Today we’re on a glacier
in Iceland. – ( grunts )
– ( laughs ) Dan:
This is the Strokkur Geyser.
It goes off every
five to ten minutes. Oh! That was a good one. Dan:Oh, that’s big there,
look at that.
Gav:That is massive.Now I’ve got something
different in mind. Of all the Phantoms
we’ve ever used, this is the biggest. Dan:I’m nervous
for his drone and the camera.
Might get hit.Holy crap.Oh! Jesus Christ! ( chuckles ) Well, looking back on that, I think that was the most
challenging conditions I’ve ever shot in. And it smelled really eggy. Smells a bit like eggs. Sorry, that was me,
that one. – Oh, was that you?
– Yeah. By far the sketchiest position that Phantom camera
has ever been in is hovering above
a hole in the Earth and then getting
battered with water. Dan: Oh! Jesus Christ! Holy crap. The amount of stress
running through my body – when I was watching that.
– Oh, God. It’s quite cool that
we had the opportunity
to have the camera flying above
what we were filming. – Yeah, it’s never
been that high, ever.
– No. I also thought it would be
very cool if we brought along a thermal camera to see
the difference in temperature between us and the water,
so let’s take a look at that. Would you like to tell us
about this camera? Yeah, this is a FLIR
thermal imaging camera. This is actually a cold camera and what is basically does,
it measures temperatures. Dan:This is like
80 to 100 degrees.
basically every pixel
is a temperature measurement,
so you can be really detailed
on what you want to measure.
So should we have it
so that it’s further back
and I’m in the frame? – So I’m just shivering…
– Yeah, let’s see
what that looks like. Shivering and then, yeah. Well, I guess I’m not operating,
I can be in there with you. – Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah.
– Hey. All right, let’s do it. – It’s a bit cold, isn’t it?
– It’s pretty chilly. – What is it, like one degree?
– Something like that. – And it’s raining as well.
– Yeah. Shouldn’t be long though
until it goes off. I like this one ’cause it’s
only like every five minutes this one goes off. Check this out, ready? – Oh!
– There you go. All right, how was that?( chuckles )
Look at our little faces.
Dan:( laughs )
I look like I’m evil.
My eyes are warmer
than the rest of my face.
Gav:You’re leaking heat
through your eyes and neck.
Oh, yeah.– Dan:Oh, that’s crazy.
– Gav:Isn’t that cool?– Yeah, that’s wicked.
– Then all the steam. – That’s really cool.
– Yeah. And this is the software
that the FLIR cameras use. So we can actually
see some values. Firstly, let’s just see
how cold my nose was. 56… What is that guff number? Fahrenheit, you got to change
it, you got to change it. Let’s get on Celsius. I like how your nose is
so much colder than your face ’cause it’s so far away
from the blood flow. Got a 14 degree nose. ( Dan laughs ) But my eyelids are 23. All right, let’s play on. And what you got to remember
is it’s actually
really cold outside, so it’s so quick
to turn into cool water. You see how quickly
it fades off and becomes your greens
and your blues. It’s wicked. Looks like a rainbow
got nuked. It does. Yeah, all this stuff
that’s still bubbling is the hottest. Yeah, 60.
70 degrees there. Oh, something I’ve always
wanted to find out. Yeah? Gav: Let’s have a quick look
at your heart. – Ooh.
– Cold as ice. – Cold as ice, five degrees.
– Yeah. With an asterisk
so it’s probably like… Can’t, it’s too cold. ‘Cause we filmed it in RAW, it meant that we can
edit this as we’re going in this software. Well, let’s see what
the highest temperature it hits through the whole thing. Spot in–
87, that’s pretty high. 86, 85, 83, 82,
it’s going down. So at the beginning
of the eruption was the highest temperature. Around here, yeah. 87. 87.9, about 88. 88, and that’s probably…
yeah, around there. It’s the hottest it’s been. So pretty much as soon
as it’s burst its bubble, that’s when
it’s the highest. – Gav: All right.
– Dan: It immediately
turns cooler. Think we’ve learned
a lot of good stuff there. So I’ve never actually seen
anything like a geyser
in real life. It’s kinda surreal. Although, I don’t actually
know what’s happening, so… I mean, we spent all day there
and it’s still kinda confusing
how that worked. – A complete mystery.
– Yeah. So now we’ve got
John Cotter with us, who’s a professor of geography
and environmental science, who can hopefully
take us through
exactly what’s happening. We also have this
lovely experiment. Do you want to run us
through this?( music playing )Okay, well, water’s gonna be
flowing downhill. And as it flows downhill,
it’s gonna start seeping
into the ground.So as it’s coming down,deep below there has to be
some kind of a boiler.
And so that water’s
gonna get in there,
it’s gonna start heating up.And once that starts
boiling like that,
it’s gonna start getting
bigger and bigger and bigger.
And as it rises, that heavier,
more dense water
is just gonna come
and flow underneath it,
and that gives it
a little bit more spring.
And once that spring starts,
you’ve got a jet heading
It’s amazing that
they’re so deep and so narrow. – Yeah.
– Gav: It’s Phantom time. John, do you want to explain how
this experiment works for us? Okay, let’s start with
the hot plate down here, this represents the magma that’s gonna be
heating up the water. And these bubbles
are getting bigger and bigger and coalescing at the top
of the beaker. Once that bubble
gets big enough, it’s gonna have enough momentum
to start climbing. So if you’re on the surface
looking down on this thing, what you’re gonna see is
this bubble starting to rise that tells you that blast
is right on the way. Man: Here we go, back up. – And…
– Oh, about to go. – Oh!
– John: Spectacular. Why did we go to Iceland? – Sounds like you after a curry.
– Yeah, I was gonna say
the same thing, I was gonna make the same joke,
but I thought it’d be
in poor taste. Gav: And you see the water
go back down, that was cool. So it’s gonna do it again
and build up again for a second eruption.( music playing )Oh, yeah.
It’s a very realistic scale.
Dan:Wait, why am I
way fatter than you are?
– Gav:I don’t know.
– Dan:I just spotted that.Someone’s made like a– whoa!Gav:I like how oddly similar
this tiny experiment is.
Dan:It’s exactly the same.It was the same thing, you get
the bubbles of water coming up,
building up and then erupting,
it’s exactly the same.
Gav:That’s what’s great
about the universe,
it’s quite consistent.
– Dan:Yeah, that’s true.Gav:So, John, is this exactly
what you expected
from this experiment?
John:I think it’s very goodexcept these tourists need
to stand a little further away.
They’re too close, oh, yeah.
( laughter )Well, we cleaned the ceiling. – With boiling hot water.
– It’s spotless now. Yeah, it’s great. Thanks very
much, John, for your help. – Appreciate it.
– I actually really feel like
I’ve learned something there. Glad to have had a chance
to meet you. Take care. – Very nice to meet you too.
– Thanks. Hopefully you enjoyed
that episode. Feel free to subscribe
to the “Slow Mo Guys” and check our other episodes
from “Planet Slow Mo.” The Slow Mo Guys-er. Slow Mo Guys-er. Why did we only
just think of this? – That’s great.
– Yeah. Doesn’t really work the way
we pronounce it, but… – Fine. Yeah.
– That’s all right. Buttons are over there.

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