You’re gonna park in Captain’s spot? I am the Captain now. Would’ve loved to spend some more time in St. Andrews but we wanted to cover a lot of ground on this trip and we headed north and Along the coast through the Aberdeen area and the first course we hit in that area of the country was Cruden Bay Cruden Bay is my s***! Cruden Bay is different. It’s a lot more like a course you’d see in Ireland than it is, Scotland It’s defined by these massive dunes in the holes play alongside of them into the bases of them goes up on top of them weaves back through and around them and it’s the way that the course was designed to be played around and through these dunes and it’s The main hazard that you encounter along the way You wouldn’t build a course like this nowadays but that’s what traditional links is all about–it’s so natural and it just follows The sand dunes and just follows the lay of the land and I think that’s an important thing for a traditional links golf course. – required reading for us. That’s kind of a missed opportunity not naming it the “Full Monty.” Hey, we’re gonna sign the visitor book Four whiskey measures with your green fees today, okay. There you go, beautiful So we decided that every time somebody made a birdie that we were all gonna take a nip of whiskey and give a compliment to whoever made the birdie which was harder for some people to do than others Gross birdie or net birdie? Gross birdie! disgusting birdies Crack let’s do it bit of a crack That’s birdie at the first, sir! Let’s get some whiskey! Gonna be a rip of the little snifter of the whiskey there Soly, I love your maroon vest today, and that was a hell of an opening birdie. Cheers to you, bud. Thank you I love that, you know you’ve started taking three iron off the tee. That’s really fun to watch. Thank you Very cool, cheers to you, great birdie. Thank you. I like the way you matched your maroon vest to the maroon stripe on your shirt. That’s very cool, man. Yeah, that’s cool. Hey, to Soly! And to Warren! Cheers! All right, that’s gonna be a birdie at the second for Soly Let’s drink again!Soly, you’re a real mensch, just in general. Cheers. You guys are gonna run out of things to say. Quickly! First two holes are pretty straightforward. But once you get to the third, it’s just a full tour de force The third is a drivable par-4 and it’s drivable for everybody. It’s less than 270 yards.What Scummy DJ actually tried to cheat Randy out of an eagle opportunity. I was playing a Callaway One originally We were rushed at the tee, I didn’t have time to mark it. We both hit drives through the chute on this par 4 one’s like 20 feet of the pin one’s a little long and now we’re trying to like check scuff marks I just did a 56 on the last hole. I think that’s my scuff mark This ball is pretty clean. There is a tiny scuff mark right there Which one is that one? That was on the green? This is on the green. I think that’s you. Look…bud… I think that’s you. It’s cool of you to be this cool. I just want to say that. Touch of class Hey, Randy, let’s both make 3s How’d that stay out? Kid is in! Gerrard’s done it! Just a textbook two-putt there For three in a row…oh!! Hate to see it Here’s Tron for birdie at 3. Oh, he’s done it! and he’s done it we’re gonna be toasting Uncle Tron! Three birds! I gotta compliment everybody Hey, that’s awesome! Rules controversy settled everybody wins all right, so through Three holes. We’ve got five birdies in the group. Everybody made birdie but me So I got a compliment everyone Randy you make me laugh every day Tron the more ridiculous your outfits look the better you look DJ your positive outlook on life gives me a positive outlook on life. Thanks, man. Hey cheers!The fourth is the first par 3 It’s the first hole where you really see and experience the dunes–the green site sits, beautifully Underneath the dune and it plays right alongside this river with a little town and hotels right to the left I know Randy and Tron really love playing through town. So they got a big thrill out of that. That was cool to see. The par-4 5th kicks off a great stretch of four holes all played in the same direction and it’s the first real view you get From atop one of the massive dunes and it’s a view unlike any other hole we’ve played yet on this trip. So the 6th is where things get very interesting It’s a par-5 and for us it’s playing downwind and no matter how many times I play this hole I still cannot pick out a line for my second shot it’s the most blind of all of the blind shots and It just messes with your head. It tests your ability to make a commitment to a line You do have to walk up and pick out a point in the hill kind of test your ability Like look back at your ball and the green and figure out what your line is, but this is what you came for This is kind of part. This is part of the experience of Cruden Bay Guys, it cannot be overstated how steep this hill is SICK! Was that worth it? Yeah, you know what…got it up and down. I’d rather make six that way then make five the safe way. The seventh is again another one of my favorites. It’s pretty wide landing area you probably don’t need driver off the tee and then the hole bends up to the left up through a narrow shoot framed by a dune to the left, but you can’t bail out down to the right If you do that, then you’ve got a very difficult up and down I just love the way this approach shot goes up the hill to this little green site amongst the dunes What up, Skink! The eighth, again, another driveable par-4 and again it’s driveable for everyone. I think even DJ drove it It’s about 250 yards, I thought I thought it was a par-3 the first time I played it and par’s irrelevant But it is maybe the most driveable of any par 4 in the world. Putting from above the hole is treacherous so, ca’ canny. Birdie nip! What a bird for the kid. Cheers to DJ, great birdie back there, man. We were all rooting for ya. Couldn’t happen to a better guy your temperament just keeps us all sane Great birdie, man There’s no stand up paddle board partner I’d rather have. Cheers to you, buddy DJ, great birdie. I’d like this, this outfit to go into the Hall of Fame and framed on the KillHouse wall for your dedication to content. That means a lot guys. Cheers. Hey, cheers, everybody. Let’s make some more Tron pretty much lit himself on fire on the front and right around this point I think he started hearing footsteps cuz I was coming Very nice Comfy four, great four! The ninth tee was voted the best view in Scotland and it is a hike to get up to it It’s about a three minute walk and you are huffing and puffing but once you get to the top you get a full appreciation for the magnificent layout that is Cruden Bay You get your first look at the coffin green on the 14th And you got to take a look to see where the pin is on that hole, as well just to its left, the blind par-3 15th Take a look at where that pin position is because you can’t see either of those with your approaches into those holes Run forever! And the Kid’s on mega tilt, 4x, Michael Jackson tilt right now. Does the strategy change here? No we keep firing. He’s knifed it. He has gone long. Bit of a breeze? This, to tie the lead…oh! Hold your headyardage book said do NOT miss right What’s the thought process here? Um, the big thing is to take the 20 point double bogey out of play here. I think, I think I can get some good lumber on it and just get it up here-we’ll be alright. You must play boldly to win It’s knifed. Oh, it had some spin on it. He’s gonna learn. Well played. It’s gone! It’s gone. It’s gone. Could have a new leader very shortly here. Ah, not without a fight he won’t go down! Randy, what are you doing? Playing up in the air. Like a daft AmericanSick! You deserve that. Yeah, that’s gross! That’s disgusting! You’re a scumbag! F*** you, guys! You’re a scumbag, Randy. Here’s yet another birdie for our leader Yeah, no big deal there, just another tap-in bird, what was that, number five today? That’s just four. Four today? Just four. Left a few out there. All right another birdie for Soly… Soly, hey, cheers bud. Love watching you hit mid-irons. Love the way you can flight em down. It’s just really fun to watch. Uh, you know what? I thought that was really kind of a scummy birdie. I think you got a kick off that hill barely cleared the gorse bush, that’s a disgrace. Soly, thanks for making me drink again. I feel like you’re hazing me with your scorecard. We’re a non-hazing fraternity Oh that’s so good! Good? It’s like a foot The fun really picks back up on the 14th hole it’s a challenging tee shot But the fun really comes on the totally blind approach shot into what’s maybe the punch bowl of all punch bowls I’ve never seen anything like this the way this green sits It just looks like it was dug out of the ground and just they just scooped the dirt up onto the side into this Steep little hill that you can use any side to keep your ball into this little hole… Somehow I had a big time trouble with this one Fifteenth, again just mega blind. You’re teeing off around this massive dune that we referred to on the ninth hole, the tallest climb you had to make on the course you just play right around that dune down to the green side You got a little white pole there to aim at, it’s like a 5-iron and just wail away and hope it ends up somewhere on the green Hey, blind hole, I’m gonna make somebody’s day I don’t love it, but I get it It’s part of the deal and it I don’t love it cuz it makes me uncomfortable and I think that’s a good challenge in golf and it’s only blind the first time you see it. that sound The 17th has a Viking burial ground right in the middle of it. I think it’s other than their dune on the 9th It’s the only thing that we saw on the whole trip that was taller than Randy Good four! Enjoyed it, Tronald. Great outfit today, by the wayAll right After Cruden Bay, Tron and I are tied at 158 DJ on 142 after a 56 point day, Big Randy, caboose, at 126. Cruden Bay was our only stop in Aberdeen. It’s an area we would have loved to have spent more time we would have loved to play Royal Aberdeen and thanks to the new course, Trump Aberdeen, just down the road a lot more people are making trips to this area We would have loved to have stayed but we had somewhere else we had to be–a place that we didn’t know a whole lot about and we had no idea the surprise we were in for Cullen does not feel like any course I’ve played in my entire life Can you just point to it? I thought it was on top of this thing! To Cruden! To Cruden. Cheers! Cracking Cruden. A hell of a walk. It’s lovely!

