all right how is everybody doing today
I’m gonna give you my top gifts for the 2019 holiday season for the golfer in
your life let’s do it all right let’s jump right into it now all of the links
for these products will be in the description below so be sure to check
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dive in we’re gonna start off with our a salons shoot okay now a salons shoes for
a couple days they are giving you a 30% discount on their shoes so link is in
the description below absolutely love those shoes you see me wearing them in
pretty much all my videos right now super stable awesome technology they got
going on the long drivers are wearing these shoes so you know you’re gonna get
great stability great performance with the Athlon shoes so link in the
description below 30% discount for two days okay after that you still get a
discount but different code that you’re gonna use depending on when you order
your shoes so jump on it right away all right great deal there next up is
one of the best gifts for a golfer who has a problem keeping track of their
wallet or their phone this bad boy is awesome
it’s a RFD protected so your your credit cards are secure in hearing you’ve got a
flip-out ping and just cascade your cards out and also get the the tracker
so it does will you’ll be able to find your wallet
or your phone just based on the tracker alright nice wallet my expert link below
so check that out alright let’s say you’re looking for a
training aid there’s a lot of good ones out there I’ve done reviews for tons of
them one I keep in my bag pretty much all the time is the power stick this guy
it’s not only gives you a good audio indication of went you’re releasing the
club you’ve got a little attention tightener here too so you can turn it up
make it a little more strong difficult to detach this piece here and anyways if
you’re looking for something cool it’s also a great way to warm up your swing
it’s got the training grip on there too so you just get familiar with the proper
grip get a good swing great way to increase your swing speed too so I do
like the power sick I use a lot just for warming up and getting good timing and
rhythm with my swing so check that out I really like this thing link below
obviously next up we’re gonna do some range finders alright and we’re gonna go
from lowest price to highest what I think it’s the best low cost range
finder out there is by Wu Sports this is the H 100 I believe it’s $100 or right
around there so it’s cheap now it’s not gonna last as long as your high-end ones
but it does work very impressed with the performance or a range finder at such a
low price so I like that if you want to step up your range find your game know
some of the top Ally models are buy from voice caddy the GL one now this is GPS
as well as range finder so you charge it up but if the battery goes dead
the laser still works which I love but also it would know what for that and
based on that it will give you yardages to the front of bunkers and things like
that on the sides of the hole down the fairway and
Green so it’s able to see that based on the GPS so this is pretty sweet super
love this guy and then taking it up even another notch in the rangefinder game
right now again by voice caddie is the sl1 now this thing is pretty awesome you
turn it on again it’s GPS and it will give you a readout of the green you’re
at so you’re shooting to the flag you’re not gonna see it now because there’s no
golf courses nearby but the green would show up here and be color coded and so
you would know the slope of the green the high and the low points of the green
right there so it could help you say okay I want the high in the back I want
to miss short just another way to help improve your decision-making out there
on the golf course super cool I like this cut leather texture on there too
it’s pretty nice so that’s the sl1
by voice caddie so check that out now if you’re one of those people who arm or
somebody in your life you want to give a good gift to or they video their swing a
lot then I would highly recommend live view plus right there now this is a
camera and you could put your life stick right here on the back of it stick it in
the ground put this right behind you and then you
could see it on your device your phone your iPad whatever and then you can you
know in real time see your swing and make adjustments it’s almost like having
a mirror right behind you but you could see it on your phone right at the same
time and it records and plays back does all that awesome stuff so live view plus
link below so I use this quite a bit I love it okay now we’re going into let’s
say the the launch monitor gifts and these these I really like and I use
quite often one of them let’s say you just want to throw some in your bag this
is the lower end of the scale this is my swing caddy
it’s the SC 200 use a lot to you know swing speed
distance that kind of stuff it’s super accurate and super light so check that
out swing caddy discounted link below for this guy
so then stepping it up to the next level in terms of launch monitors would be the
swing caddy SC 300 so this bad boy it does a lot more than the SC 200 and it
integrates with your phone so and it gives you kind of the arc of the ball
and you can see visually what is happening I’ve done many reviews on this
I use it all the time it stays in my bag love taking it on the course on the
range wherever Stern it down gives me a lot of numbers that are super valuable
when I’m out there on the golf course super awesome gift discount link
description below so don’t miss out on this bad boy
this gift-giving season now the what I say the Grand Daddy them all in let’s
say portable home launch monitors is well sky track sky track I use this all
the time it’s a little more expensive a lot more expensive couple thousand
dollars for this bad boy but you could play virtually courses all over the
world you can play against other people you can see your swing you can see your
launching you see spin all that good stuff that you would want you could
practice dial in your game in a way like you can never you can’t do with with the
other launch monitors this is specifically for home use okay you can
use it outdoors but it’s kind of gonna be in a shady area but more more or less
designed for that indoor use awesome awesome awesome launch monitor
incredibly accurate as accurate as let’s say that $20,000 track man’s and things
like that so launch monitor by sky track you really want to blah to go all out
this season there you go so there you have it be
these are my top recommended gifts this holiday season for the golfer in your
life or if you’re the golfer in your life maybe you could not subtly slide
this video to the one who might be giving your gift or just cinnamon one of
the links below and they will be you will be incredibly excited this year
when you receive an awesome little golfing present so hope you like the
video some gifts to help your your game out love you guys good luck see you next

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Top Golf Gifts for 2019 | Black Friday Cyber Monday Golf Deals”

  1. Matt, for the Skytrak, can that go to the range and serve as a simple launch monitor, as well as a home simulator? How easy is it to setup?

  2. My friend has the Double Eagle golf simulator from 15 years ago and is looking to upgrade, Can the Skytrak replace it as a golf simulator?

  3. Love the vids, video already forwarded to the wife and other close family that we gift exchange with! 😂 I’ll keep my 🤞! Keep up the great work and happy thanksgiving! 🦃🍽

  4. My son asked for a launch monitor for Christmas. I just watched your SC200 v SC300 video. I've decide on the 300 for him.

  5. Thank you for all you do for us golfers. May you enjoy this Thanksgiving Holiday and make memories with your family that last FOREVER.

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