How’s it going Youtube, I am Landon Dowlatsingh
and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. So starting us off in at number 10 we have,
Fousey tube who just bought this mega mansion. Is this
real life right now, that is bigger than my whole block, bigger than my neighbourhood. Fousey has been known as a Youtuber who has
made millions of dollars here on Youtube and he hasn’t been afraid to show it from buying
super cars, expensive jewelry, clothes and shoes to now buying a mega mansion in New
Jersey that is located very close to his brothers mansion. His brother just became a part time Youtuber
but he is a full time dentist. Fouseytubs back yard is also very massive. Number 9 we have Roman Atwood. Roman has had his house for a few years now. And this house is just insane take a look. Roman Atwood has a ton of property and he
build his very own smile more store on his land. here is the building this thing is massive,
and inside is a massive fish tank that he had costumed built. Romans backyard is also insane. Its like no other. Take a look at what he built-
He also has a RC Track in his backyard and so much more. Number 8. We have Toys and Me. This is another kid who is quite young who
makes videos about unboxing toys, playing with them and just her life being a kid. She has over 7 million subscribers and almost
5 billion views. Well just this year they bought a mega mansion. They have a huge kitchen with glass to floor
windows where they can actually open it right up bringing the outside space inside. They have their own theatre room, they have
rooms for days in this house. The backyard is also massive. I think one of the coolest things in their
house is this watch. 1 this
family has their own gym which is just insane this is for sure my dream to have. Number 7 we have, Mo Vlogs. Mo has been known to film all these expensive
videos like, buying my own house at 22, Bugatti surprise, billionaire surprise, Lamborghini
racing, rich kids of the middle east and paying cash for a new Ferrari. This kid has money and he loves flexing to
his viewers. Hate him or love him hes filthy rich. He comes from a rich family and has a billionaire
friend but he has been making his own money through youtube. Well take a look at his new house. this is a mega mansion with super cars in front
of it. This kid is just not known to be humble at
all but I guess hes just proud at how far he has come with this youtube success. Number 6, we have Faze Banks and I should
also say Ricegum as well because they live in the same house. So this house is being called the Clout house. What your about to see is a 10 million dollar
mansion. Just look how crazy this house is. There are so many floors in this house. This house has its own elevator. Also the house comes with its own private
theatre room, the backyard patio has an amazing view of
the city. Number 5 we have, the Faze house in LA. This house is a huge. There are many people living inside this faze
house. Its hard to really tell how many people live
in this house but there are many many people apart of the FazeClan. And Faze Banks is one of the 3 managers of
all these channels he founded a lot of the channels that’s why he is so rich. So here is what this faze house looks like
from the backyard. This house also has a steam room, a really
big kitchen. The garage itself is way bigger than my condo. I Have never seen something like this before
in a residential place before. But than again ive never been super super
rich before. Number 4 is EvanTubeHD this kid has over 4.6
million subscribers. And over 3 billion views. This kid is a millionaire and hes only 11
yrs old hes self made. So here is a picture of his house. Well this was a picture of a house he used
for this thumbnail. We havn’t seen the outside of his house
before so we don’t actually know what it looks like but looking from his house tour
from the inside this house is just massive. Evans dad was so proud of this house that
they made 3 different house tour videos. Moving into number 3 is actually the biggest
mansion on this list but I didn’t want to put this person at 1 or 2 because this person
is a Youtuber but he didn’t get rich from Youtube. We are talking about Money Kicks aka Mo Vlogs
best friend who is a billionaire. Money Kicks has a billionaires mansion in
Dubai. His mansion and property is so big that he
has his own zoo with wild animals in it. This guys swimming pool is insane. there is just no beating that that’s like
a resort. Money kicks proptery is so large that they
have to drive golf carts to get around. so that is just the kids drive way to get
into his palace. This kid is so rich he build a million dollar
building just to house his million dollar shoe collection in it. Moving into number 2 we have the first of
the Paul Brothers. The brothers are back, so lets start of with
Logan Paul. He has just purchased his first home that
looks like a mega mansion sky resort. Logans house is huge, his bedroom is massive
and it comes with its own private balcony dwarf Mamba his roommate also has his own
huge room with its own balcony that’s actually bigger than logans. Logan Paul bought his house mostly for the
back yard check this out. I don’t even know what to say to that, it’s
the biggest and nicest house Ive ever seen. He never has to leave his house again. Finally at number 1 we have Jake Paul who
just recently bought his house. He calls it the Team 10 house. Jake Paul just moved into his new house just
weeks ago. He didn’t hold back at all in this video.Is
this real life right now 15,000 sq feet and you can see behind him he has 4 garages. He has already talked about expanding that
to put in all of there cars. Jake Paul’s Lamberghini should also be arriving
very soon if its not already at his mansion by the time you watch this video. Jake Paul has a 50 car drive way, two dinning
rooms, he has a ton of guest rooms, some of the guest rooms has its own kitchens in them. Jake paul has a pool a hot tub next to the
pool. He has a hot tub on top of his water fall
as well, and he actually has a third hot tub. Jake Paul has many different private patios. Jake Pauls bedroom is bigger than my condo
that’s how big this mega mansion is. Well there you guys have it.

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