“He’s getting arrogant now.” “Leave the ball!” “Don’t touch, no. no, no, don’t touch!” “Now the cameraman stops.” “I was really confident of winning until right now but he’s really given me a beating today. I’m feeling the pressure again.” “So I’ve put the ball down, this one’s going in, the competition is over really.” “Now he’s getting arrogant. But that will come back to bite him. Mimimimimi.” “Stop, yes!” “Are you ready? Can you see the hole?” “Yes, I can see it.” „Hey, hey, hey you can’t take that away, Mats. You’re altering the golf course. The ball has to be there.” “Loose items need to be removed.” “You, that loose item stopped your ball! Unbelievable. I’ll play it when you’ve put it there.” “That’s the worst thing that can happen in golf. Now it’s my turn again.” “Obviously I also took a risk.” “You did! But now you have a good angle anyway.” “It just bounced off!” “I’m going for it. Why not! I’m not giving myself anymore.” “You told me before, I’m gonna risk it all and then you take it with your left.” “I wasn’t able to score from there.” “Ah come on, stop with this.” “No, no.” “Watch out, watch out! Now the cameraman is affecting this. I said get out of the way. Now he’s saved five metres with that.” “No that went in!” “Leave the ball!” “Don’t touch, no. no, no, don’t touch! Well we’ve really not made it easy for ourselves with these holes.” “No, come on, that was well on course.” “Oh, no.” “Now the bottle, the bottle.” “Shall I finish off?” “No, I’ll get mine in first.” “Yes, Mull sinks his putt.” “Too risky, too risky. Now that’s a moment to enjoy. Yes Xabi, go through there for the moment. To enjoy and take the lead.” “Ah, that hurts. Fair play.” “Thanks very much, good game!“ “Yes, you have to be able to hold your hands up.” “I’m not sure if I was very good or you were just bad. I don’t mind at the end of the day.” “Great. Good one.” “I beat the Mull at his own game.”

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Dennis Veasley

72 thoughts on “ThoMats #3 – Part 2 | Football Golf Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels”

  1. Que divertidos son ThoMats!! quiero verles con más frecuencia haciendo retos!! 😂
    So funny ThoMats!! I want to see you new challenges!! 😂
    Mia San Mia 💐😍⚽🇩🇪💓🤗

  2. Hummels und lewandosky ihr seid ehrenloß ihr jubelt gegen euren ex Verein man sollte wenn man gegen den ex Verein spielt und ein Tor geschossen hat nicht jubeln ihr seid ehrenloß

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