Welcome to Table Tennis Experts Polish table tennis channel who follows the whole world Top 10 gluing Chinese cladding. Chinese products are often associated with cheaper ones. In this case, the layman can be very surprised. It is not about prices but about the quality of the cladding. I have been waiting for the publication of such a list for a long time, because I wanted to have as many as possible linings of this type. To be reliable, I collected a lot of information. First we checked on the internet forums what people recommend. Of course, these are subjective opinions, but on some issues some have agreed. After selecting the best types, we consulted with the German store Our choices. A seller who serves a much larger market than our Polish gets a lot more opinions from their customers. After these stages, we took the cladding and created reviews that you watched on the channel. The final stage is to organize them according to the order in terms of the best parameters. Subjectively, I assessed what the cladding may have the most potential in the game. These are Chinese claddings selected in some respects and maybe some would add other items. In the future, we will probably test even more equipment and then we will improve this list if we find something worth entering TOP10. So we’re starting 10 DHS Skyline TG3-60 Companies quite well-known will reign on this list. DHS is the most well-known Chinese brand that produces table tennis equipment. The cover itself can be said to be one of the best hybrids. European-Chinese hybrids – very flexible undercoat a little softer but the top is very sticky. The Skyline series is recognized as the most adhesive cladding in the series produced by DHS. On the Schuller & Micke lists created by Contra, she was on top of the most rotating claddings for a long time. There are quite a few types of this cover that differ primarily in the type of foundation. With the currently produced this model is worth recommending. With one caveat. Red works worse than black. The rubber is naturally black. When you add chemical compounds, it becomes red – sometimes you can see that the black ones are cheaper in the middle. This is not just a badly discolored rubber compound. It should be remembered that sticky blacks are definitely better, because the stiffness of the cover also changes when the color changes. The red top makes it more hard and the cladding is faster but less rotational. In the case of Skyline the difference is very large. The red liner behaves much worse than black. Black Skyline TG3-60 I highly recommend. 9 Kokutaku 888 ET This cladding is also a delicate hybrid between European and Chinese. According to a German seller, this is the second best product from Kokutaku or Tuttle. This company is one of the cheapest Chinese companies. For this she produced a product that is really noteworthy. Here, there is no such a significant difference as in the case of the Skyline between black and red because it was higher. Kokutaku 888 ET and Skyline TG3-60 are suitable for both forehand and backhand. However, due to the disadvantage in the production of the Skyline TG3-60, I am putting 888 ET higher. There is a big difference between the front adhesive covers and these Hybrids. However, people who want to start playing sticky should start with such models. The ones that are above are definitely for more advanced players. 8 Friendship Bloom Power Very sticky and at the same time very dynamic cover. It is at a high level of sophistication. For some players it can be the best cladding. Everything can be played from it. Fast, slow, attack, defense. Minimal differences make it only in the eighth place. Some people accuse me of speaking too well about the cladding on reviews. However, it’s hard to say anything bad about such a cladding. You can only say that there will be people who will not be able to play it. However, the cover itself is very good. As you know, we tried to choose good equipment on command so you will rarely find something bad on the channel. 7 DHS Hurricane 8 We tested this cladding a lot of time ago. You could say that it was technologically ahead of other claddings. Dhs always applies to the quality of production, but in this case he went very high. The commercial version of the cladding is on the provincial level. I think that a very interesting test would be to compare Hurricane 8 to Tenergy 05 Hard. It could turn out that in the point test Hurricane could win. Write in a comment if you would like to see such a review. 6 Joola Golden Tango And now a Chinese cladding produced by a European manufacturer. It might seem that this is just a marketing gimmick to try to download potential customers. In the test, however, it turned out that it looks a bit different. I liked the unexpectedly dynamic foundation. An extremely rotating top for this. Sometimes, at certain moments, we feel that we are losing control on a rocket. This may be due to the poor orientation of the pintles that are in the Chinese standard a little lower. Nevertheless, a cover worth recommending with extreme parameters. This is only the number 6 and I am already saying that most people who would try it should be satisfied. 5 DHS Hurricane 3 NEO provincial This is classic. Some would say that it must be number one because the Chinese team plays this game. Unfortunately, the team plays something that an ordinary player will not get in life. In addition, DHS pays a lot of money so that executives just play it. People are curious and often check how it works. Sometimes, at the same time, some stay as they did not come across other similar covers, for example from places 1 to 4. Sometimes and lower numbers could be used as an alternative with a very similar effect. 4 Yinhe Moon PRO Yinhe or Galaxy or Milky Way raises the quality of its products. Their production level is constantly growing. Moon PRO should satisfy the most demanding players. You glue, play and look what’s happening. Magic happens on the table. You play topspin and your opponent has problems. You play in the first, second or third zone and you can put everything in the table. A flexible foundation that does not need additional boosters. It all happens without tuning. I do not want to sell it to anyone. I think it is very good and that’s it. 3 Tuttle VIP 2018 A special rugged top that is only used in this one cladding model. I have not encountered anything similar in any other cladding on the market. Definitely a new level of the game and as the name suggests one of the latest technologies that can conquer the market. Considered by the manufacturer as its best product. We checked how it is in practice and we confirm the quality of the cladding. 2 Yinhe Jupiter 2 You close your eyes. You hit the topspin with all your strength. You open your eyes and you have a point. Liner which for Chinese forgives a lot and causes terrible problems in the block of your opponents. I think Chinese pros could play it unless the producers have told them to play something else. Our naturalized Chinese player plays with this equipment in the Polish team interchangeably with Yinhe Big Dipper which we have not yet tested. Jupiter 2 second-tier among my types for the best Chinese equipment. 1 Friendship Battle 2 provincial Improved version of Battle 2. Improved production quality and even more curled parameters compared to the best-selling Battle 2. Some have already said that the usual Battle 2 is the best. It turns out that you can still go a little higher if we select materials. Pure joy of bouncing and at this price every person who likes to play Chinese should try this. It is demanding but the effect on the table is very surprising. In conclusion, remember that you can enter your best covers in the comment. It does not have to be top10, for example the top3 with which you had contact. I think everyone likes to share their opinion. I know that over 80% of people watching videos are not yet my subscribers. If you want to see amazing super league exchanges, first league, first league and hardware reviews click this red button. You will have access to the beautiful world of table tennis. Regards, hey, and invite you to the next productions, guides and videos!

