High school basketball is meant to be a competitive
sport, and you’re supposed to play to win unless you’re tanking, wait you can’t
tank in high school basketball. Well this high school basketball team just
kept on losing for 12 years. What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players,
it’s ya boi MJ. Today I wanted to talk about Carroll Academy
high school basketball team, a team that did not win a game for 12 years and then I want
to talk about the game they won to break that streak. Y’all been killing it with the support for
these stories so let’s keep it going. Let me know in the comments if this is the
worst team in sports ever and ideas for new story videos. Best idea used for a new video gets a shoutout. Alright let’s get into it. The Carroll Academy is a place in Tennessee
that the Carroll County Juvenile court sends troubled teens. The majority of the school are boys, but there
is a girls high school basketball team called the Lady Jaguars even if there are only 44
girls in the whole school. The high school team was formed in 2005 and
since then, they haven’t won a single game. Girls high school basketball isn’t meant
to be a joke and Carroll Academy was no exception. When they started, the girls did not not know
how to play basketball or the rules, kinda sounds like Bobcats in 2011. Anyway, coach Randy Hatch has them enjoying
basketball and trying their hardest to give their all. Every year they get more and more girls, but
none of them have actually played recreationally or on a team so it becomes hard for the Carroll
Academy high school basketball team to actually progress. Man this team is really like the 2009 Nets. It’s easy to roast this team, but they are
actually trying to win. Their coach has the team playing for basketball
and not for a scoreboard. The girls that do play on the team fight extremely
hard, but there aren’t that many girls on that team showing up for games because they
just don’t have the ability to. Even though all the girls in the high school
play on the team, sometimes they only have 6 players for the whole game. Keeping all of this in mind, the team lost
312 games in a row, most of them were lopsided blowouts. There have been a few games through the 312
games where the game wasn’t a blowout, but the team was not able to capitalize on it. This is the nation’s longest losing streak
in any sport, but recently it was broken. The Lady Jaguars got a great addition to their
team last year, Kaitlyn Evans, who is one of Tennessee’s best 3 point shooters. Still, it was this year where they got more
pieces who could handle the ball and so in a game against the Immaculate Conception,
and no I’m not joking about that name, Evans tied game at the buzzer to make it 22-22. Yeah it’s a low score, but at least they
got that many points. It’s a miracle for them. 2 overtimes later and the Lady Jaguars had
won 29-27! All the girls rushed onto the court and had
a huge celebration. They had finally won in 12 years. You know what they say, 313th time is the
charm right? Evans finished the game with 22 points and
16 rebounds. It’s amazing how the team kept resolve despite
losing for so long. What this girls high school basketball team
wants to do is play basketball. They don’t care about winning or losing. They care about playing the best they possibly
can and I think it’s just awesome to see them finally win. But what do you think? Is this the worst team in sports history? If not, which team is the worst team in sports
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Dennis Veasley

72 thoughts on “This High School Basketball Team WON Their First Game in 12 YEARS”

  1. Way to go MJ. You make great videos. Love all day community. Where is merch? So close to 25000 subs. Have been with you since 500 subs. You r amazing YouTuber.

  2. Still have to give them credit doa they fought dispite their clear lack of skill and plus they didn't know how to play so that can be understand

  3. The high school was not formed in 2005 the team was. This school is one of a kind. It's a level 3 lock down facility. It has been running for 25 years.

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