(yelling) (boom) – [Stephen] Hi-ya!
(boom) Three, two, one. (boom) Whoo! – [Ian] Anything? – Let’s check out the damage. Oh, hey Sharers, What’s going on? So, if you didn’t already know, on July 27th, I got
challenged by Logan Paul to compete in the Challenger Games. And today I am here at this
top secret gym facility to train to get strong enough to beat Logan Paul in a race, and of course I brought this with me. $1,000,000 cash in an unbreakable box. So, if you didn’t already see, a giant 18-wheeler
delivered this to our house, and we’ve tried in the
past couple of videos to smash this thing open with
as much power as we could but so far nothing has
been able to break it. So I’m thinking today after training, I’ll have plenty of muscle to
try to break this thing open. There’s weights inside. There’s heavy sledgehammers
inside this gym. There’s a bunch of stuff. And the trainers are super strong. So, if we can train to beat Logan Paul and break this open we’ll be good to go. So uh, let’s get this training started. (garage door opening) – What’s up, Stephen? – Oh yeah, what’s going on? – We heard you wanna beat Logan Paul at the Challenger Games. – That’s right, I brought
this unbreakable box, too, and I’m ready to train. We gotta beat Logan. Do you guys think you can help us do this? – Let’s do this.
– Absolutely. – All right, I don’t know
what I’m gettin’ myself into but let’s go take a look at what you got and let’s start trainin’. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. – Oh dear, what is gonna happen? I’m ready to train though Sharers. If we want to beat Logan,
this is the gym to come to. They got everything in here. This is the biggest crossfit gym around. By the end of today, I
wanna have enough muscle that I can not only beat Logan, but I can break this box open. $1,000,000 inside. So, that’s the goal. – Well, you’re gonna need
some gains on you, man. – Yeah.
– You can’t do it like that. (clothes ripping)
(grunts) – Okay, yeah. – [Mike] Time to swell up, man. – Yeah, let’s swell up. – Let’s go, baby. – Let’s do this. Logan doesn’t stand a chance. That’s right. Let’s get trainin’ started. (feet tapping) – [Mike] Chest to floor,
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go!
– Good job, let’s go! – [Coach] Burpees, two more, two more! Come on, baby!
– Let’s go, two more! – Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle! Get some wall, go, come on! – Let’s go, let’s go!
– Go, go, go, go! – Back. – [Coach] Let’s go up on the rings. – [Coach] Look at these
three, three, threes. – [Coach] Good job, let’s
go, give me three pull ups. – [Coach] One, two, let’s go, let’s go. (yelling) Five slams, go, harder, go. – Two, three, four, five. – Get on the bike, get on
the bike, come on push it, push it, push it. – [Mike] Start drivin’. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Push, push, push, push, push. Come on, three, two, one, time. That was a good warm up. – Warm up? – Yeah man, it’s time for phase 2, baby. You wanna beat Logan Paul, let’s go. – That was just warm up? All right, whew. What’s phase two? – Just you wait.
– You’ll find out. – Oh dear, Sharers, smash the like button. I don’t know what’s gonna be phase two. Look how much I’m sweatin’ already. Wow, after this, not only am
I gonna break open this box, but Logan Paul is not
gonna stand a chance. Wait, that’s phase two? – Phase two, baby. Time to work on your explosive power. I need you over this box,
onto that unbreakable box, as many times as it
takes to get that open. If you want that million
dollars, you better do it, man. – Okay, we got this Sharers. – I’ll show you how it’s done. (boom) That’s how you do it, baby! Let’s go, Stephen. – All right, let’s do this. – [Mike] Come on, let’s go, let’s go. Big jump. – Here we go, three, two, one, hi-ya! (boom)
Oh, look at all that! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Dust in the gym doesn’t
stand a chance, whoo! We got this Sharers. All right, one more time,
let’s break this box open. – Let’s go, break it, let’s go! – [Ian] Come on, big jump, big jump! – Three, two, one, hi-ya! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. – All right, Stephen, time to work on some core strength, baby. Get up there. I’m gonna throw this ball to you, I want you to slam it
down as hard as you can on the unbreakable box. – All right, here we go,
let’s break this thing. Let’s break it, let’s go.
– Three, two, go. – Hi-ya! (boom) – Boom!
– Boom! – Nice work, man, let’s go,
one more time, one more time! Let’s go, slam!
– I’m ready to tackle this. Here we go, three, two, one, hi-ya! (boom) – Nice work! – Woo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Here we go, three, two, one, ya! (boom) Woo, all right! – I think you’re ready for phase three. – [Stephen] Phase three? – Let’s go. – All right, let’s do it, phase three. – We’re just getting started. – Let’s go, hi-ya.
