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Dennis Veasley


  1. hey plz make a video about how to hit a ball straight up into the air plz it would really help me i already subbed and any that subs i sub back so there you have it but plz make a vdeo about how to hit a golf ball straight into the air

  2. Thanks for the videos it will help me so that I don't always depend on my coach.Can you make video 3 or 5 things to remember to have greater golf shots

  3. Your videos have helped me out a lot I have went from 5 handicap to 1 in a year watching your lessons keep the lesson coming thank you very much 👍

  4. I am a humble humble professional golfer, from Uganda, I silently started watching your videos weeks ago, I really feel at home.

  5. that was the perfect video for what I was looking for explained everything I have been wondering as I get a very bad back and do all of that my posture is not gd so will try this

  6. Hi Adam, great vdo on posture. I have a problem with standing distance to the ball. It is inconsistent and as a result, I surprise myself with shanks or skulling the golf ball, although at times I do hit a few great shots. Any tip to have assure some consistency? Thanks in advance.

  7. Adam, The only thing missing from this video is the arms. In the picture of Rory and Fuzzy both have their arms hanging from their shoulders. What do you teach? Also how much should the arms play in providing power?

  8. When I have the shoulders back I also sense that the I create more space between my upper arms, is that correct?

  9. Hi Adam. My name is Mike. Your videos are the best I’ve seen on YouTube. I watched a ton of others until yours came up and I’ve been watching every single one you made. For the past three days I needed some tweaking with my hitting. Especially my clubs and a little on my driver. Since watching your videos I’ve been hitting my clubs solid and my drivers straight and far. I’m talking about 282 yards on my driver and clubs exactly straight and where I want it to fall. Your the best compared to all the others. Thank you !

  10. I think I've watched every golf tuition channel on youtube. Adam I find yours the best, your teaching method is clear and you articulate ideas well. Thanks very much for the content.

  11. I would appreciate your professional opinion on Hogan's swing instruction while on the Ed Sullivan show. Is this still pertinent today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AmPuzgBXEM

  12. great video, Adam!
    so grateful for the help, really helped my golf game, it has improved out of sight! Now I won't need to belt my wife after each round because I'm nothing but genuinely infuriated!
    now, what am I waiting for? time to drive some spherical objects!!!!

  13. What I love about your channel is that you address the nuances of this game. Keep making these videos and I’ll keep watching.

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