A lot of kids would shy away from the controversy,
or shy away from the coaching. He just craved it. That’s one of the things that I told the Bulls at the time. That what was going to be great, I thought about him. He wanted to great , he wanted to out work
you. He hated, he hated failure. This where it started for me. Tyler Texas, we are officially in route. In route. I’ve been gone for 10 years. Wow!! Full circle, think about that. I wonder… I wonder… If I get to see any of my teachers. I do remember Dr. Math. Hands, hands, hands. Hands, who could tell me. Marquis was just like.. Maybe this is just going to be a team, that will just stick together. Finally, The Rock has come back! I haven’t been back here, in so long. That’s what I was about to say, they changed the logo in the middle. Other than that. It’s all pretty much the same. It’s still cold in here I see too. How are you? I’m good. Thanks for coming. Thank you, of course. Is that Rand? Okay, I see you in your bag. Good Morning, I’m Mike Metke. It’s my honor to serve this this great college as Chancellor and CEO. We are so glad you joined us. As we recognize and honor one of our own, Jimmy Butler Jimmy was an outstanding player at TJC, during the 2007/2008 year. He transferred to Marquette University.. He was drafted by NBA in 2011. We are excited that he came back to TJC today and he is allowing us, to help celebrate his success. It’s a proclamation, by the City of Tyler. For Jimmy Butler day, September 8th 2018 In 2007 when TJC head basketball coach, Mike Marquis recognized his talent Jimmy quickly Did I say that name wrong?? I’ve been on council for 6 years and we do not give away keys to the city. Ever! Thank you. So this is a big deal and I’m kinda happy for you and proud to be able to hand this over to you. Key to the city of Tyler. Thank you. Absolutely, congratulations Jimmy. Oh yea, get me Rand. Rand get me. and to announce the naming of the Jimmy Butler lobby. Here is TJC’s Wagstaff, Jimmy would you come take a look. We got something here. Oh wow. Yo Rand Boy I tell you what. Let me read from your notes. It says Jimmy speaks. I think TJC is where it all started for me. When it comes to college basketball. I met some incredible teammates, and the one story, that I tell everybody. I had to be the… I don’t know, the first or second day that we are here. and we are in the locker room I never snitch on anybody, let’s just get that out the way. I never do that. and we are sitting in the locker room, and the first thing coach says… is Don’t let your cellphones ring in the locker room. but one guy.. decides to not put his phone on vibrate. I’ll tell you now that person was Reggie Nelson, whose phone went off. It was for sure Reggie Nelson, whose phone went off. Man I thank him til this day. No one knows that story but me and him, because I never told anybody. I’ve never told anybody.. but that story Get him! but that right there just goes to show the type of bonds, that I built here at TJC. and how it all started This is where it all began for me I’m grateful, thank you for all this. This is much more than I could ever have imagined. To you Reggie, you know. I would have never thought it. but I knew it, I had a feeling. You was a little stocky thing, back in the day you coulda whopped me. Not now. So I kept my mouth shut, but seriously. Thank you everybody for being here, and Rand get a haircut. Thank you. I knew a young man that was a little different, than the public sees today. I remember a sensitive warm, young caring young man.. that came in that was always driven but also was very conscious of how he looked who he was. To understand Jimmy inside, is he is greatly greatly motivated to be successful. We didn’t play very well, we were a top 10 team in the country and we lost. By about 10 o clock, the next morning after the game. He was in my office. Just searching for answers on how to be better. From that day forward I always thought he was going to be great. Most people pout through failure. In his case, he just continued to say ok I made a mistake I was wrong, but I’m not going to do it again. and then he just exploded the rest of the year. To say how stern and strict coach Marquis was.. don’t get me wrong He got a great personality He was cool off the court but.. As soon as we touch that court. It was, it wasn’t no playing. I was the one beating him in 2k College basketball That was a lie, all of that was a lie. I was beating Jimmy back then in .. cards and everything.. Dominoes, that was me. He just lied about everything just now. Jimmy used to claim he was from Houston, and we was like Tomball is not Houston. We all created a bond, within that year. A brotherhood, that could never be broken. I remember the first time walking down this bad baby. I know I ended the game with 33 points. and with that 33 points I was asking myself.. Is this real, can I really score 33 points on a nightly basis? The next time I came out, 35 points. So I knew that I belonged here. This is where is started for me.. Right here.. On these two baskets. Our newest Inductee into the Tyler Junior College Sports Circle of Honor, Jimmy Butler. Appreciate you all, fellows. You get to wear my jacket. I’ll hold it. No I want you put it on. Yea put it on man, you look good. Hold on now. First of all, I want to begin by. Who ever talking about my swag over there. I can dress better, than whoever it is. First off, so don’t do that. Secondly, thank you everyone for being here. This is where it all started for me. We got a lot of love for Tyler, TJC… And all the people that have something to do with this amazing school. Now we got a long season ahead, but thank you everybody for being here I am so very appreciative. I’m so very thankful for everything that, the city of Tyler has given to me. Has done for me.. Once I got here I understood.. what hard work was really going to do for you. Did you only shave the outside of your legs? So all and all This is home.. Always will be.. Always so much love for Tyler Junior College This is where it started. My Gym. My town.

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