– On a usual day, I go and
walk three miles every morning. And then I come back, and
I take care of my chickens, let them out to free range while I do landscaping,
gardening, cleaning up my yard. I’d rather be outside than
inside in front of a computer. My first injury, which led me to Clarke, was in May of ’13, I
herniated discs in my neck. So when I fell in August of
2017 and injured my shoulder and broke it, then I knew
exactly where I needed to come. When I fell and couldn’t move my arm, I felt like my life had been taken away. I wasn’t a happy person. I didn’t feel healthy. I gained weight. I became a couch potato. When I first came to Thrive,
it was Optimal Solutions PT. And then Clarke changed the name to Thrive because that’s what he
wants his patients to do, is to thrive and succeed
and become whole again, and I think that was the
best move on his part, because that’s what
I’ve done because of him and the complete team here,
is he has made me to thrive. At Thrive, I’ve been involved
with physical therapy with Clarke, of course. I’ve also done the massage
and deep-tissue massage to help with the PT. And then I got involved
with the strength training through Yoga and Pilates and
exercise and weight training. I’ve just gotten involved
with the nutritionist that they have set up. I’ve gained not only mobility
and full use in my arm, the numbness that I have is much less. I’ve lost 19 pounds, so almost 24 inches because of utilizing
all the practices here to gain myself back to
what I was before surgery. The biggest difference
is I got my life back. I’m happier; I’m
healthier; I got mobility; I’ve got strength. I love coming to Thrive. I think they not only are
medically sound and based, they want you to succeed. They support you in every aspect. They work together as a team
and they want to make sure that you become the best
you that you can be. I am thankful and grateful for Thrive and everything they have
done to me, for me, with me. I’ve recommended everyone
to come to Thrive. The Thrive practice is so engaging, I couldn’t imagine going somewhere else. They truly care and go above and beyond. (upbeat music)

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Dennis Veasley

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