what is that very very welcome back to
the channel it’s Wednesday that means we’re breaking
or setting a world record its world record Wednesday’s baby today I’m with
Peter Irish my good friend who is a five-time world champion of hacky sack
what’s up everyone and in this video Peters gonna show me how to hacky sack a
little tutorial he’s gonna break the world record Wow and Peter that was insane
thanks I try I think that montage is worth a thumbs up yeah
as you saw kind of my little parts of that I’m not very good at hacky sack
definitely not so please teach me something Peter
alright we’re gonna try to teach Josh how this begin to Johnny the speed let’s
start with one I’m gonna basic catch and just like that real simple there it is
look at that no problem he’s getting better
oh yeah so let’s start with one on the foot just so you go I’m tossing it up
and then coming back hook go on the outside the foot goes on the outside at
least at first alright first try you know what now
you’re gonna keep it going okay like this just keep it going oh yeah step two
that’s no okay try to throw it in a circle okay now we’re talking Oh okay I’m gonna practice this one yeah
give me give me one more thing how about this one I’m gonna try that yeah break
it down hold on take off your jacket you’re gonna start on this foot you jump
up kick it in the same foot just like that oh good middle you kick the ball it
goes up yeah cheffy more not anymore nuts
so just luck yeah kick demonstrate Wow just like that there’s
oh yeah all right give him that one whoa I’m an expert now ready for the world
championships he’s ready he’s got two trips guys Peters getting a hole warmed
up for the world record the world record is most catches juggling three balls
with your feet while juggling three balls with your hands so six balls in
total it’s when the only people in the world that can even attempt this I’m
Pete are you ready ready let’s do it my personal record is around 30 so I
think I can beat that today we’ll see what happens okay that’d be awesome
one two three ten oh so good what seven you got it
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten all right new record everybody everyone
so he broke his personal record but we’re not gonna tell you what it is so
leave a comment go back and count the caches what is the new world record for
this trick leave a comment right now let us know if you can beat it
oh yeah good luck that says baby everyone thinks so much for joining me
Peter thanks for having me Josh it was a blast man we’ve got videos every Monday
every Wednesday every Saturdays make sure you subscribe every one’s they were
breaking or saying some sort of world record thank you to whistle sports to
making this happen head over to their channel for awesome sports video we do
Instagram shoutouts every single video here’s one Peter we all hold up in a
memory screenshot perfect thank you for following us on Instagram
we’re chance of a shout out let’s go to the beach

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