! Good match! As always, Otto won. But we had a lot of fun. Yes we did. Remember to subscribe And watch our previous videos. Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Triangular Ping Pong”

  1. This was surprisingly difficult but it was definitely fun to try out! We managed to get a better hang of it towards the end 😄

  2. Imagine a barrier wall separating two halves of the table. The barrier is 3 meters wide by 2.5 meters tall. A player on one side cannot see the player on the other side.

    Now imagine a rectangular opening in the barrier for the ball to go through. The opening is the width of the table. The bottom of the opening is at the height of the net.

    How high would the opening have to be to make the game interesting? 1/2 meter? 1/4 meter? Different sizes and shapes of openings could be tried…

  3. オレンジの人はとても無駄な動きが多いのに比べて白色の服の人はほとんど動かずに身体の姿勢が綺麗だから得点が稼げるんだと思う

  4. Super video ! Je profite de ce commentaire pour faire une petite pub ( ne m'insultez pas tout de suite 🙄🤣) Enfin bref, j'ai 13 ans je fais des vidéos humoristiques, des videos fornite et des videos de foot, meme des challenge et des quizz. Je fais environ 1,5k vue par vidéo mais mon nombre d'abonnés n'évolue pas beaucoup !
    Si tu a du temp est un ❤ pourrait tu passer sur ma chaine et me dire en commentaires ce qui va et ce qui va pas ( jy tiendrais compte ) puis t'abonner ( je ne t'oblige pas )
    Si tu a aussi une chaîne YouTube dis le mwa en commentaire j'irais voir ta chaîne aussi et m'abonner !😊😘
    Si tu a lu le commentaire jusque a la fin gg

  5. Maths Teacher:- I'll help you out with integration concept. It's easy
    Me:after 3 hrs of lectures concepts roaming in circle

  6. Pongfinity , you are play table tennis very well . I am from Bulgaria and I play table tennis too . You are my IDOL .

  7. 2 weeks ago I was playing with my brother and I literally said that it would be cool to play trio table tennis…so you read my mind and did it 👌😂

  8. You should play a rally with two rackets, two balls, and behind the back shots only for at least one minute.

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