(boom) On to phase three, let’s go. – All right, Stephen, for phase three, we gotta go outside. (garage door opening) – We nicknamed this the Logan Paul phase. – Oh, all right, we
got a Logan Paul dummy. – It weighs about 150
pounds, just like Logan. – Lightweight. – Or is it Slow-gan? All right, Stephen, phase three. If you want to beat Logan
Paul at the Challenger Games, you might have to push Logan Paul, so that’s what we’re gonna do. Let’s go, come on, let’s go. Drive, I want you to put
your hands on the handles and drive, yep, that’s right. Let’s go.
– Yep, let’s go, you got it. – [Ian] Ready, three, two, one, go. – Push, come on drive. Come on, let’s go. (everyone yelling) – Be sure and smash that
like button, let’s do this. – [Mike] Keep it goin’, keep it goin’. (grunts)
(clapping) – Whew, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. – Great job, man. Now it’s time to drag Logan Paul. – Oh, I gotta pull him? – Let’s do it, yep. – Oh my goodness. All right, how exactly do I do this? – We’re gonna tie a rope right
around Logan Paul’s waist, you’re gonna take him all
the way to the other end of that parking lot. – All the way to the other end? – All the way to the other end. – All right, Sharers, this
training is getting intense. If you haven’t already, make
sure to hit that like button. Also, if you’re new, hit
that subscribe button because we’re training to beat Logan Paul and win this million dollars
by breaking open this box. All right, I’m ready for it. Hook me up, let’s do it.
– Let’s get it. – Time to link up, let’s go. One hand here, one hand
here, keep that chest up, drop down and let’s drag him, let’s go. Come on.
– Here we go. No maverick stands a chance (yelling). That’s what I’m talking about, yeah. – That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. – You got this, other end
of the parking lot, come on. – Other end.
– Come on, let’s go, move. – All right, Sharers,
smash the like button and give me more power. – [Coach] Keep moving, let’s go. – Here we go, three, two,
one, turbo speed (grunts). – Let’s go, that’s it, that’s it! – Woo, hi-ya! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. No Logan Paul stands
a chance against this. This is intense trainin’, whew! I got this. All right, I’m feeling
confident about this. Do we have another stage though? – You’ve got one more stage. – One more stage. – Phase four. – Phase four, oh dear.
– The finisher. – The finisher stage?
– That’s right. – I’m kinda afraid to find
out what this stage is. This is actually really hard training. I’m just pretending I’m doing good, but all right, stage four, let’s do this. – All right, Stephen,
we’ve crushed the legs. Part one of phase four,
time for some upper body. – You might wanna start warming up because you’re gonna
be benching 350 pounds. – 350 pounds? – Get warmin’ up, let’s go. – Let’s get the plates. – 350 pounds? That’s twice my body weight. All right, let’s warm up
with nothin’ on the bar. (grunts) Sharers, 350 pounds
it’s going to be a lot, and I mean a lot of weight. I don’t know if I can do this. This bar is already 45 so,
definitely smash the like button. 350 pounds is gonna be a lot. Those weights are huge. – Whew, let’s load it up, get ready, 350! – This is a ton of weight. How much do these things weigh? 45 pounds each? Oh, that’s kinda heavy there. Oh my goodness.
(intense music) I think the bar is, uh. – [Ian] Got one last thing. – One last weight? There’s more weight? I think the bar’s already bendin’ itself. – We’re sitting at 345 right now, we need a couple more plates. This should do it, this should do it. All right. – Oh, well that last
weight didn’t look too bad. – 350, let’s get it.
– 350. – 350, all right, let’s do this Sharers. Smash the like button. 350 pounds. You spottin’ me on this one?
– Let’s go, I got you. – Whew, here we go.
– You shouldn’t need it. – All right, whew, 350.
– I’m on three. One, two, three.
– One, two, three. – [Mike] All right, Stephen,
come on, let’s go, let’s go. Come on, come on, you got it.
– Come on, come on, let’s go! Drive, drive, drive.
– Push, push, push, you got this!
(grunts) – I’m coming for you, Logan. – [Mike] Let’s go, rack it, let’s go! That’s it!
– Woo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Phase four is complete! That’s what I’m– – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It looks like you’re ready
to beat Logan on July 27, but we want you to break that box. We got one more thing for you. – All right. – Let’s go, come on.
