What if there was a high school basketball
game in which only 2 points were scored the entire game. This is the worst high school basketball game
ever. What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. It’s ya boi MJ. Today I wanted to talk about the worst high
school basketball game ever and why only 2 points were scored in the entire game. If you like this video and these stories,
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of this story and if this is the worst basketball game ever. Alright let’s get into it. There was a high school basketball game in
Alabama between Bibb County and Brookwood on January 31st, 2015 with some 200 people
watching. Normal tipoff, Bibb County got the ball and
shot a 3 point shot that missed, but Bibb county put it back in so the score was 2-0. Brookwood moved up the court. Now the coach of Brookwood, Thad Fitzpatrick,
had told his players that they would try to rest as much as possible wince it was their
fourth game of the week and players were suffering from cramps. Brookwood ran its Princeton style offense
with cuts, screens, and picks. But Brookwood wasn’t trying to score so
Bibb County coach Russ Wallace told his team to play in the zone and back off so they would
get tired chasing them. What happened next was bizarre. The game was not on television so the highlights
I am showing accurately represent what happened next. Brookwood Coach Fitzpatrick told his point
guard to just hold the ball. Since their wasn’t a shot clock in high
school basketball in Alabama, Brookwood just held on to the ball, FOR THE ENTIRE QUARTER! Fitzpatrick would say that he wanted Bibb
County to get out of the zone. Wallace was ok with his team staying in the zone, thinking
Fitzpatrick is joking around and that he couldn’t do that for the entire game, but man was he
wrong. Brookwood took a shot at the end of the quarter
missed, got the ball to start off the second quarter and just held it again for 8 minutes
or basically the WHOLE SECOND QUARTER! They took a shot again and missed. At half time, Wallace told his players, “Two
can play at this game.” So in the second half he told his point guard
to hold the ball for the entire third quarter. They shot at the end of the quarter and missed. Fans were yelling at the teams, cursing at
them, just wanting them to play. Fitzpatrick passed time by singing to himself. Come on man you’re passing the time by singing
to yourself during a basketball game? Brookwood got the ball to start the 4th quarter
and held it again. With about 15 seconds left to play, Brookwood
turned the ball over and Bibb County’s Rutledge tried to dunk the ball but got fouled. By this time the refs were pretty much zoned
out so there was no call. With one second left, Brookwood’s Jenkins
shot a 3 pointer that he has made countless times and missed. The torture of a game was finally over! After the game, Fitzpatrick with his BS logic
told his players, “We held them to two points! Two! What more could you possibly ask for?” Honestly, that is some of the dumbest logic
I’ve heard and this high school basketball game became a grudge match between two coaches. The final score was Bibb County 2, Brookwood
0. Is this even basketball any more because I’m
pretty sure basketball requires moving unless you’re LaMelo Ball in which you can stay
in one spot and score. All jokes aside, this was the worst high school
basketball game ever, possibly the worst basketball game ever. Like how can you hold a ball for that long? I think this sums it up perfectly. Wallace received a text from Michael Williams,
the offensive tackle for the Detroit Lions who was coached by Wallace. All he said was “Really, Coach, 2-0? Really?” But what do you think, is this the worst game
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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The WORST High School Basketball Game Ever”

  1. Once when I was in like 4th grade my team lost 4-2, and when I was in like 6th grade, my team was up 1-0 at halftime

  2. Yeah cuz In my league (2nd-4th graders) I score more then that by myself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. There are people who travel their from a long ways and they do it to watch basketball!! They don't want to just sit there watching them stand there

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  5. Yes, worst game ever and most boring as well.

    2 reasons)
    1. The coaches(just, aids.)
    2. No shot clock(like really, this is high school).

  6. One time in middle school we were playing a crap team and they banked in a three on their first possession and we went on a 60-0 run lol. One of my teammates hit a three at the buzzer to make the final 60-3

  7. Time for Alabama and all of high school basketball to adopt the shot clock or really enforce the 5 second closely guarded rule.

  8. I remember in sixth grade, a team we were playing held the ball for like a minute or two to start out the second half. It came outta nowhere, so we pressured the ball, and the game went on after that. That wasnโ€™t even close to this videoโ€™s game though lol

  9. Easiest pay check ever earned by officials for the shortest amount of time ever. Nothing should ever be that easy. I have to assume Alabama has a shot clock now.

  10. My fall all SUCKED we lost all games BUT my summer ball was GREAT 9-2 through the season BUT BEST game score was 61 to 10 61= me

  11. You can't hold the ball the whole time! Nobody even went for it? The refs said nothing? Nobody started getting angry? Wtf

  12. The to be in my mom and A i don't for a bigger tnes fun to see tt
    The your day is good for you to come to my mom said she will be in 3g

  13. i thought he was lying until i looked it up

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