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Dennis Veasley

40 thoughts on “Top10 Chinese sticky table tennis rubbers | #tabletennisexperts”

  1. Pozdrowienia z Guayaquil – Ekwador. Twoje filmy są bardzo dobre i edukacyjne. Muszą jednak dotrzeć do większej liczby odbiorców na całym świecie, potrzebują napisów, prosimy o angielski, chciałbym też je po hiszpańsku. Bardzo dziękuję z góry za udział w tym przesłaniu …

  2. Saludos desde Guayaquil – Ecuador. Sus videos son muy buenos y educativos. Pero les falta llegar a más público global, necesitan subtítulos, inglés por favor, también me gustaría en español. Muchas gracias de antemano por atender éste mensaje…

  3. Greetings from Guayaquil – Ecuador. Your videos are very good and educational. But they need to reach more global audiences, they need subtitles, English please, I would also like them in Spanish. Thank you very much in advance for attending to this message …

  4. 2 tygodnie temu zamówiłem deskę Palio S4 oraz 2 x KTL Pro XT a tu teraz nowy film z recenzja nowych gum z Chin 😉… Może mogłem poczekać i coś lepszego zamówić po tym filmie? Tylko ceny tych gum są jednak dużo, dużo wyższe 💰😉. Sam jestem ciekaw. Paczka cały czas w drodze a ja nie mogę się doczekać.

