Hi everyone to Tony TV and the weekend is my team always interested to make videos for everyone to see Gather all the kids here 1 is a swimming video in the river 2 is the cooking video Which one do you want? 2 cooking Hey Vinh, don’t bathe in the river yesterday I heard a lot of crocodile escaping from cages You work on the subject of food, but what do you make? Mr Vinh will decide this problem make cooking videos Recently, seafood shops have sold snails and scallops crab and blood cockles crab crab? Yes, I really like crabs It takes a long time to cook so we need to split up the work to be faster How many people here? Make your own team, hurry up so fast I need four tables to stay out here Go get it quickly I am ready The table is dirty, clean it I looked for the big crabs but it was sold out Only small crabs Please notice these crabs it slips off the rope and we are miserable do you hear? yes It’s about to slip off the string so we need to boil it first and I will calculate it later For example:If you boil or steam with lemongrass Just put the crab in grilled crabs Thanh crab baked with what? I forgot Baked with salt and chili Steamed with lemongrass Steamed with coconut water Roasted with tamarind I really like this team This team makes the food that I really crave crab roasted with tamarind Now all is ready Everyone please look one two begin Each team only has 15 minutes to prepare the dish then submit it to me, me and everyone else will give points Which team will be the highest team? Madam 2, sell me 1 coconut Give me coconut water after 10 seconds of hesitation due to thought My team decided to be is a royal crab to grill with salt and chili Is this crab a normal crab? Say that to make it cool What dish are you going to make with this crab? I will boil it easily right, I decided to steam My team decided to make crab dishes right…..I really like steamed crab with beer not, steamed crab with coconut water haha What dish do you make and why do you smile? I make roasted crabs with tamarind I go to cut lemongrass Have you put your sugar in tamarind? very sour Is that done then? right Steamed crab with coconut water just 1 minute is done I took it out and decorated it I put the seasoning Grilled crab dish with salt and chili First everyone has to boil the crabs first Then add the seasoning and bake it Now we are adding spice to the crab very delicious grilled crab level 10 very spicy I have not baked yet but I am already sweating I felt it was cook I think it will be delicious after finishing it I prepared vegetables first Yesterday I watched this dish at home very fragrant When everyone is free, make fried crabs with tamarind very delicious Steamed crab with finished lemongrass Now we will decorate Do you see us making delicious? I forgot, people cannot eat do you eat tasty good? very hot to the roasting stage for hot crabs It’s cooked, you cook it again it will get burnt Let me turn off the fire ok Now, I’m going to decorate This is a bowl of sauce It’s cooked, I’ll fold it and skip here I’m going to decorate I took the chili to make it suck I’m adding pepper Time ended and now it’s time for the score Roasted crab with tamarind is complete Boiled crab with finished coconut water And this is steamed crab with lemongrass What crab food? Grilled crab with salt and chili This is when masterchef gives a score I am the chef king Which team will submit it to me first? My team this team go somewhere else get out for Mr. Vinh to give points What is the name of this dish? Grilled crab with salt and chili Salt does not look good, except for 2 points 0 point Oh my god…..Why is 0 point? grill the crabs to let the crabs drop two crab legs such a failure 0 point all because of you, because you broke crab legs second team What is the name of this dish? steamed crab with lemongrass plus 1 creative point When people look down from above This crab looks like it is wearing a wig made from citronella Look very creative very delicious How many points are we getting now? 5 points Why do you compliment me so much but only have 5 points? I ask everyone, if everyone goes to the store called out a crab but the waiters don’t break crab legs for you to eat How can people eat? Maybe people bite crab legs If the tooth is broken you will spend about 2,000,000 VND while the crab is only about 150,000 VND Is it worth it? 5 points is already high Who is the main chef? Tieu Cuong What is it? coconut water drink it? yes after drinking coconut water, remember to give me 1 more point Cut the chili peppers does not look good This crab decorated very badly Everyone please look Very indiscriminate vegetable decoration and don’t break crab legs for customers to eat proves the restaurant is not thoughtful 4 points Chef King, come here for points I have waited a long time The crab has cooled, 0 point I had planned it in advance, Vu Thanh Oh my god, very good, inside is still hot very thoughtful, the outside is cool and the inside is hot makes it very easy for everyone to eat eat crabs without using energy haha…How many points we get? Is still 1 point Oh My God Why are you complimenting but giving 1 point? because customer psychology goes to the restaurant order food staff and chefs have to dress very politely bring food out, everyone look and eat very well If you go into a restaurant and see 3 guys you don’t wear clothes Is it good for everyone to eat? That’s right, why is a chef naked? If I’m a girl, I look at these 3 guys and I can’t eat 1 point is right 1 point will be very evil give it 0 points You give as many points as you like Now I want to eat very delicious very delicious very delicious delicious, spicy the first time I made and ate myself Doing it yourself would be very delicious spicy What is Tien doing? Get the tool to break it, you can’t do that Quang, let’s eat Thank Thanh, Thanh is very strong huh? I am always strong After eating, remember to wash the dishes The chef competition is over And who did we find that winning team? How many points do you get? 5 points 5 points but also the first prize How many points does your team gain? 4 points 0 point Oh my god…Why 0 point? because of broken 2 crab legs right How many points does your team gain? 0 point Team 5 points is the first team a big package of cakes It’s all up to you, you talk hot and undress and then the last rank right, take it thank you ok, share it yourself Tien received 3 snack packs You do the most should be 4 snack packs and you received 3 snack packs The chef battle is over and if people love this video Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and press the bell for my channel to release a new video, everyone can watch it Wish you all have fun watching videos ^ _ ^

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