You know, it’s one of those jobs where you kinda think, “Oh, how hard can that be.” But they really do put you through it.
Oh, oh dear. I have never begun a recording session without wishing it was already over.
Because understand, Woody is clenched, all the time. He’s clenched. There is something
he’s gotta explain, or, “Come on, guys!” or “No, no, no, no, look out, look out,
look out! This way, this way.” It’s all that, and you can’t move, the microphone
is right there, and you can’t move and you have to be like this. And it’s like…!
And then they save the last thing for you, usually at the end of a very long work day,
is the grunts. Yeah.
And they will show you an animatic of Woody climbing up a bunch of books onto a thing
and say, “OK, could you do grunts of climbing up?” OK, alright. *grunts*
That’s impressive. That is very good.
That is legitimately how Tom was made. Yep.
Same way. And then you have to do the coming down. Dah
do duh gra daa ughblurr. You have to do the come down as well.
You do the come down as well. I think they are gleeful at making you ring
every possible meaning from a line. When you’re in like, as a young actor, ‘repetitions’,
the exercise ‘repetitions’, where you have a very simple cue and a very simple line.
And the cue might be, “Would you like some more coffee?” And the line you have to say
is, “Coffee, you think I want more coffee? Boy do I need more coffee.” So if you would
say, “Coffee, do I want coffee? Boy do I need more coffee.” Ok? And you’re going
to say it every conceivable way you can. Sure.
And all I’m gonna say is… Let’s do this.
“Would you like more coffee?” “Would you like more coffee?” Coffee, coffee, boy
do I need more coffee. Oh! Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.
Good, thank you. Would you like some more coffee?
Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee. Try it with a little more something to it
because we need – this is a big, important scene. Cus King Kong is out front and he’s
gonna smash the building. OK. Yes Tom Hanks.
Would you like some more coffee? Coffee, coffee, please, Sir, I need some more
coffee. Good, let’s try it again.
Would you like some more coffee? Coffee, coffee, please, Sir, I need some more
coffee. Would you like some more coffee?
Coffee, coffee, please, Sir, come on, I need some more coffee.
Would you like some more coffee? Coffee, please, Tom Hanks, get me some coffee!
And that’s, that’s what it is like. Bravo, by the way, that was absolutely – you know
how to do it. You know how it works. Why did you do that in an American accent?
I don’t know. I can’t act in an English accent anymore.
Yeah. I did a commercial the other day as Tom Holland
and I was like, “Hey guys, how you doin’?” And they’re like, “You’re from Kingston,
by the way.”

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Tom Hanks tests Tom Holland’s acting! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC”

  1. I do wonder if Woody calmed down for Tom Hanks sake, or because Woody was really going there cuz in Toy Story 4, he really calmed down. It was only a few instances that he was wild.

  2. Am I the only one who heard Jake Gyllenhaal saying, thats legitimately how Tom was made… Dude is crazy funny…

  3. I’d like to see a film where Tom Hanks is Tom Holland’s father. Preferably directed by Christopher Nolan. Of course scored by Hans Zimmer.

  4. God Tom Holland is such an idiot, if he eats enough pies in 30 years time hell be perfect playing Peter Peter Griffin that is in a live action Family Guy movie

  5. The line: Coffee? You think I want more coffee? Boy, do I need more coffee.

    Tom Holland towards the end: coffeeCoffEe! PLEASE SIR I nEED SOME MORE COFFEE

  6. when you had a crash course acting in front of Tom Hanks who won twice the Best Actor award in Oscars consecutively. (Philadelphia and Forrest Gump).Ooh …also in front of 1998 Academy Awards Best Actress Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakepeare in Love…. TOM HOLLAND DID A GOOD JOB!

  7. Idk about you all but I feel like I NEED a movie with Tom Hanks and Tom Holland now, like as of yesterday please! They’d be so iconic together.

  8. "I literally played Tom Holland in a commercial the other day"….it's confirmed, government replaced him with an Englishman who can't keep secrets..(The X-files theme song drops) 🤣🤣

  9. Tom Holland face is so blank..even when he had to express his emtions..most of the actors nowadays are just blank faces and generic.. likes of Denzel, Tom Hanks, Leo, Pitt, Cruise,Bale, are going to be seriously missed in the future

  10. The PEDOs & their enablers run deep in Hollyweird, wake up people & stop worshipping these creeps. Good Ol Jeffery & his pal Harvey are just the beginning to this sh.t show, stay tuned.

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