Hey guys, Dan here and welcome to another video where today, we’re doing something a little bit different we’re playing, we’re playing Mario Tennis. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Little bit random maybe. But I’ve actually played the 3DS release of the not this particular game but it was a Mario Tennis game and it was really good. Need to go to up by doing these shots. There we go max charge short I need to avoid those Piranha Plants as well cuz they’re gonna be money. I keep beating him by accident You’re too bad Donkey Kong. Come on. Look at this dude. Look at his face. He’s itchy. He’s not feeling good. I’m beating him badly I’m actually just gonna hit it towards him every time until I charged up my shot. So I need to break his racket three times Manny’s Piranha Plants were annoying if I they’re back at me dudes It’s loaded special shot as well. I’d like to see this special shot too. It just broke a little bit of his racket I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. I think they broke I Need to break his racket two more times Yeah, I’m guessing so. Okay. Let’s try this. I need to stop beating him normally I need to hit it acting with the max charge shot thing is if I charge it too early It doesn’t really work for that. Well, and these Piranha Plants are super annoying and then we can aim it No, I didn’t mean to do that. I’ve run out of time no, do I need to aim the shot at him because I messed that up if you get down to 0% and um It does a really bad shot. I think you stopped firing those back at me, please. It’s quite frustrating. There we go. That’s better I should have enough power now, dude. Oh My goodness, that was insane No, I just missed his special he’s but he’s busting out the zone shots as well. I should have enough energy for it, though Oh, oh And these piranha plants are probably messing me up I need to break his racket from a thumb peak on show me what you got buddy. Show me what you have got yes Was out Dude, I need to rely on him to hit it though If he doesn’t hit it then I guess if it’s going out then this is gonna be harsh. It was close I tried to aim it too quickly. Donkey Kong is gonna win. That wouldn’t actually be too bad It does find me a little bit more time to try and do the the challenge that you set me And if you could stop blasting those back to me That’d be fantastic That was close juice. That means we’re 40 all and then you need to get two points clear This could be okay for a KO because basically if you get a KO you automatically win You’re not gonna be the game, but at least the point right? Here we go. I’ve got enough energy Let’s get ourselves a special shot and let’s try and break his racket He’s only got one and he’s got two left, but I need to wait for those stars to come up. There we go Yes, take this buddy Yeah happens it actually happens. Okay I’ve just won the game now does that mean we can get past or have I not done it properly? Oh, you can get levels and experience. I Didn’t know that if you’re in a tennis match, you’ll gain XP your level will go up when Mario’s level goes up it gets stronger hit faster shots rather speed agility That’s very cool. I like that. So it looks like I’ve won. Anyway, I thought I had to win by a KO But he’s gonna let us pass. Anyway, probably cuz we beat him so badly. He’s just gonna allow us past what have we got here a Practice court, I don’t know if I want to do that. I’m gonna go for piranha plant a habitat and see what happens I’ll do look at this Dark and damp no place for a toad. Don’t unfun guys or Funky’s and mushrooms Don’t they actually grow better in dark and damp situations? This looks like it’s gonna be a challenge rather than a match Let’s let’s find out defeat 30 piranha plants within the time limit, okay I do like Carly’s got challenges and stuff rather than just being a tennis game. I like it How do we defeat them though? Hit the fire ball is back. Oh Okay, you have to use like different shots and stuff That’s fine. We need to do is like lob shots Long shots and aim them or you can aim them as well. Get out of town Punk They broke my racket they actually broke my racket they’re super piranhas Dude, I already had 19. This is harder than it looked. So let’s check out the practice club So do you want to get like a good game of tennis in? Just to see what happens because this is a tennis game after all you can play online as well. Apparently, it’s like insanely competitive So, let’s see what happens keep rallying until you reach 200 points. So this is just challenges Dude, it’s me and toads me and sold Battling it out. We don’t want to beat each other though. I wanna go to 200. I don’t want to go to 200 totem Sorry, I don’t want to do this. I’m out. Let’s head back to the main menu I’m just gonna affect exceed bench mode for a sec because I just want to play in normal game So if I go into you can do tournaments, but I’m going to do free play just so I can play against one It’s two single and we could choose any one. Let’s get random So