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Dennis Veasley


  1. On my downswing I also squat and my coach and the people I play with are trying to get rid of it , but when I don't squat I tend to hit the ball thin ?

  2. Adam, Really good video. Looking at these changes it is clear the decline started happening after he left Harmon . All he needed to do was stick with the early Harmon swing and work on his rhythm and tempo and he would be playing well now. All these swing changes and too much gym work has worked him to ruin. The Harmon swing was a good swing, the physical damage to the knee and back was not down to the swing but the way he swung TOO HARD. All he needed to  really work on  was maintain what he had and  swing more smoothly and take care of the body and not overdo the gym work and he would be playing well now. I see McIlroy falling into the same trap with overdoing the weight training in the gym. As for chasing Jack's record NO CHANCE it is over, he has done too much damage to his body for it to be able to take the work load needed to get back to the top.

  3. Great stuff! I always gave Butch the credit but it seems to me that Tiger had a more repeatable back swing with Haney. You never gave your opinion on the "dropping of the hands" but in other videos you encourage leaving the hands behind when shifting left.

  4. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I sure I am not the only one who appreciate what a great teacher you are Mr. Bazalgette. May God bless your knowledge and your team.

  5. I've seen a few of your video's now. I am a little confused at the top..All these great players seem to have some commenalities in the hitting area with the great lag that they have and how they increase that lag on the down swing, also hips , storing power, etc. You've made comments on that angle they have at the top,….My question is if u draw a line down the shaft at the top and one from where their aiming to the target Fowler's line from his club would not be parallel it would be going way left, Tiger's more parallel in his early years and then Rory's seemingly pointing to the right of that target line. You comment on players at the top crossing the line I am not sure exactly what you mean and if you would a comment on what you believe is the best position at the top, understanding that all players are built different. As always great listening.
    My Comment on Tiger….at one time there seemed to be no chance he would not break Jack's record , now there seemingly is no chance he will break the record…but as u said at the end pound away to get those results…Maybe that is his strongest attribute and that is what will bring him back to greatness. I hope so.

  6. He declined after Butch Harmon n his swing gone down the drain with so many changes…
    Had he persisted with Harmon Jack's record may not be there anymore!

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