Top 10 Best Dressed Athletes
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In today’s video, gents, I’m counting down the ten most stylish athletes in the world. Coming in at number ten, Virat Kohli. So, in case you’re not familiar with Virat
Kohli, he’s considered to be one of the best cricket players in the world and is the team
captain for India. Now, what I like about Virat Kohli’s style
is that he can dress it up. He knows how to wear a sports jacket, he knows
how to wear a suit, but most the time he chooses to dress down. In fact, I found an article where he’s giving
style advice talking about how to wear white sneakers and five different outfit ideas. And, personally, when I looked at the outfits
I was impressed. What I really like simple clean lines and
I really liked his choice of color. So, if you’re younger guys going for a crisp
clean look that maybe is a bit more fashion-forward, I think Virat has got a lot of great images
out there of him pulling off these looks whether it’d be joggers, whether it’d be distressed
jeans. Actually, what he pairs it with the shirts
the very simple designs, I really like them. However, all this talk about clothes is actually
distracting us from what he’s best known for which are his hairstyles and his beard styles. Now, the next few guys I want to cover guys
they’re not in this top ten list, but they’re way too famous they’re way too well-known
they’re way too stylish to not be talked about. So, first up, I want to give an honorable
mention to Conor McGregor. What I love about Conor is his use of color
his use of pattern. And, if you’ve got a complexion you’ve got
lighter colored skin lighter colored hair, there’s a lot you can learn from his use of
color and how he’s able to pull it off. In addition, he’s got his own clothing line
August McGregor in partnership with David Heil. Next up, we’ve got the NBA’s Russell Westbrook. What I like about Russell’s style is this
guy pushes the envelope. He’s not afraid to do something different
to stand out from the crowd which is actually kind of difficult in the NBA when you look
at guys like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade. These guys have amazing style, they’re always
pulling off looks. In fact, when you’re checking out what these
guys are wearing to the NBA games it almost seems like a fashion show, yet Russel is able
to still captivate attention, he’s able to wear something which people just don’t expect. And I really like how he’s using style and
image to grab attention and basically raise his profile besides actually I mean he’s awesome
on the court. Next up, we’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo. This guy makes looking sharp makes looking
good easy. He just simply goes out there and looks amazing,
but he does put a lot of thought into his image and presentation. He realizes he’s one of those athletes that
everyone’s going to pay attention to and he wants to set the example. And, when you look at his hair, it doesn’t
matter if it’s the beginning of the match or the end of the match, the guy just has
it on point. But, again, you look at him in interviews,
he’s oftentimes got a very classic style, so he’ll go to these big events he knows how
to wear black tie he knows how to dress up when he needs to. And right with him, I also want to mention
Lionel Messi. Now, a lot of people are going to say he’s
got disastrous style, he really doesn’t have that great a style. What I like about him is that he takes chances. Here’s a guy, again, he knows that the world
is looking at him and he’s not afraid to try something different. So, whether it’s velvet whether it’s a suit
that, yeah, you may not agree that you like the look of, but I really like how he takes
chances. So, coming back to the countdown, number nine,
we’ve got Chris Robshaw. Now, Chris is the English rugby team captain
and in a sport where the athletes are a little bit more laid-back in their style, Chris is
the exception to the rule. Chris has a very athletic build, he’s got
a large drop. The drop is the difference between your chest
measurement and your waist measurement. So, for him right here this is going to make
suits and jackets very difficult to fit off the rack. So, what does Chris do? He goes custom which I think a lot of athletes
and hard to fit men should consider. Now, besides great rugby player, Chris is
also known for his daily grooming routine. He also talks about how he’s got a pregame
ritual. Basically, he soaks in the bath and he takes
care of himself. Because of just simply being an advocate for
guys to take care of themselves and to actually think about, hey, when I set up these routines
these grooming routines these dressing routines, it’s going to be easier to dress sharp and
