Cho… le cho-le cho-le Tomokazu Harimoto when he was 11 years old he defeated world number 43 and world
number 71 in the same international tournament youngest ever winner of the
boys singles title at the World Junior Championships at 13 years old think
about that there are even 18 year olds playing that
he won it at 13 welcome ladies and gentlemen to the most
important match in the history of table tennis 13 year-old sensation Tomokazu
Harimoto playing against the human pineapple… I mean Adam Bobrow. Warm-up here getting a little out of control. A bit of practice in the counter loop rally here very unusual not so professional technique from the man with the unicorn
horn as he calls that hairdo again for me more of a pineapple but I get what
he’s going for. Exhibition style warm-up backhands now they’re just feeling out each other’s games and as in all professional tournaments how they determine serve
rock-paper-scissors. no! scissors not as strong as rock but Adam Bobrow chooses to receive most classic trick in table tennis
“Around the World.” Everything in this point completely legal, players will
continue to hit the same side of the table as they were initially supposed to
100% legal they crossed the 180, the toughest part
and a 360 they’ve circled it. What a finish! What a way to put on a show! 13-year-old sensation, Tomokazu Harimoto Tomokazu Harimoto, the youngest ever
winner of an ITTF World Tour men’s singles title. He beat Timo Boll in the
final of the 2017 Czech Open…at 14 years old by the way. At the age of 14 he also became the national champion of Japan that’s also the youngest ever and that’s
Japan! Think about who else’s competing there. Consistently one of the top three
table tennis nations in the world Youngest ever winner of an ITTF World
Tour Grand Finals men’s singles title at 15 years old. He’s already a Youth
Olympic Games and Men’s World Cup silver medallist in singles. When I heard that
there was an 11-year-old who defeated two men in the top 100 in the world I
had to meet him. Tomokazu Harimoto has never ceased to amaze me and I can’t
believe it’s been almost five years that I’ve been seeing him regularly on the
World Tour and had the pleasure to hang out and enjoy his company. A super nice
guy and very generous to take the time to play with me. I’m very excited to see
what the future holds. The sky’s the limit and no doubt there is a very
bright future ahead … for the spectators Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did
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  2. he's a Chinese – Japanese, both his mother and father are Chinese professional table tennis players… damn!!!! solid!!

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