these are all the characters there is Three extra unlock so you can get by participating in the July tournament the August tournament and the September one. I One of them is now that’s literally now, but I don’t know how to unlock it I’ll have to find out but you’ve got yourself married Luigi Wario Waluigi peach, Daisy, Rosalina toad toadette Bowser Bowser jr. Boo spike. I don’t actually know who spike is Donkey Kong Yoshi and Chain Chomp I’m gonna hit random for both and let’s see who we get. Hopefully it’s not Mario. Let’s play a game I’m Rosalina Okay, and I’m against Wario. So Rosie knows out here floating And let’s go. Let’s do this. Let’s try and beat. I think this computer is intermediate So, let’s see if we can win this if she comes Amazing Rosalina is a very cool mario character. Like I like her a lot. Where’s Wario? There he is Chubby chubby punk the fattest of Mario character out there. Let’s see we can be him. She literally Flings the ball in the air. Oh, we’re good as she floats. Is that a little bit overpowered? Oh, she’s quite slow. So All the characters have different stats. They have different stances and scales as well So Rosalina is way slower than mario, but she probably has better. I don’t know special moves or better shots I’m not too sure. This is my first impression of the game So I’m not that clued up and what it I’m not gonna stop just yet. Anyway, oh He did the spicy special shot. I like it. I could have done this special shot as well. Okay? I need to slow down time. Oh I just missed it. That was cheeky Wario very cheeky. It looks like in this mode as well It’s kind of it’s trashed the traditional Tennis school hasn’t gone for like just single numbers. I wonder why Let’s try and get him out here I’m gonna slow this down. They have to slow this down too early dunno so if you get three of those wrong, that’s when your racket breaks, which is Increasingly worrying off smashed in and I think it’s first a seven as well. So we’re gonna try and destroy him Here we go, oh I just missed dudes Wario is Powerful, like really powerful. I can’t quite make it. Oh wait Let’s go hopper. That’s so powerful. So why figured out as well is when the percentage goes down I thought that was just a timer but it’s just if you take too long to end your shot Then it’s just less powerful and less effective and easier to counter so you need to look out for that as well And when I need these star shots, there we go. So I did that quicker So it’s a little bit easier a little bit harder Sorry to counteract which meant he got one of his health bars taken off of his racket. We’re winning 4-2 This is this is seeming pretty difficult But I can only imagine like a human on human game online would be insane Yes, that bounced like crazy. There’s no way stubby Wario is getting to that. Come on then bring it on Wario bring it on Oh, I need to use my special a little bit more. I don’t actually know what hers is. There we go Magical, I wonder if you can combine the two. Oh that might be out. I was I took two too quickly This game is cool. Let me know what you guys think we can try and play it some more I’m not gonna definitely not gonna commit to a series on this one because No, it’s just like a one-off game, but I wanted to check it out. Anyway, that’s out Oh, yeah, I want to check it out Let me know if you enjoy it as well because I don’t know why but I am a sucker for tennis games I absolutely loved them when my favorite arcade games is Virtua Tennis. Oh we hit the net with a special. Yeah One of my favorite arcade games is Virtua Tennis And this is very much likely at a little bit more advanced but really cool for the heart beat is pounding but I think we’ve got this I Don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I thought it’s gonna smash it. Then he’s gonna choose now to smash it instead Let’s slow it down. Oh If I get one more then it’s over. My racket will be blocks smashed into pieces He’s get some energy up Come on, come on, come on. Oh do it no, I Know it’s oh six five. I thought it could be six six. It’s not so bad It’s better than my racket breaking though heartbeat pounding Palms sweaty mom spaghetti. Yeah This game is fun, I like it. It looks really nice as well The bright colors the slick animation 60fps because on the switch get out of here Wario. You almost knocked me out I just need to practice those special moves a lot more especially Countering them and then hopefully I can get a little bit better at this game. But guys, I’m gonna leave it here for now I hope you enjoyed it This video was way longer than I thought it would be because the adventure mode is a little bit more in-depth But hope you enjoyed it Anyway, if you did leave a big fat like let me greatly appreciate it subscribe If you are brand new to the channel as well to join Team TDM it today apart from that guys Thank you so much watching an amazing day. You’re awesome, and I’ll see you next time. Goodbye (Outro Music Plays)

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