Jesus. Tell him to close it again. Pray again. Check it again. You should be able to see completely. Close your eye again. I’m going to pray for you. Close it. Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus. God, right now, eye be completely healed. Back up again and show him your fingers. That’s right. Jesus. So good. Like now both eyes. They’re like [indiscernible] right now. Oh, my God. Oh, my goodness. Did He heal your eye? Do you have Him in your heart? That’s what Jesus does. I’m a Christian. Jesus lives in me. That’s what Jesus does. He heals the blind eye. Everybody started out at some point and everybody
prayed for that first person. Don’t compare yourself to anybody. Be excited that Jesus wants to live in you
and wants to flow through you. Be excited that you’re on the earth and there
was a time to be born and your day’s here. We’ve just got to be willing to surrender
and start believing and believe it’s possible. We live a whole life being taught by unbelief. If you’re nervous, it’s probably okay. Don’t wait until you get the spirit of boldness
and pray that this thing that you see on Todd comes upon you and when it does you’ll pray. Just go pray. Listen, just lay your hands on the sick. Be sincere and believe He loves them through
His Son and it’s amazing what can happen if we all just start doing that. It’s about having a genuine love and the Spirit
of God in you that brings change to situations and people and lives. It’s never about you being somebody in and
of yourself. It’s about Him being somebody in you. He wants to multiply Himself after His own
kind and reproduce His image through believers. He loves us. And it’s His goodness that leads men to change. You’ll be amazed how many people have a heart
cry towards God and you might be amazed how God wants you to be a part of the answer to
that heart cry where He doesn’t just come and visit them all the time on His own, He
wants to visit them through you. Look, you can go to church, you can have a
ministry, you can be a Christian and be self-seeking. My point is you can’t be productive if you’re
motive’s not pure. The pure in heart shall see God. You’re not here to build a kingdom, you’re
here to minister one that already came. You put the old man down in his deeds, and
you put on the new man. He’s renewed in knowledge according to the
image of the One who created him. I’m firstborn among many. The things I do, you’ll do if you’ll believe. As the Father sent me, so I’m going to send
you. He forgave you of everything you’ve ever done
so He can live inside of you. He’s redeeming something. He’s restoring something. I asked the security guy like if he had any
kind of trouble with his back or anything like that, and he said, no, I’m good. He kind of pushed me away. But Lynn came out, and Lynn said, hey, do
you have any trouble with like one of your shoulders? How do you know my shoulders hurt? Because Jesus loves you. He loves you. Actually both. I injured this one the other day. It’s hurting. All right. I just hurt —
Here, let me pray for them. Lynn got his heart soft. It was pretty cool. This is how we all work together. If you know that some sow. Some water. God brings the increase. So let there be healing in Jesus’ name. Brand new. New rotator cuff in Jesus’ name
Amen. Amen. That’s crazy how —
Check it right now. Tell me how it feels. Well, I don’t want to do that right now. Okay. You’ve got to do it. I might start crying or something. No, it’s okay. Well, you know why? Because we’re raised our whole life to wonder
like who God is, and then we see religion around us and we don’t want it. And then when Jesus really shows up and touches
you, it confronts your whole life. It confronts what you thought was not real
and it makes it real. Do me a favor, though. Just swing your shoulder for me. Let me —
It’ll make me happy. Just tell me how it feels. When I stretch it, it doesn’t hurt. Yay God. Praise God. Is it something —
Yeah. No, it’s amazing, man. All of us if you’re a Christian have the ability
to let Jesus flow through you and touch the world around you on a custom basis. Destroy the works of the devil everywhere
you go, in everything you say and everything you do, glorify Jesus. God gave you one more day to manifest Him
and not you. He gave you the privilege of representing
Him to a lost and dying world. Just a normal Christian. One that loves Jesus with all my heart. Because God is going to use you. He’s going to flow through you. He’s going to use you as His hands, as His
feet, as His mouthpiece. God said share the gospel. They’re either headed to heaven or headed
to hell. You can think what you want, but, man, this
guy almost went to hell. So my heart cry is, man, if you say yes to
Jesus, believe it and walk it out, and don’t be a hypocrite. They let me have the microphone and got to
pray for the miraculous and a whole bunch of healings happened corporately. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. Sickness, get out. Pain, get out. Disease, get out. In a gym where they would separate church
and state, a whole bunch of people got saved that day. Can you all just give a shout to Jesus right
now? Jesus. Jesus. And then just kept praying for people in there. Praying for different basketball players. Praying for different people on the front
of — you know, sitting in the stands. The gospel is good news and we get to love
people and we get to bring the good news. Not coming over the top of people and clobbering
them, but coming up underneath of them. I remember there was these police that came
in, and I used to run from cops. Never, ever would you see me ever standing
with the police. So I wanted to ask you about your knee. Do you have any issues that just go with your
knee from a reoccurring, it’s a sports injury? The back of my shoulder. My shoulder. Okay. Not my knee. No knee. No knee. I’ve got to ask the guy besides you, then. Could I pray for your shoulder? Okay. Would that be okay —
Yeah. — if I pray? This one? Yes. All right. So, Father, I thank you in Jesus’ name for
a brand new shoulder, God. That You would touch it and make it whole. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you. I had a word of knowledge about the one cop,
and he was like, well, I don’t believe in this. So I’m going to pray for him anyway so that
he knows that when he gets healed, it was Jesus that talked through some guy at the
meeting. Yeah, just want an opportunity to be able
to represent Jesus in a lost and dying world, and sometimes we’re just so caught up in life
and caught up in stuff that we don’t see the simple gospel. But we can share it and bring people to Jesus
because of our life lived. Today there are people out there wanting to
hear the gospel. Don’t pass them by. Use this life that God gave you. You treat every day as if it would be your
last day here on this planet. You treat every day as though it might be
the person in front of you’s last time to see what Jesus might look like. All authority in heaven and earth has been
given unto me. Now watch. Now go in My name. What’s He doing? He’s making us one with Him. I’m asking you to let them know their created
value. God, let them see people like You see them
Let them hear people like You hear them. One day you’re going to stand before God and
you’re going to answer for your life. You’ve got to get hard core with this thing
and get diligent and be a good soldier and endure hardship. God wants to flow through these hands. Christ is the anointed One, and He’s anointing. So we’re the embodiment of His anointing. We’re the expression of Him. This temple right now, He’s going to quicken
it so that I can be an instrument of the Lord. I can be a weapon of right standing with God. And heaven wants to come in you and change
you from the inside out so you start living like Jesus. It’s the Jesus that you preach. It’s the Jesus that you know. If we miss becoming love, we miss why He was
crucified and raised from the dead. So, God, I thank you in Jesus’ name that we
will be bold and share our faith and realize that and realize that if somebody gets shut
down and you’re there, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get shut down. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to just
tag team so-to-speak, and just go and bring Jesus because I want people to come to God. And if I can’t reach them, somebody else can. We’re the body of Christ. We need to work together. Bless you guys.

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59 thoughts on “Todd White – God Restores Eyes at a Basketball Game ( Anyone Can Represent Well )”

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