Hey guys, Dr. Bolz here at Spring Chiropractic again. This is Jo one of our awesome employees. I’m going to demonstrate a treatment that we do for medial epicondylitis also known as tennis elbow. We can treat medial or lateral epicondylitis, but I wanted to go over a brief treatment protocol that we do that’s been very very successful getting people feeling better. I start with doing what’s called ART Active Release Technique where I find the patient’s adhesions in their arms the knots in their forearms I shorten the muscle I pin the muscle and then I bring the muscle and I lengthen it while I’m pinning the adhesion this helps break up scar tissue in the elbow and I’ll do various techniques through this. I’ll work the extensors. I’ll work the flexors. I’ll work part of the bicep and I’ll work prior to the tricep area. So after I go through and work on the elbow loosen these muscles up, I will typically then go to what I call a banding type exercise while use these rubber bands and I’ll tie it around her elbow to further lengthen the muscle and break up scar tissue, a typical treatment like this looks like this. I’ll wrap the band around her elbow nice and tight through here. It’s very easy. It’s very comfortable. It only takes just a minute to do. Hardest part is just getting the band on. And once we get the band, we’re going to set it and lock it just like this. Now. What I do at this point is I will take the elbow and put it through different ranges of motion of flexion. Extension, I’ll come across the body stretching it. I’ll come back this way. And after I’ve done this for about 30 seconds to a minute, I take the band off and the patient will have immediate change in the way. they feel. There you go, now move your arm around. Okay, that is a typical treatment protocol that we do for tendonitis in the elbow. It’s very effective. We follow that up with cold laser therapy and local cryotherapy. So if you have any issues, let us know. Have a great day.

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Dennis Veasley

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