Hi, dear nurses. How are you doing? In this video we are going to know the top five Keepnursing shoes. Number five – The Plain Florence Sport! This is the plain version of one of the most complete models with Waterproof Upper and Great Durability! Number four- Susie -The ideal model for those who are looking for style, without forgetting the Comfort, this model comes with an anatomical footbed! Number three- Bio- Bio is a versatile and charming Clog, with low heel and an anatomical footbed!! Number two- Arizona It’s an ankle boot!! It’s the fashion accompanying you at work!! Totally Waterproof!! And Number One- Our exclusive printed shoe Florence Sport! This Shoe gets together Comfort, Durability and many thematic Prints!! You’ll find this Top five and many others at keepingnursing .com!! Keepnursing, the store that cares about those, who care about others Keep Loving, Keepnursing.com

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Dennis Veasley

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