  5. ja zakupilem pierwszy raz w zyciu gumy i deski, z chin, palio cat carbon i na to ak47 45-47 2.2mm i 38-40 2.2mm i jest bomba, nagle wszystko sie mieści na stole i sam nie poznaje swojej gry :O a dla dziewczyny palio s4 za radą twórcy kanału, oraz HK1997 48-50 2.2 i AK47 42-44 2.2mm i jest ostro, teraz mam z nią problemy 🙂 ale ten HK1997 jej zbyt katapultuje i bedziemy zamieniać na AK47 identyczna

  6. TOP-10 Best Chinese offensive rubbers (quality+price)
    1. Palio AK47 Blue
    2. Palio AK47 Red
    3. DHS Hurricane 3-50
    4. Yinhe Moon
    5. Yinhe Moon Speed
    6. Yinhe Big Dipper
    7. DHS Hurricane 8
    8. DHS Skyline 3-60
    9. DHS GoldArc 8
    10. RITC 729 Battle II Provincial

  7. TOP-10 Best Chinese universal (allround and for beginners) rubbers
    1. Yinhe 9000e/9000d
    2. Yinhe Mercury II
    3. Kokutaku Blutenkirsche 868
    4. Reactor Corbor
    5. Palio CJ8000
    6. KTL Pro XP
    7. KTL Pro XT
    8. Globe 999
    9. 61second Eagle

  8. zastanawiam się nad yinhe jupiter 2, aktualnie gram rasant grip na bh ale się wybiło, będzie spora różnica w grze jak przejde z podkładu 1.7 na 2.1? Gram deską off+ i zastanawiam się czy nie będzie za szybka. Rasant grip wydawal mi sie troche za twardy na mojej desce, moze ktos podpowie.

  9. Pomocy, jaki wpływ na szybkośc i czucie w grze ma wieksza lepkość okładziny?

    Czy Ak47 blue i KTL Pro XT bardzo się różnią i jak można je odnieść do Donic Coppa (szczególne w tabelach różnią się właśnie lepkością)?

  10. Jakie okładki na bekhend byś polecił jakieś przykłady? Coś z czego można szybko atakować ale jednocześnie przyjemne w odbiorze??

  11. Witam, jaką okładzinę chińską poleci Pan do gry defensywnej na backhand? głównie podcięcia. Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedz

  12. A jak się mają okładziny Palio Ak47 blue i zwykła Yinhe Moon do tego rankingu? Jak oceniasz zestaw Yihne FH – Palio BH i deska Tibhar Stratus Powerwood?

  13. Możesz dawać link do karzdej paletki łatwiej by było kupić taką lub poczytać opinie , ja pewnie jako jedyny miałem problem z wpisaniem niektórych nazw według mnie te filmy miały by wtedy lapszy charakter i byłu by lepsze . Polecam

  14. Super materiał. Bardzo miło się go oglądało. Jestem poczatkającym – średnio zaawansowanym graczem. Gramy/ćwiczymy średnio godzinkę dziennie po pracy. Moja rakietka już umiera, więc zdecydowałem się na pierwszego składaka. Zamówiłem już deskę Donic Allplay senso, ale z doborem okładzin mam już troszeczkę większy problem. Chińczyki kuszą bardzo niską ceną, ale z tych wymienionych w filmie ciężko mi coś dobrać, bo z tego co zrozumiałem są to raczej zabawki dla ludzi, którzy już wiedzą co robią. Gram raczej allroundowo, z zdecydowanie bardziej dominującym backhandem. Może zrobiłbyś kiedyś film podobny do tego, z tym że wycelowany raczej w mniej doświadczonych graczy, np. okładka dla średniozaawansowanych – {staw styl}. Byłoby to bardzo pomocne, bo łatwo kupić zbyt dobre laczki. Ja np. nie byłem w stanie sobie specjalnie poradzić z profesjonalnymi okładzinami, które miał ziomeczek w pracy. Pozdro.

  15. If you only focus on the quality of the rubber, national hurricane 3 blue sponge is the best for forehand, and national hurricane 3 yellow/white sponge is the best for backhand

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