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Dennis Veasley

51 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 7, Cruden Bay”

  1. Did the guys consider playing the Castle Course in the St. Andrew's group? It's by far the most scenic of the 7 at St.Andrews. Loved the series!

  2. Another fantastic episode. Bits to watch out for – Big Randy doing his best baby giraffe impression down the steps, two extremely underappreciated short-game efforts at the 4th, Tron's three-putt from 12 feet that probably traveled 50 total feet at 14, and the varying volumes of whiskey in everyone's bottle towards the end of the round. I might be a birdie sip truther, haven't decided yet.

  3. "It's only blind the first time you see it." Respect that quote. Agree that I don't love blind golf either, but if a course is blind because of it's raw, natural elements, I'll accept that much more easily than if a bulldozer made it so.

  4. Next trip, please bring a better camera than a potato phone or GoPro on a weird stabilizer. Content is great but video quality is meeeeeh. Keep up the good work!

  5. I don't know which Randall-directed quote I like better: "How'd that stay out?" or "Like a daft American." The new captain is a human highlight reel, and he sets the bar high right from the start. Such grace and elegance on the death-defying downstair decline.

  6. Great vid! Just about my favourite Links course, it's great to play in June when it stays light until late, those dunes are so how mystical late in the evening. If you do play Cruden Bay, stay at the St Olaf Hotel which sits above the course and has tremendous views of the course below

  7. Maybe not the best idea to neck a few miniatures, then a pint or 2 at the 19th then drive home considering the extremely low drink drive limit here in Scotland, just saying for anyone visiting Scotland. Zero tolerance given by the 5-oh!

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