in this video I’m gonna show you how to
hit your driver dead solid perfect every single time
let’s go okay so in this video you’re gonna need I’ve got some foot spray
white stuff I’ve got some these these guys you could stick these on your club
face or you could just mark your ball with like a colored marker and then
it’ll leave a mark when you hit so get something like that this isn’t a video
of how to find out where you’re hitting the ball on the driver this is a video
on how to correct the miss hits and how to get it back in the center of the face
where it needs to be okay so we’re gonna fix your issues I’m gonna show you if
you’re if you got this problem here’s the fix you’re hitting it too low here’s
what you do fix it creating too far to the heel too far to the toe we’re gonna
correct everything we can as much as we can today in this video so if you
haven’t subscribed to the channel please do that and hit the bell notifications
so you don’t miss anything if you like any of the gear you see there are links
in the description below for everything let’s get to it okay first order of business we just
have to do something so that we can find out where we’re striking the ball on the
club face so here’s what I struck that last one you want it ideally you want to
go a little above center and slightly to the toe I mean just just Center Center
is perfect but if you can go to slightly above center and just a touch right a
center would be perfect um that’s pretty good it might be a little too high in
the club face but not bad I’m gonna put this sticker on this this time okay so I
got that one for uh for right now and let’s see let’s see where we’re at and
I’ll show you I’ll show you how to correct yourself okay let’s do it okay that’s more of kind of like my
normal swing but let’s see where it is if you could see here I do this a lot
see where it is right down here so that’s a bit low on the clubface into
the heel and so what’s my problem I’ll show you so my particular issue is I do
this I come and I extend and I kind of hit I lose my spine angle I kind of
that’s just something I do and then when I’m hitting I’m like I’m
like here and uh you know I get away with it I’m used to it and it’s up my
I’m I’m always trying to correct so that’s just losing your spine angle
coming up out of the ball very common problem okay and so instead of this now
I’m gonna try to feel like as I swing I want to get more spine compression as I
swing here okay I want to come down in here and so I want to feel like I’m
hitting down in here here’s my setup okay and then I want to feel that impact
I’m down here so a key is when I set up I stand a
little taller as opposed to more bent over so a lot of times people set up
like this really bent over like a Keegan Bradley kind of does it right it’s way
down here and he’s really tall so that’s fine but I’m not talking so I stand
taller am I set up so if I stand tall I can’t come more tall make sense so I’m
gonna come down like this let’s see what happens now with just that little swing
thought so immediately this is the tee immediately that ball went way up on the
club face right up there that’s perfect sure so that first one I hit I struck it
way down here you’re just not gonna get you can have hundred-mile-an-hour swings
for you to hit it down here goes like 240 yards same swing speed up here
that’s like 280 so this is where you want it right there boom now much spin
on that ball high launch angle a lot of distance right there that was uh for me
that’s a perfect spot okay so that’s something to think about if you’re
hitting too low on the clubface just stand a little taller and address
that’ll help you okay so the next thing let’s talk about let’s say you’re
hitting on the toe let me serve I can get one out I’ll show you what I’m
talking about okay here we go classic on the toe shot
this shot is a classic over-the-top move if you’re taking about if you’re taking
it back to inside or turning that face open as you come back like here you’re
gonna come over the top and you’re gonna hit it out on the toe some will be high
on the face some will be low on the face and that’s just from coming out and over
the top so we want to do that Mathew wolf style move to
the opposite feeling and get it coming back to the inside so we’re gonna take
the club way out here on a backswing and drop it in and over do this move see if
we can’t go from toe to heel okay pretty good it brought it back we’re still a
little on the toe so we need to keep correcting that I’ll give you a
secondary move to really help get it more towards that heel that’s good okay
but for exaggeration purposes we really want to get it I mean I want to get it
on that side right now just so I know the different feelings from what I’m
used to to where I’m trying to get to okay so I’m adding a stick to this
element here we go okay so I’ve got that stick right there pointed about 45
degrees out to the right okay so on my swing I’m trying to swing my club that
direction so now I have a visual I’m still gonna do the math you will stall
takeaway but when I come I’m really trying to get that Club out here right
now cuz I want to overcorrect right now there we go
okay so you see what I did now look at that impact can you see it it’s way up
here it’s right there circled it that’s the impact right now look at that okay
that was my current impact so I did the right thing you see I was on the toe now
I want to get way on the heel so I’m gonna practice this a few more times
just to get comfortable with that swing path going way out to the right totally feels weird but you could see
I’ve really been hitting a bunch of balls right in this zone okay so now
