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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Toddler Hit By 100mph+ Baseball Recovering”

  1. They should have metal and plastic fences because the ball keeps on going for at least 5 inches if it hits the net in that 5 inches it could hit a person

  2. Hey, here is a good idea… Dont the the kid to the fucking baseball stadium… Although this could happen to anyone, the kid is going it have a much harder time…

  3. I just bought two leather baseballs. YouTube is warning me about organizing a school baseball game (baseball where I live is basically unknown) I guess.

  4. 1. Why was I recommended this? I saw it when it was first posted.
    2. 0:24 man's gulpin water care free.
    3. I think she fully recovered 6 months after the incident. Not sure

  5. …… hehe…. hahahahaha. harhar har. why is there no footage of her actually getting hit. common. somebody gotta have a recording.

  6. Im sorry, but if your a news channel and your chasing parents down who have just gone through that. Your obviously don't care about the family, only the content. Makes me sick, just give them the peace and space they need.

  7. Everybody so shocked over this when thousands of people die from even more preventable things than this. Why are you guys so shocked?

  8. Not gonna lie, the sound of the wind caused by the ball would have sounded just like a bullet wooshing past you, that would have been insanely cool though

  9. Everyone is talking about poor kid, batter must feel so guilty….how about the parent should've been aware enough to take the hit for the kid. During a ball game most people live to catch a foul or a homer…just my two cents.

  10. why would u bring ur shitty toddler to a baseball match? so reckless wtf XD
    the little shit doesnt even understand the game

  11. How about we start giving kids mask for baseball. Tired of hearing stupid news about kids getting hurt. They know the risk. It’s not the players fault

  12. I almost feel even worst for the hitter who hit them, to that man who got her; we know it’s not your fault so don’t beat yourself up.

  13. Still curious why baseball courts dont have a section where people can be protected behind some type of strong glass if they cant catch/dont want to catch a ball if one happens to come at them

  14. I know they're good seats that everyone wants…but u shouldn't put young toddlers in those seats. You gotta be able to react to the game in those seats for any foul balls or bats or anything. Its on for older kids like 9 and up, but anyone who has babies or toddlers kinda deserves to be susceptible to accidents imo.

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