oh it’s a crying shame but believe it or
not people are uh they’re cheating out there and I’m gonna show you some ways
they’re doing it you might not be aware of let’s go might I hit that I might hit
that out and hit a provisional the first one was a – the second one is a one okay and if you liked this video smash that
like button please subscribe to the channel you haven’t done so already you
want to improve your game all that kind of good stuff
so heat the bell so you don’t miss anything let’s go see which of my drives
women were in which was out okay it’s my first one
den check yeah that’s me what’s that one then that was my second
ball yeah that’s a – yeah this is – that’s the one yeah see what just happen
there oldest trick in the book you don’t know
what I hit off the t21 whatever I say whatever I want what what you do what
they do is they tee up the second ball it’s the same exact ball as the first
ball they hit a 1 it’s a 1 it’s a – it’s they’re not you’re not they’re pulling
her out of the park and put it on it’s the same ball so if you find two balls
this oh my bad I guess I hit the same ball right easy out or you find your
second one oh yeah oh no it’s my first one is that I said it’s a 1 that’s a 1
all right it says it – that’s it – yes right I got a mixed up that’s what they
do it’s confusing you don’t remember even what they said back there you like
your name to pay attention to what they’re hitting they just well do their
thing yeah it’s an easy way to get a mulligan is what I’m saying that’s one of those uh those guys don’t
even think they’re cheating they just think uh-huh no big deal just
yeah free shot nobody’ll we all know the
truth boy they’re doing another way to those sneaky ways or getting yeah come
on so if you’re playing with the the one to
guy the guy who or whatever says he’s hitting one ball when you’re just not
sure all you have to do is say hey hey Matt what are you hitting with this time
just want to make sure so when you hit it out we know which is which and it’s
in the fairway you know this guy you know the swing and
you know that guy right back that’s uh that that’s this one oh and in case you’re wondering you have
to hold the ball in your right hand right hip swing through with your left
and then top up with your right that’s how it’s done
of course it’s totally illegal and some of your friends might be doing it had
ever done it honest never done here’s the guy you got to worry about that guy
see that guy is all over the place that guy’s everywhere he rolls up he
sees his ball just not he wants to just give it a little fluff he’ll just do a
little bit he’s just looking over here
boom that’s a little this doesn’t love this just while he’s watching you
keeping his eye on you seeing what you’re doing
he’s got a perfect lie boom now it’s easy easy as can be
oh what a nice shot that is of course with the perfect lie you gotta watch out
for that guy not the guy chucking it out that guy is a nut ball this guy’s just a
little little little move or a little brush the sand behind the ball away kind
of guy all right let me paint this picture for you guys walking up to the
green to mark his ball that’s where the trouble begins well it starts a little
before that this guy uses the biggest mark he could find now these are cool
not everybody who’s the bigger markers or are bending the rules but you got to
watch out for the guy who uses the larger the larger ball markers for his
ball on the green so he’s walking up to the green and he’s looking at the brake
right away now this guy he’ll mark his ball on the side ok if it’s a
left-to-right break he’ll mark it on the right side of his ball okay
then when he replaces his ball he puts his ball on the right
side of the marker thus taking out some of the break now it might not seem like a huge deal
but if these guys are really savvy they’ll uh no accidentally put their
ball down out of turn just so they can do it a second time and so you’ve got to
really pay attention to this guy’s taking out an inch or two inches a break
on a left or right er could make all the difference in the world as you just saw
now technically this one is not cheating but it does it does kind of go against
let’s say the spirit of the game let me see if you cannot pick it up got my
little ball here I’m gonna chip it up through the green just getting a good
