3. Ea Sports Cricket 2007 “Number 2” (Sorry) 2. Ashes Cricket “Number 1” (Sorry) 1. Don Dradman Cricket 14

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Dennis Veasley

18 thoughts on “Top 3 Must Play Cricket Game For Pc, Xbox , PS4 | Best Cricket Games | Read Description”

  1. I read the description who are you to insult a sport like cricket.first of all you understand a thing that each sports and games has its own pecularities whether it is cricket or football

  2. How dare you say cricket will die. First of all cricket is the second most famous sport in the world after football. It is famous in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Caribbean and most importantly in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh…. in short the Indian subcontinent. Now coming on the development of cricket games, the IT industry of India is emerging so I'm pretty sure that in future there will be quality cricket games. AND ONCE AGAIN I'M REPEATING DON'T EVEN THINK THAT CRICKET WILL DIE!!! So you better edit your description.

  3. I used to play cricket ea 2007 on play station but then I left it now I have a Xbox 360 is cricket 2007 also in Xbox ?

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