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Dennis Veasley

89 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World – Facts And Benefits”

  1. I hope this a joke the shoes you said that go for 7500 go for like 300 it would take a simple seach to find that out this video is retarded

  2. The most expensive sneaker I can think of a nick cannons million dollar diamond encrusted loafers. And the most expensive non custom is (dont quote me) the undftd x Air jordan 4 or the eminem x air jordan 4 which both cost around $30,000

  3. Just saying the EM sneakers pictured aren't even the real ones, the actual one has an E on the tongue,  also their Jordan 2s, those weren't Jordan 2s

  4. Those were not the Jordan 2s.
    The first foamposites you put up are worth at most 350
    Paris Dunks currently go for about 11k
    And those were the Gucci Sbs at the end not the Floms

  5. Not to mention you missed huge landmark sneakers like flu game 12s which sold on auction for 112k , the "What the" Doernbechers which cost upward of 90k undefeated and Eminem 4s which are roughly 25-30k and countless others.

  6. You should probably do more research before making a video. Where the UNDFTD 4's at?! They cost $20,000-25,000!! Plus Yeezys cost more than a lot of these shoes or the Freddy Krueger dunks. Smh fam.

  7. All of those were gay as he'll except for the back to the futures. I wouldn't buy foamposite because they look to ugly and tacky. Mike makes plenty of shoes that look like them for $40 haha

  8. Your prices and images are wrong… why don't you get someone who actually knows about this stuff…. I know more than 100 different jordans that are over 50 grand.

  9. plus they were all in the same order same shoes but i didn't look YET to see if he copied the lines -.-
    DONT COPY TheRichest

  10. Coming from a sneakerhead the first ones are fake Eminem only made the air Jordan 2 not the 7's which are rare but cost more and tbh the whole videos fucked up there's a air Jordan 4 fears that cost 25000 you can't even buy them you had to win them and what about the Tokyo 5s get your shit right and make a new video

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