visual what I want to do right there one hop stopper right there you see what
I did now there’s some sand outside of the bunker right moisten my club spit on
that sucker and then take a few practice swings making sure the sand gets on my
clubface giving me a little extra grit a little extra bite a little extra grab a
little extra spin on that ball now did I manipulate things a little bit
yeah is it breaking the rules I guess if I
spin on my club and don’t wipe it off you can’t do that but in the morning
when the grass is wet it’s gonna do it itself and it’s gonna get moisture on
the clubface and then you could just get a little sand on that a couple little
practice swings I’m not in the bunker so it’s not so obvious but look at that ooh
crispy little bite on that and then I mean you just put it right next to the
hole easy stuff so if you see that guy in town just say ah hey nice shot I
think now the whole range finder slow not slow
debacle I mean who cares honestly I don’t care I don’t care if the pros use
it I don’t care if everybody uses it I think you should be able to use it it’s
no big deal the pros they they use the slope on their practice round to get all
the slope from every possible square inch of the whole golf course
we don’t it doesn’t matter okay you still gotta hit your shot I don’t care
if I’m playing somebody who’s using it or not but you’re supposed to not have
an on in competition personally I like it when my opponent has it on on
accident because uh I just say oh good oh yes don’t worry about it don’t worry
about it we’ll just um we’ll just deduct the strokes if you beat me that’s what I
usually say then he’s just kind of uneasy just my little way of kind of a
little gamesmanship but honestly I don’t care I would never penalize anybody in a
match play situation I do shut mine off when I play in a tournament or an event
so so I don’t consider that cheat because if you can’t tell if it’s uphill
or downhill do you prompt and you should be able to
if you’re if you played more than six months you should be able to tell hey at
the club two clubs either way you should be able to tell me
rarely is it more than that so come on alright there’s another way
that these grifters are taking advantage of you now this typically will apply to
you you Club players who play in your local club events I’ve seen this happen
I’ve seen this happen and it’s sad okay I know guys who always hit it in one
spot alright maybe you’re one of those I
always hit it in this spot over here I always hid in this spot over here well
I’ve seen guys come out the night before an event they’ll plant a couple balls
where they always hit it around the golf course and then when they hit their
Drive if they can’t find it just go over to their little little secret spot where
they put a ball no I got here is some like this I’ll be alright fine I
hid there all the time I know exactly where that is yep that’s me turn some grass Thanks yeah on the green um yeah I have
seen people do that like your ball was it hit the house it’s I heard it hit a
person by like it’s on the street like now ah it’s right there
and you watched him the whole time like how in the world and then I’ve seen
these guys so then the night before they’re out you know you think they’re
scouting the course looking at pin placement scene where they’re they put
the little mark on the green to put the pin for the next day they’re doing that
but they’re also planting the balls around the course just in case
but it’s cheating and I don’t like it yes there are all kinds of shady
characters out there that we have to watch out for hopefully you know we’re
not playing with any of these people and if you are just give them a little a
little subtle just hint that you know what’s going on and things will uh
fester inside their noggin and hopefully they’ll uh ill shaping up but you never
know these are just some ways people are shaving the rules a little bit out there
and getting the best of you comment below let me know other ways then you
see people being a little shifty out there on the golf course alright
looks fun video today I hope you like it love you guys
see you next time there’s really only one way to low your
scores that’s the practice and work hard and watch my videos okay maybe that’s
three ways practice work hard watch my videos

