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Dennis Veasley


  1. please tell me what is more important for football shoes soft or hard from shooting side and which boots is more comfortable for shooting please make video on this i request you 😣

  2. Yes, I have one of the best football sneakers ace tango 17.1 TR black white, it's really street ball style shoes… Amigo

  3. looks like the Nike Magista II & Adidas ACE Tango 17.1 are the best for wide footers… based on what I am seeing in the video…

  4. The Magista II has the best looking in my opinion. I think They should design more boots like those. Most of boots nowadays only look cool on the pitch, but silly off the pitch. Nice video!

  5. i am tvelve and my running shoes just get rekted when i play on the school playground so thank you i can now search for boots that will actually survive those brutal conditions

  6. Adidas Samba super were ultimate for me good grip and a low profile leather upper. Suede version sometimes gets a few dope colourways released too.

  7. Pls my address is I am in india I am a football player I just want football shoes bcuz I have a match pls state Karnataka

  8. I would definately include adidas hamburg and adidas indoor super in top5. Hamburgs have similar soft and grippy upper surface to spezials but with lower profile and even grippier sole,which is better for controlling the ball on th ground. As for indoor super they have cloth upper base layer for the softest touch possible, as well as extra low profile and grippy sole dribblers tend to pick, the only downside is that cloth cant protect you from injuries since with its softness it doesnt support and hold ankles like pro futsal shoes do

  9. hi im looking to get the adidas spezial but im kind of in a situation where im stuck between 2 choices should i get the suede version or the leather.

  10. Agree, cause I wear ace tango 17 indoor black for casual not for futsal/ indoor soccer its too cool to wear at the street than the field

  11. 2:30 That shoe hurts my feet cause it doesn't match the shape of my feet. Probably because the shoe doesn't suit my foot patterns as that shoe supinates too much causing the inside of my foot to hurt.😂

  12. Nike F.C. is make for football but it has a react foam which is really comfortable for casual wear and it has different colour choices as well

  13. Who wears any of theses shoes ( other than the spezials) as a fashion trainer. Can’t imagine anyone pulling off the nemesis unless ur 13

  14. See the thing is, I play soccer on cement, and I tend to rip my shoes within a few months. Previously, I had the hypervenomx trainers and they were torn to shreds in 5 months. I have doubts about the nemeziz especially the upper. What would you guys recommend i buy within a budget of 50-80 euros.

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