Good day tennis fans and welcome back to our
countdown show powered by the GAMMA RZR Challenge – Find your feel! After seeing Tomas Berdych back in action
at this year’s Australian Open, we couldn’t help but think back to last year when he was
pegged in his match against Almagro. This awesome peg got us thinking about other
memorable pegs, and since everyone loves watching someone get hit with a tennis ball, we took
to the internet to find you the top tennis pegs. This one is a funny one we found of Pat Cash
smacking one straight into Martina Navratilova in the back at the World Tennis Challenge
last week. This one is a classic! After Radek Stepanek got on Fernando Gonzolez’s
nerves gonzo pegs him right in the tail. While trying to make a play at the net, Julia
Goerges tags Leizel Huber square in the nose! Just watching is enough to make your eyes
water up! Here Murray rockets one into Tsonga’s sensitive
regions Speaking of shots that will make every guy
cringe, here’s one from the set of a HEAD commercial where Maria Sharapova brutally
pelts Novak Djokovic Players aren’t the only ones who get hit,
here Djokovic smacks ballgirl in Madrid And here Mardy Fish pegs the center line judge,
gotta give her credit though she kept her eye on the ball! When talking about pegs, you have to carve
out a whole segment for the pegging king Ivan Lendl. Lendl was known for his nasty net smashers
and here we see him KO McEnroe with this rocket. Lendl bullets one into Vitas Gerulaitis (Veeetahs
Gahrool-eye-tis)’s forehead. And here Lendl almost kills his mixed doubles
opponent with a forehand blast. That concludes our top tennis pegs! Which peg was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section or on
Facebook and Twitter. And if you have footage of a peg that we left
our send it to us in a video reply! We’ll see you next time, here on tennis

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