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Worst Ways People Cheat in Golf and How to Spot Them!”

  1. Another way I have seen folks cheat…..looking for a lost ball and ALL of a SUDDEN there it is!!!! Right in the place we looked the last 5 minutes….right in the open….it's called the "Ole Drop a Ball Out of My Pocket" !!! Sad.

  2. I played with someone that would hit his ball into the woods (deep) and would always find it. One time he tried that and got caught when his ball actually came out of the woods and into a green side bunker. The “quote” found ball he played was hidden in his towel and dropped near the woods. Being savvy I went into the bunker and picked up his first ball. He continued playing that way for years but we knew about it so we would help him find his ball most of the time. He never learned that we caught him cheating, but we remain friends to this day 45 years later.

  3. I don't know, "Dave" hit it "in the next county right", he can't pull that crap. I see the best so, I'm the designated watcher.

  4. Golfing with certain people sheds a lot of light on their character. I play with people I work with, and if I were to see this kind of behavior, the information it gives me about them is priceless off the course. If I can't trust them at golf, would I trust them with other matters?Honesty and integrity are important characteristics of a person, and if someone is cheating at golf, he or she clearly lacks both. I would rather have a high score and self-respect than a low score and no self-respect.

  5. Good one… I'll admit that I mark my ball by placing the putter head next to it, pick it up, clean it, place it back down (same spot). Probably not legal… I'll reconsider… QUESTION: sometimes the ball doesn't stay in place after putting it back on the green. It will roll a quarter or half turn. After a few tries, I either move leave it in its new place or place it down with "a little" force so it stays. Yes a little force means I am creating a slight indent for the ball to rest in. What are you suppose to do in that situation??? (GREAT CHANNEL !!!)

  6. Speaking of legal (or illegal)… are these ball markers with a leveling bubble legal: https://www.amazon.com/GHHJX-Spirit-Plastic-Circular-Reader/dp/B071VLTYFR/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Golf+Slope+Putting+Level+Reading+Ball+marker&qid=1574733402&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-4

  7. Guy “ate” life savers while he played. Green in summer, tan in winter. Spit it out, role the ball on top, perfect lie.

  8. I think Gary Player used to encourage amateurs not clean their wedge after a bunker shot so that it already had sand on it for the next shot from grass.

  9. Entertaining video, but who cares what other people do if it makes golf more fun for them?
    Actually, if you're not getting paid to play golf, and in fact , you are paying to play golf, do it your way.
    If you're playing for money and backing up the course, looking for lost balls or not conceding 2.5' putts, you are a bigger problem than some one just having fun playing golf like the amatuers recreation golfers we are, my opinion of course

  10. Beware anyone sucking on lifesavers during your round. Take a green one place it on the ground on a long approach or par five from the fairway and it’s just like teeing it up. Once the club makes contact it shatters it and you’ll never know.

  11. We all have range finders, but one time we’re playing for money (2 vs 2) and the guy in the other cart shoots the yardage on a par 3. He yells out ,”it’s 175. “, me and my buddy don’t bother to check, we fly the green. i range it from the green to tee box. it was 165. 🔥🔥

  12. the last one hahah dude did that i asked him if he hit one of those 12hr specials he looked so pissed and confused at the same time then thinned the crap out of it

  13. They're definitely not getting the better of you ! If they have so little self respect ,belief in their own ability ,or recognition that failing is part of the learning/improvement process .You have beaten them before you walk onto the 1st tee, whatever a piece of paper says.

  14. I like to think the best of people not the worst. I see someone cheating I just don’t play with them again! Be careful what you say to people not worth an altercation over golf.

  15. Haven’t heard the sand on the face for chip shots giving you extra spin. But old school full short iron from the fairway that you did not want to spin, just take a few deep practice swings and not wipe the face takes care of any excess spin.

  16. The only person you can cheat in this great game is yourself! Well unless youre playing someone for money. Then I suppose you could cheat them too

  17. In my experience the most common is improving the lie by moving the ball a fraction either with the club or shoe. Also replacing the ball after identification.

  18. Here are a couple worth mentioning. Chapstick or some kind of lube on the driver face. The ball will go much straighter due to low spin. The ball will float then drop quicker than normal. Trevino used to do this when playing for money.

    Another is to drop a ball from a hole in your pocket down your pant leg and out by your shoe. Then say. “Here it is!! Found it!”

  19. well I can for sure say my friends don't plant golf balls, But they always change what ball there hitting. Never lose a hole by more then a stoke no matter what as well. They tend to put there maker in front of the ball when they mark it, then put the ball in front of the maker when they place it back down. Never seen the marking it left or right for break before.

  20. Lol, at my club one of my opponents had the scorecard for our group and he would always take off a few strokes from his own score when he put it down. So then i decided I was going to debate cards when we had to turn them in and it turns out that even though he took off so many of his strokes I still would've beaten him without turning in my own card. Cheaters don't always win.

  21. The worst cheat I've ever heard of was known to rush up to the green ahead of his opponent and kick or throw the opponents ball from the green into a bunker or some nearby rough. Just savagely rotten. There's also video of him driving the cart on a green. He did happen to own the course, but still.

