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Dennis Veasley


  1. Try that in English sunday league. Try shield and step over some big guy is gonna come flying in and break your ankle 😂

  2. I think the outside of the foot cutback is a move that should be a basic must. Think about a situation where the ball is between you and your opponent and both of you can reach the ball. I see a lot of high school kids doing a sole of the foot roll back in this situation. But as the ball is being rolled back it is in range of the defender. It is slow compared to the outside foot cutback. Depending how flexible you are you can reach the ball well out in front. Your foot goes on the other side of the ball and the touch moves the ball back. Your leg is blocking the defender and the touch moves the ball away from him. If you angle your foot towards yourself as you make the touch and then land on that foot the other leg can instantly wrap around without having to pivot. I learned this from watching a guy name Vladislav Bogićević who played for the Cosmos. He would do it and dribble off into a semi circle. If the defender tries to run around he would tighten the circle and turn up field.

  3. How would you do this in futsal to an opponent that just slides if you try any tricks? My team lost hardcore last night because of this defender who literally slided into everyone in front of the goal when they were about to shoot and tripped us very roughly

  4. 3:01" Unless I grab him and throw him down"… 😂…wait am I the only who laughed that part……jeez


  5. Hey Will, thank you for these tips, really useful. Just started playing so I'm gonna apply and practice these.

  6. When I master these I’ll come back to this video and edit this comment, let’s see how long it takes, pray for me guys 🙏🏽☹️

  7. High as i watch this, in a couple of mins i started to watch the kids play at the background. I almost forgot what the vid was actually about

  8. I have been playing soccer for almost 4 years now and I was never taught properly these technique and these types of videos have been really helpful.

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