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100 thoughts on “TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl”

  1. Are you a VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, or E Girl?? Comment below! Don’t forget to checkout our new AirPod Cases here: 💋's – Brooklyn

  2. Me vs vsco
    Vsco girl: sksksks
    Guy:crap, shes here

    Crush: talks
    Me:*flirts back*
    Me outside: blushes
    Me inside:*holy crap* dies
    My best friend: hey is she alive


  3. Wtf I Guess I’m labeled as soft girl then even tho I like e girl looks but I rather go for soft looks personally, but I love that emo look too but I feel it will take efforts to do.

    And I definitely actually go for pink on everything…food, drinks…I Guess I’m soft girl

  4. Be honest I’m always like basically every girl because sometimes I feel punky and rocky so I feel like an eagle when I’m angry like when I’m really happy I feel like I am a soft girl and then when ever I feel like I’m funny I am a VSCO girl

  5. 8:54 the song is Obsessed! How i no is bc my sis listens to that all the time and i see her doing that same exact dance! Lol


  7. Glad to see this is how our generation will be represented worldwide. Could not imagine a more fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th.

  8. I rlly dont know wht vsco girls are so yeh XD but this is funny KSKSKSSKSKSKSK I only got this ksksksks from my friend

  9. This literally killed my brain cells… i cant believe there are 6million hooked on this. mind blowing crap people watch. why was this every recommended to me.. get it together youtube… i can just drink beers if i want to get brain damage dont need to do it for me.

  10. drops plastic bottle oopsie doopsies! oh! hi. are you new? yeah? ok nice to meet you! wait.. is that.. a hydro flask?! darlin'.. use plastic! no one cares about those stupid turtles anyway.. whats that? you have scrunchies all over your wrist AND a large T-shirt as well as a metal straw?! i'm sorry but.. no! heres a pack of plastic straws and a crop top! oh! almost forgot! heres some hair ties! ksksks oopsie doopsies ksksks! oh wait! i didn't tell you what i am? oh.. well i'm just a anti visco ksksks oopsie doopsies!

  11. I also have an identical twin too! We both have very different styles. I'm more of the girly twin though. :> Also you know that dance you were doing Brooklyn, my friend did that infront of the highschoolers, and they we so confused! Lol. Also who's younger twin, because I'm the younger twin as well! :3

  12. Vsco girl: You get a scrunchie, your get a scrunchie, and my boyfriend gets a scrunchie! Ssk ssk

  13. And oppppppppp skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk haven't I told you to wear a thousand scrunched and save the turtles
    Olso buy a hydro flask

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