Hey what’s up everyone, thanks for checking
out my review of the TOPO athletic Runduro. This is a new show that just came out and
I’m extremely happy with it so far. I was a little skeptical at first because
it has a thicker sole than I typically wear. I do a lot of running in the Vibram FiveFingers,
and I was really surprised by how much I like this. It has a really nice ride. It only has a 3mm
drop from heal to toe. So, it’s nearly flat. Umm, another thing I liked about it, is it
has this nice wide forefoot, which really allows your toes to, uh kind of spread out
and splay naturally. And thats going to help promote a more natural ride and a really,
really nice feel. Also, the EVA foam in this is really soft,
um, its got a great feel to it. Its, ah, some of their older shoes were a little bit stiff
for me. But this has got a really nice feel. Um, another thing about this that I like is
that the inside, there is no seams in here whatsoever. It’s absolutely seamless. I’ve
been wearing this with bare feet, um, sockless, and I haven’t had any blisters.So, that’s
a really nice thing. Another very cool thing about this shoe is
this lacing system called the BOA, ah, lacing system. It’s just a little button that you
compress, like this, and you can snug it down, then when you want to losen it up, you just
pop it out, loosen it, then snug it down again. Um, but, ah so far this has been a great shoe,
I’ve really enjoyed it, um, wearing Vibram Fivefingers or something really minimal like
that, you’ve gotta really watch out for rocks and things like that, but when you’ve got
something with a little more cushion under foot you can jus relax a little more. Ah,
take it off on some rougher terrain, and go over rocks and pebbles without any problems,
and again it still gives you that really nice natural feel. Um, as far as what, I’m always interested
in what the insole is going to be like and I really like how this is widest at the toes,
which is really what you need for a natural stride. If you compare it to say the Vibram Fivefingers
insole – this is from the komodo sport – you can tell, you can see that it really allows
that toe splay. Most shoes would kind of cut off on the big
toe and start to point. And that’s not going to give you as natural of a ride, so I really
enjoyed that. Um, it’s got a real natural fit. So if you’re interested in it, check
it out. Um, like I said, sockless, it just feels really smooth in there, um, really enjoyed
it, so thanks, thanks for checking out my review.

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