– Where we goin’? – [Mike] Back outside, let’s go. – Oh no, back outside? Whatever, if this can get
me to break open this box, I’ll be golden. Back outside, Sharers. I don’t know what it is, but
let’s go find out (moans). – All right, Stephen,
part two of phase four, the tire flip and smash challenge. Let’s get to it. – Oh, these tires don’t look that bad. – No, you’re not flippin’ these ones. Let’s get these out of the way. – Come on, move ’em, move ’em. – Move ’em, okay. – This is your tire. So, here’s what I need. I need two flips. We’re gonna give you a hammer. You’re gonna smash it with a hammer. Let’s go.
– Okay. – Drop underneath, give
me two flips, let’s go. – Okay, two flips. – Drive your legs, come on, come on. – Three, two, one.
(grunts) There you go, that’s one.
– That’s one, one more. – One more, one more. (grunts) – That’s two. – Get that hammer.
– Three hammer strikes. Three hammer strikes.
– Let’s go, come on. – Let’s go, let’s go.
– Hi-ya! – One, two, three.
– Harder. – You got two more flips, let’s go. – Two more flips? – Come on, let’s go, come on, let’s go. – One (grunts). – Come on, let’s go, one more. – You’re takin’ the
Challenger Games, baby. – You’re gettin’ in the box, go. – One.
– You got Logan, let’s go baby.
– Two. – Come on, last one.
– Three. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I think we’re ready to open this box now. Let’s head back inside. You know what, I think it’s only fair, these two are training me like crazy. I’ll give you guys a shot at breaking open the unbreakable box.
– Oh, okay, okay. – If you can break it
open, you get to keep all $1,000,000. – Woo-hoo-hoo! – You only get one shot! You can use any tool in the gym you want. So, you can use that
sledgehammer I was just using, or anything else, like a hard
weight, anything like that. – Let’s go. – Will any of these trainers
be able to break open the box, that is the question. – All right, guys, I got my tool. I’m gonna break this box. – Sledgehammer’s not gonna work. – I know what I’m usin’,
I’ll meet you guys next door. – I know what I’m doin’. I’m takin’ this box, I’m goin’
to the other side of the gym. I got another attempt at opening this. Check this out, Sharers, I
think I’m gonna get this. – All right, guys, check this out. This kettlebell right here, 70 pounds. I’m gonna drop it from
all the way overhead. I’m definitely breaking the box. Let’s go. – Okay, I moved the box to a new location because let’s just say it’s
set up for my final try, where, hint hint, I
might be using something a little bit high. We’re gonna let Coach Mike go first. You gonna use that sledgehammer? – This little one? – Yeah.
– No, not that one. I’m gonna use this one. Here we go.
– Let’s go Mike, let’s go. – All right, hold on, hold on, hold on. Sharers before we do this, if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button because this is the most epic channel on YouTube and join the Sharerfam. All right, here we go, you ready for this? I’m gonna step back.
– Here we go, here we go. – Come on, break this box, let’s go. – Three, two, one, go!
(smash) Whoo!
– What? Are you serious? – [Stephen] Oh, nothing! – [Mike] It didn’t even make a dent. – Oh my goodness, nothing.
– Wow. – That did absolutely nothing. – You guys better have a good idea. – Out of the way, bro, my turn. – All right, Coach Ian’s up next. 70-pound kettlebell. Will this work, Sharers? Comment down below if you
think this is gonna work. – I’m gonna go on three, watch out. – I’m definitely standing back. – Let’s get this.
– Here we go. – One, two, three.
– One, two, three, hi-ya! (boom) – What? – Dude, nothing!
– Nothing! Come on. – [Mike] You gotta be kidding
me, that thing is heavy! – Oh my goodness. Zero to zero. – [Mike] That’s the
heaviest thing we have. – That was 70 pounds, straight
on to the unbreakable box. Looks like none of you
are gettin’ $1,000,000. There’s one more thing left to try. – [Ian] I guess it’s your turn. – Sharers, I’m gonna drop
something from up high. You know what, when I get
up there, hand me a weight. Let’s drop somethin’ onto this box. Secure me in.
– That’s it, yep. just like that.
– Lock it in. – Oh dear.
– There ya go. – There it is, baby. Here we go.
– All right, Mike, get out of the way. – Let’s go. – Three, two, one.
(boom) – Anything? – Let’s check out the damage.
– Nothing. – Not a scratch. We came, we trained, we
tried to destroy this box. We might not have got $1,000,000 today, but I’m ready to beat Logan Paul. I’ll see you July 27 at
the Challenger Games. Stay tuned for next vlog where we attempt to open the $1,000,000. If you have any ideas of how
we can break open this box, comment down below. And until next time, you know what to do, stay awesome and share the love. Peace, whoo!

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