I’m going to feel more confident I’m going to feel better about who I am. So, coming in at number eight, gentlemen,
we’ve got Larry Fitzgerald. What do you first notice about this guy? His body type, 6’3”, lean build. Anyone out there I have a build like this,
very hard to fit. So, how does he do it? Because every time we see him in a suit, he
looks amazing. The guy gets custom suits and he’s got over
a hundred. So, by sheer volume, I had to put him on this
list. A hundred custom suits. In addition, over three hundred pairs of shoes. Larry also gets some bonus points as he loves
cufflinks, he actually has a pair with his initials and he likes double monk straps which
if you’re not familiar with the double monk strap shoe, one of my favorites. I will link to a video down in the description
in which I talk about double monk straps in case you want to learn more. Coming in at number seven, Henrik Lundqvist. So, Henrik plays for the New York Rangers,
but he hails from Sweden. And, what I like about this guy is how he
brings the European flair that classic European look to the United States. So, after a big game when he goes and he talks
to the press, what’s your going to notice about Henrik is that he walks out there and
he commands presence simply by wearing a classic conservative look with one little bit maybe
a subtle bit of flash or color. That’s the thing is that he realizes that
color can be used as a spice to be able to draw out the style. He’s got the fit, he’s got the fabric, he’s
got the function. He knows the style pyramid. He doesn’t need to go over the top, he actually
keeps a lot of things hidden. In fact, you wouldn’t even see them unless
you paid attention to the details. [0:05:10]
I remember he actually had one jacket which you could open up and all of a sudden, he’s
got quotes from the Godfather on the inside lining of the jacket. So, it’s things like that I really like just
that subtle elegance. Coming in at number six, I’ve got Kevin Love. So, when asked about his fashion, this is
how Kevin explained his style philosophy. I want to make sure that all the clothing
I own all the pieces I have, I really love. In addition, I like to stay up on current
trends, but I’m a big fan of great vintage pieces. Finally, make sure everything fits really
well. You’ve got to have a great tailor. A very simple philosophy that I have to agree
with because I’ve said the same thing many times, everything you own everything in your
closet, make sure you love it because where every time you put it on you’re going to feel
confident you’re going to feel amazing. Then, when it comes to going after trends,
okay, have some fun there, but know your history and make sure that you could wear vintage
pieces because that’s going to be timeless classic style and make sure everything you
put on your body fits you properly know the name your tailor. In addition, he’s got his own clothing line,
so Kevin Love easily a slam dunk in my top ten. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t have any Major
League Baseball players make my top ten. That being said, there were three players
I want to quickly draw attention to. First up we’ve got Mookie Betts of the Boston
Red Sox. Next up, we’ve got Marcus Stroman of the Toronto
Blue Jays. And, let’s not forget Francisco Lindor of
the Cleveland Indians. So, coming in at number five, I’ve got P.K. Subban. So, P.K. is considered to be the most stylish
man in all of hockey which is pretty amazing if you think about it because you’ve got guys
like Don Cherry giving you a run for your money. Seriously though, P.K. could dress sharp and
what I like about this is he wears suits before games and talks about the psychology. He says basically when wearing a suit this
puts me in the zone it gets me ready to go out there and play. Now, I love this philosophy because I’ve talked
about this before the science of enclothed cognition. Basically, the effect that wearing clothing
that makes you feel confident can actually help you perform better. And, when it comes to suits, P.K. is not afraid
to experiment. He’s going to bring a lot of colors he’s going
to bring in a lot of patterns, but he’s not one-dimensional. So, when it comes to his casual style, he’s
big in the hats he’s big no leather jackets. Coming in at number four, Cam Newton. Cam is an NFL quarterback for the Carolina
Panthers and I have to give him this spot simply because of his hat game. If you haven’t seen the hats that this guy
pulls off again and again, you’ve got to check this out. I mean this is in a room of what every — these
guys all consider themselves to be manly men. Most guys they don’t care about style, yet
here’s the guy leading this team wearing hats that some people would consider to be ridiculous. And, I think, yes, some of the hats are ridiculous,