I’ve got that so if you’re struggling with coming over the top you want to
take that exaggerated backswing use that stick to help you visualize your swing
path coming in and after the ball and that will help you drop that Club and
shallow it out both those things will help that and get you getting to that
heel which you’re gonna want for now because then when you go play you’re
just naturally going to kind of revert closer to back back to where you were so
then it’ll move it more toward the center but practice trying to get that
heel strike if you’re at Ostreicher what if you are a heel striker and you want
to be at Ostreicher let me show you it do right now okay
so now I’m a heel striker I want to be more on the toe what do I do
how do we get there if I want to go from here over to here more here’s what
you’re gonna do you’re gonna get to alignment sticks this time and I have
one on either side of the tee there you shouldn’t hit them because they’re off
the ground so you’re not hitting the ground with your driver okay so that
meant I want that to visually I want to take that club back straight the whole
time on that and then come up to my ear okay my right here my hands boom and
rotate down through and what I’m thinking now is this I want to get my
left hand I talked about turning the screw so we’re here we’re still gonna
turn that screw do this turn that down turn this screw you loosening the screw
with the club as you rotate like every other shot and I want to pull my left
hand into my left pocket okay I want to pull that down into my left pocket this
is what I do when I want to hit a nice – a cut shot it’s beautiful
so I’m turning rotating and I’m trying to get my hand into my pocket while I’m
staying down that’s gonna pull that club head more towards you it’s gonna be a
little bit more of a toe strike here we go all right where we are all right look
boom more on the toe so I’m feeling that screw turning and I’m just trying to get
that Club closer to my body here so if you’re coming too far from the inside
you’re gonna want to do that you because it’s gonna keep you from extending it
out here instead of this you’re in here and you’re rotating it more around your
body – they’re twins love it and then there’s one more okay
what if you’re way too high in the clubface way trying that happens some
people are way up here that typically means you are hitting down on the golf
ball so we’re gonna we’re gonna fix that right now
and I’ll show you that over here okay so if you’re hitting down on the ball boom
yeah you’re gonna have you might have marks on top of your club head and
that’s that’s that’s no good or if it’s way up top more than half the ball above
the top of the club head that’s that’s no good either so that’s just your
hitting down on it we got to change out you want to come up I’m gonna show you a
good drill to start doing that here we go use an iron for this drill okay this
is brilliant help you there’s a four iron here’s my normal position put that guy
up here way up here okay now I just want to hit a shot and hit the ball way up there you see I can’t hit down on that ball
it’s impossible if I hit down I can hit the dirt and
miss the ball so I’m practicing staying I’m practicing coming down here and
staying down to here and that gets your shoulders arcing tilting this direction
it causes you to stay back so I want you back here I want you here
and I want you to really just thin the ball if anything yeah I’m trying to hit
the ball thin like here cool okay that’s my goal just thin the ball a little bit
then it to win it baby stay back here don’t lean in just stay back here okay
that’s key yeah okay after you do that fifty times get your driver
now I’m really staying I’ve practiced that feeling I’m staying down through
the ball getting the shoulders rotating and I’m back through here okay it’s
gonna help you from doing this let’s see if we can hit low low on the club faces
to go kinda hard to see this one not bad it’s one of those two I think it was
this one but low on the club face and that’s what we’re going for if you’re
hitting high we got to work on a little drill to kind of help get our shoulders
walking down so hitting more fairways being more consistent with your driver
is most of time it’s about where are you striking it on the clubface and are you
getting you know everybody wants more distance but they never hit the center
of the clubface or that or the sweet spot so to really get more distance
instead of spending five hundred dollars on a new club let’s just work on
tightening up your sweet spot so that you’re getting closer and closer to that
every single time you’re being more consistent there first if you’re hitting
the sweet spot every time and you want another ten yards then maybe look at a
new club but if you’re all over the club face consistently let’s get this work on
hitting that sweet spot more often and you’ll uh have a lot more fun out there
heal more fairways and you have a ton more distance I love that so let’s
that’s just a few things right that’s just a few tips to help get you back on
track if you’re not where you want to be all the time that’s where you want to be
run around there then alright so hopefully this helps I did a driver
video um last week a few days ago whatever I’ll link that up here that
will help you with a little more technical stuff too in the golf swing
for your drives get you longer straighter and this will help you kind
of hone in your sweet spot so that you can get the most out of what you got
hope you liked the video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so
already I love you guys thanks for watching see you in the next video

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