In my dreams, I am a morning person In reality, I’m about a 4 p.m. kind of person But my job doesn’t allow me to do that, so I do everything possible to make myself a morning person. I like to sleep with all this natural light coming in so that when I take off of my silk mask I have this like you know just like you start your day and I feel like once I absorb the sun I’m like ready to interact with strangers I love to sleep with a silk eye mask and these silk pillows and I started doing that because Silk actually can’t retain bacteria. And so it’s really good for your skin And it makes you look a little less tired in the morning, which I need help with because I’m always traveling Usually in the morning I spend about five minutes being lazy after I snooze for my first ten times and then I will turn on some music and start my day with some intentional journaling It’s very geeky I actually write dear diary But it’s really important to me because I have been very vocal about this but I actually deal with anxiety sometimes and this really helps me start my morning right, get my thoughts in order and it helps me set the tone for the day Time to stretch So typically right now would also be when I work out but we have a bit of a shorter morning because I have a photoshoot today so we’re just going to do some simple stretching. I like to keep my space really clean and clear Kind of keep my my mind clear as well and I always like to face the sunlight whenever I stretch And there’s no method to it. I absolutely, just go with what feels good that day because it’s much less to me about a routine or about Setting a goal and it’s much more just about feeling good that day. I used to hate stretching Now, it’s the only way I can start my morning So after I finished stretching, I always like to start my morning with loads of liquids before I have anything solid to eat So I like to have lots of water Lots of vitamins via some fresh pressed juice or some smoothies depending on how I’m feeling and then a little bit of caffeine Not that much. I’m doing a lot better. No one judge me. I’m gonna get changed Funny you know, even though it seems really out of routine hair and makeup is often a big part of my morning routine because It’s very rare that I get a day off. So usually when I’m working after I have my morning to myself I go straight into hair makeup And I often like to have a little bit of fruit as a snack just to keep my energy up Dove is such a diva. She only lets me brush her hair of the toothbrush. Yeah Sometimes it turns into like one of those like tiny little like floss picks I wear this Kiehl’s every day. It’s my favorite thing in the world It’s like a lip balm and a lip gloss all in one The only color I like to wear on my lips is typically red so I either go no color or like really matte red, but for daytime This is perfect. I like to fill my brain with calm before I go into any kind of electronic interaction But then while having my juice or my smoothie, I like to catch up on emails Maybe make some work phone calls respond to all my text I got overnight and talked to my fans on Twitter or Instagram and just get the majority of the work done in the morning So that the rest of the day whatever I’m doing that day I can focus on that. Now we are on our way to work for the day, which is our photoshoot Takes a lot to make it look like you didn’t do anything at all So we are just putting on the final touches To get me ready for my photo shoot today with Livin’ Cool Who’s this amazing photographer. I’ve been really excited to work with him But I’ve actually never met him so you and I will be meeting him together in just a moment This is part of my morning

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100 thoughts on “This Is Dove Cameron’s Morning Routine | Waking Up With… | ELLE”

  1. Um where is harry isnt he her boyfriend…
    pls give thumbs up cause i never get dem
    Down here

  2. Para ni q se fuera a levantar asi osea todo el mundo se levanta viendose mas horrible de lo q es jajaja

  3. Haaaaaaaa ya vi la película de descendientes 3 la ame saludos desde México extraño a boys cameron te entiendo

  4. wake up
    sleep with eye mask
    sleep with window open/blinds
    press snooze once
    turn on music
    right in journal
    drink healthy liquids
    get ready
    eat snacks/breakfast
    go on phone/social media etc
    start your day, whatever you are doing:)

  5. you are all the time too beautiful, you have absolutely no makeup and hair styling

    I love you so much

    ♥ ♥ kisses

  6. My whole day routine:
    Wake up
    Sleep for 1 minute
    Wake up
    Get off the bed
    Go to the toilet
    Sit on the bed for 30 sec
    Take a bath
    Wear my school uniform
    Eat breakfast
    Go to school
    Learn s-stuff
    Eat lunch
    Learn again
    30 minutes of playtime from school.
    Go home
    Wear my formal clothes
    Sit on the bed
    Edit some vids
    Nap a little
    Wake up 'till it's 7:21
    Watch tv
    Edit more videos
    Eat dinner
    Wear my pajamas
    Sit on the bed
    Edit more more videos or watch tv.
    Then sleep..

  7. The real question isn't why she woke up with make up, but why is she wearing a bra under her sports bra ? 🤔

  8. Dove is my inspiration i am a young actor and inspires me to keep going and she gone through so much and I love her SO MUCH
    God bless

  9. *wakes up with full face of makeup.. looks like sleeping beauty*
    *when I wake up with makeup on/forget to take off my makeup*


  10. She's waking up like a queen and then there's me Alexa wake up! 5 more mins turns into ten I look at the time realized I am late fire school

  11. If you could give this comment to Dove Cameron please do : Dove I’m a big fan of you and I wish I can see you in real life and give you a big hug

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