but here’s the thing is that he has the confidence and the bravado the strength of who he is
and what he stands for to be able to wear this clothing in around all these guys and
it’s not people like, oh, he’s putting on a show and they realize that’s what this about. This guy realizes that your image and your
presentation is about building a brand. And, yes, his performance on the field is
one thing, but performance alone is not going to take you up there to the top of the game. Yes, you can have amazing performance on the
field, but if you don’t actually match it with having and building up a presence and
raising awareness of who you are, whether you agree or you disagree if you follow the
NFL you know about Cam Newton and you know about his style sense. And by the way, Cam can really tone it down,
so he can just wear something that’s classic and conservative. And I have to also give him props, the guy
loves bowties and he pulls them off well. Now, really quick I want to mention Von Miller
because I could have easily substituted him for Cam Newton. Von Miller just like Cam Newton is all about
using his style to make a statement to be able to grab attention. He’ll wear some hats, but he’s more about
the loud suits that are going to grab attention. So, if you’re looking for a way basically
to be able to wear a suit and stand out from the crowd, check out Von Miller. Coming in at number three, Shaun White, American
snowboarder. Now, this pick is probably going to surprise
some of you guys, but did you know in 2016, he actually had a clothing line over at Macy’s
called White Space. What I liked about this clothing line is he
was trying to do things with classic styles, but use different materials to get a different
effect. So, basically he had put together like a leather
biker jacket, but instead of using regular leather, he used faux leather, very lightweight
very breathable. So, the more I researched on Shaun White,
the more I learned about this guy and how actually he would use the psychology of a
style to stand apart and wasn’t afraid basically in an industry that we just expect a certain
type of look, he’s not afraid to change it up completely. Coming in at number two Yuvraj Singh. So, Yuvraj is an Indian cricket legend. This guy just retired from international play
and throughout his entire career he was considered to be one of the best-dressed athletes out
there. Whether he’s dressing for hot weather, cool
weather whether he’s out on the field whether he’s in front of a television camera, it doesn’t
matter. This guy always knew how to be on point. [0:10:06]
Another area that a lot of guys could learn from is how he would take western style and
eastern styles and he would actually blend them together for his own personal style. In addition, he’s got a new clothing line
called YWC. Now, before I reveal number one, let’s talk
about a couple legends who have amazing style, you probably already know about these guys,
but I still want to talk about them briefly. So, let’s talk about Roger Federer. Sleek, simple, just well put together. His clothing always fits his body and when
you look at the combinations there’s nothing really that stands out about it, but it just
looks amazing on him. And I have to give him just elegance when
it comes to simplicity Roger Federer owns it. And, let’s not forget Tom Brady. Simple, clean, elegant. The guy knows the style pyramid – fit, fabric,
and function. However, he doesn’t know jack about boots. So, who’s coming in at number one on our list? Drum roll please. Number one on our list, Lewis Hamilton of
Formula 1. So, I have to give the number one spot to
Lewis because he can dress up he can dress down. The guy really just has wide range when it
comes to style. He understands fashion, he understands classic
style, and he’s not afraid to push the envelope. I mean just look at this outfit right here,
white on white on white. The guy just pulls it off seamlessly. The outfit fits him and everything about this
is just on point. It’s bold and it’s — I’ve just got to give
him props for this. And then, look at his 2019 Met Gala outfit,
I mean he’s got this metallic zigzagging outfit with a cravat and headbands. Personally, I can’t even imagine wearing an
outfit like this, but he’s able to pull it off with complete confidence. Agree? Disagree? Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments. So, what video to watch next? How about this one, gents? You’re looking for inspiration? Over fifty we’re talking non-athletes here,
but still incredibly dressed man. I’ve got a lot of actors just a lot of well-known
celebrities. If you’re looking for style inspiration, you’re
going to want to watch this video, guys. I’m linking to it down in the description. [0:12:01] End of audio

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