Budget tables for high-performance table tennis production of Table Tennis Experts, everything about table tennis Today I will present you several options from various companies that should satisfy most people depending on the level and budget allocated for this purpose. No. 10 The offer from Alibaba.com is for people who need to equip the whole club with high-performance tables and do not need to meet the standards. The only aspect when choosing these tables is the price. The quality is high but without ITTF approval and these tables should not be used in professional competitions, but only for training purposes. These tables are manufactured in the same factory where DHS tables are produced. Their appearance is also identical to DHS tables. You can choose a lot of models on the manufacturer’s website. You can also use it if you want to create your own brand and enter the market for selling table tennis equipment. 538 $ – 2150 PLN, the same model costs 3000 PLN with the DHS brand – in both cases you have to add the duty. The minimum order is 10 pieces. Joola Transport Special table number 9 A popular table for amateur ping pong and table tennis games. It has a 19 mm thick top. Ideal as a home table for recreational games or as a training table in schools and clubs. Strong and solid frame under the top and stable leg structure. Each table top on a separate trolley. Produced in green or blue. The table has the European safety standard EN 14468-1 and delivery is included in the price. DONIC “Waldner High School The table is ideally suited to the needs of clubs, schools and institutions due to its weight and easy operation. A solid base, extremely durable surface and synchronous folding technology that meet the highest safety standards create a table with an exceptional price-quality ratio. Extremely light tournament table in a super-construction Andro “Competition” Price: 2350 European standard 14468-1 / Class A. Approved by ITTF. 25 mm thick board. 60x40mm tubular structure. Each half folded separately and equipped with two 125mm wheels. Nothing more to add – clean technical characteristics without additions. Donic “Compact 25” The new classic DONIC tournament table with a 25 mm top. The table consists of 2 parts that are attached by connecting elements in a standing position. – 25 mm top, green or blue – frame: 60 mm galvanized steel – legs: 60 x 40 mm ARTENGO FT950 DECATHLON BRAND For playing table tennis at the club or at competitions. Good quality ball bounce thanks to 22 mm tops. Use the advantages of a table with a 22 mm top for playing in cuba and in competitions! You can easily move and store this table approved by FFTT, at home or during competitions. BALL REFLECTION QUALITY
The quality of the ball bounce depends on the thickness and height of the table top. The thicker the table top (19 to 25 mm), the better the reflection. This top is 22 mm. FOLDING
Play with children in a sense of security: all our tables have a locking system. This model has been equipped with a safety system TABLE AND ITS APPLICATION
One person is enough to unfold / close the table.
One table top can be raised to allow solo play. Wheels make it easy to move the table, even on an uneven surface. EASY ADJUSTMENT
Adjusting the height and tension of the net. The table also has supports for diameter (54 mm) and height (35 mm) adjustment. SPONETA S 7-12 Master Compact table for table tennis A table tennis table from the Profiline line ideal for domestic and foreign tournaments. The table is equipped with a blue multi-coated top made of 25 mm thick chipboard and a semi-digital table folding system (type 3). For easier transport, the table has 4 maneuvering wheels, rubber with a diameter of 100 mm, 2 have a lock. The product has a manual in Polish. Net included. Butterfly SPACE SAVER 22 Butterfly SPACE SAVER 22 table is one of the most popular models in the Butterfly offer. It is suitable for club use and tournament play. The 22 mm thick table top with the “Perfect Grip” surface has contributed to the popularity of the SPACE SAVER table in hundreds of clubs, sports centers and schools. Its 22 mm top is reinforced with a strong steel frame with pink corners and a steel frame on four wheels, two of which have brakes that give the table stability during play and storage. Perfect leveling of the table top at the right level is achieved thanks to the use of special height adjustment knobs located at the ends of each table leg. Table transport and storage are facilitated by the use of a unique running system and table folding system. Folded top halves save space, taking only 36 cm deep. The unique and easy-to-use system protects against accidental opening and closing of the table. Butterfly SPACE SAVER 22 is one of the few tables adapted to the requirements of disabled people playing in wheelchairs. The distance from the edge of the table top to the first leg is 400 mm and corresponds to the Paralympic standards. SPACE SAVER 22 is already delivered assembled, and the only thing to do after receiving it is to unpack it, transport it to the right place and attach the mesh. It has been approved by ITTF for tournaments and has the European Safety Certificate (EN 14468-1). Joola World Cup 25 ITTF competition table High quality ITTF certified table for all kinds of national and international competitions. Tops 25 mm thick on a wide steel frame. Each table top on a separate trolley. The table has protection against automatic dropping of the tops after folding. Complies with EN-14468-1. At the end I put the most budget fully professional table for the most demanding and at the same time at the moment of filming this material is in promotion. Tibhar Smash 28 / R ITTF competition table Tibhar 28 is a series of top-class table tennis tables. The official tables of the European Championships in 1998 and 2002 and the World Championships in 2007. Tables used by Polish Superliga clubs. The 28 mm strong top guarantees a homogeneous and accurate reflection over the entire surface. Each table top on a separate running structure has spacers. Solid table base – steel frame made of spatial section under the top. Ball bearing wheels – adapt to the required direction of travel. An ITTF certified table – ideal for all kinds of national and international games. Delivery cost included. I think I chose the most favorable tables for the quality / price ratio. We have different top thicknesses in different tables. You need to pay attention to the ITTF approval which is not in the cheapest options. It is also worth noting that in the case of orders from some companies we get free shipping. I hope that this material will be useful to you when buying your table. All links can be found on the ttexperts.com website – the article in the link in the description below. Write in the comment on what table you would most like to play or what you have already bought. If you want to get news from the world of table tennis, remember to subscribe.

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  1. Super film . Im dłużej recenzje są prowadzone w języku angielskim tym większa radość gdy opublikowany film jest w języku polskim. 🙂

  2. OCTET 25 – bardzo równe odbicie, "stół nie przeszkadza w grze" jak np model SAN-EI Tibhara , solidna konstrukcja. niestety jak w przypadku większości produktów firmy z motylem w logo, nie jest to opcja budżetowa.

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