  22. This episode is better than the comedy channel! Some of these examples take cheating creativity to a level I didn't think existed. lol

  23. I once played an experiment round to see if I'd actually shoot better by cheating and I actually played worse because There was no need to hit a good shot when I could re hit or something

  24. “The Fluffer” I played with the guy on Bethpage black that seem to get up and down from everywhere. On one hall his drive was near mine both in the rough, as I walked by I seen him fluff the ball up in the rough and hit his shot on to the green and stuck it real close. Now I call him the Fluffer

  25. Honestly I love playing against cheaters. Nothing better than beating someone even when they are cheating. They may not realize I know they are cheating but they gotta go home and live with the fact that even cheating they weren't good enough. That's more humiliating than just losing straight up haha.

  26. My brother in law has his prov 1 in his pocket calls it his putting ball and doesn’t think that’s cheating so I showed him the rule added two strokes to each hole well it was a nice 137 for him lol we haven’t played again

  27. I’m not so sure the sand on the club face is clever. One oversized pebble on the club face is more likely to hurt you than help you.

  28. The marking of ball to take out the break… If you recall what Lexi Thompson did at the ANA a few years back, also knowing how many short putts she's missed, I wonder if she truly didn't know or if she was trying to take out some of the break in her putt.

  29. There are not very many "opportunities" I take an advantage of on the golf course but I will say that I use the bigger chip to mark my ball and find myself marking it off center almost every time. But I do it out in the open and in my mind I'm not cheating I'm just taking advantage of my ball marker. Punchline…I still miss a lot of putts.

  30. The guy who rushes up to the green to mark his ball but drops his coin well ahead of where it ended up to give him a shorter putt. Usually gets down behind ball to mark it and flicks coin forward then when it’s his turn puts it on new spot.

  31. Guy at our member guest last year did the ball marking thing. Kept marking it on the side rather than behind. We called him on it and he claimed ignorance and that's how he's done it his whole life.

  32. I’ve been added into some groups of people playing competition at my local course quite often and witnessed cheating. Most of them are older retired men who have time to play regularly and join the club which is facilitated by the course to play socially. They often put themselves down for a par by saying that a putt is a gimme when it’s 3 or 4 feet from the hole. That’s outrageous to me,considering how often putts are missed from these distance’s short as they may be. On top of that there’s a lot of sneaky stuff such as kicking the ball or improving a lie when they think nobody is looking. I’m often told that I should join their little club and play competition with them! I don’t think so you cheating old buggers! I don’t want to play with people who want to win so badly that they resort to dirty tricks to make themselves feel better!

  33. I had a friend of a friend that we used to play with who would always accuse me of cheating because I watch my ball like a hawk. So I had him mark my ball on the first tee and beat him by 15.. How sweet it was

  34. Nice but I catch anyone cheating me especially when some scaroles are on the line they get a sand wedge across the knee.

  35. That one about sand on the clubface … personally, I never clean whatever club I've used for a bunker shot. I've always felt that if the next time I need a little more spin with that club, it will help. If I don't need the spin, I'll clean the face for the next shot.

  36. no need to be complicated. I know dudes who just write down how many strokes they want. We all just had fun. LIke my 5par is usually 10 – 15, so what the heck. hehehe

  37. How about the Sean Connery trouser leg drop in the first cut with the original way lost in the elephant grass or beyond?!

  38. The course I play at is very old and has quite a rich tradition. It's actually a sort of co-operative, so every member owns a share of it. Cheating is an absolute no no.
    I came off the 18th once to find a couple of blokes having a tear up outside the bar because one of them got caught cheating!

  39. I used to play with a guy that always had an extra ball in this pocket. If he hit his drive in the long grass or weeds While everybody is looking for it he would slip the other ball out of his pocket and drop it near were his first ball disappeared. That was only one of his tricks. Needless to say I no longer play golf with this jerk.

  40. If the same ball is played as a provisional and both are found, technically both are lost because you can''t tell the difference. Insist folks mark their balls

  41. Cheaters must not believe in Karma, I'm too scared to cheat! I cheated once when I was 12, and I haven't been able to hit a fairway since.

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