Falkland Palace is a royal hunting lodge, historically. Where the Stuart kings and queens used to come for their holidays. The wooden ceiling in here was put in by
James IV of Scotland, but the painting that you see on the ceiling is from 1633 and the reason that the ceiling was painted was for a visit of Charles I. Charles I had already been crowned in England but he had to come to
Scotland for his Scottish coronation. On the 10th of July 1633, they left Falkland Palace. All the belongings were put on the carts and off they went down to
Burntisland in the south of Fife. The two baggage boats were filled and they started setting off across the Forth heading for Leith. When the boats were not far out of the harbour, there was a squall got up, and one of the baggage boats sank. There were about twenty or so members of his Court on that boat. There was about half the royal wardrobe apparently went down, all the kitchen and scullery equipment and also a silver dinner service which had belonged to Henry VIII, and that all just sank into the Forth, and as far as we know it’s still there. So from here we’ll go into the tapestry gallery.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Tour Guide Tales – Falkland Palace’s Sunken Treasure”

  1. Visiting a country that has disdain for me .That somehow thinks THE U.S. is unintelligent, fat ,lazy, ignorant, I can go on about what I have seen and heard. That just makes me really want to come to Scotland and maybe learn about from where my ancestors came. Not really wanting to anymore.

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