G’day tennis fans and welcome back to the
Tennis Now’s countdown show powered by the GAMMA RZR Challenge! In this segment we’re exploring just what
makes the Australian Open so unique from other tournaments. Melbourne park – Melbourne Park was built
in 1988 as a new venue to host the Australian Open, since the event was getting to big for
its previous venue, Kooyong Park. The park sits directly in the center of the
city and boasts some of the best courts in the world. The main stadium, Rod Laver Arena, has a capacity
of nearly 15,000, and has a retractable roof. The second largest court is Hisense Arena,
which has a capacity of 10,500, and also has a retractable roof. The third court is the former Show Court 1,
now named the Margaret Court Arena, which will also be receiving a new retractable roof. The colors – The Australian Open true blue
and sunset gold are a very unique combination that makes the courts stand out. The vibrant colors give off fun summer vibes
that add a little something extra to the matches in Melbourne. The animals – Yes it’s cliché but the
countdown wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the charming marsupials and the slithering
reptiles! Each year we see players hanging out with
snakes, koalas, and kangaroos. The Aussies – Let’s face it these Aussies
are wild! They chant they sing and they drink. These rough and tough Aussies enjoy supporting
their favorite players with crazy outfits and face paint! The heat – Australia is known for its blazing
summer heat and January is the hottest month in Australia. In fact, this year at the Australian Open
the heat record was broken with a new high of 42 degrees Celsius, that’s 107 degrees
Fahrenheit! That’s it for our countdown down under! Let us know what your favorite things about
the Australian Open on facebook and twitter or in the comments section below, and we’ll
see you next time, here, on tennis now!

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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Top Unique Things About the Australian Open – Tennis Now Countdown Show”

  1. Ever growing crowds,insects on the court and birds above,biased commentators from national channel 7,and best for last-Novak Djokovic winning it 🙂

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