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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The White Sneaker – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Tennis Shoes”

  1. Ashley the white sneakers look great on your young male model there but do you honestly think 40+ year olds can pull it off too?

  2. Hi Ashley. First I want to say I love your channel. I've been looking for articles online to find a minimal clean slim fit style. For white shoes, would you recommend STAN SMITH PRIMEKNIT SHOES as an alternative to OG STAN SMITH?

  3. Adidas Stan Smiths, Superstar.
    And some Chuck Taylor low cut sneakers or the original Chuck Taylor. Or even Vans sneakers.

  4. Chuck Taylors have a certain personality on them when slightly dirty which is why I like to keep a little on them

  5. I sure would like to see you dress differently size bodies more often because, almost anyone can dress a model weather it be a male or female especially for Guys in a white tee shirt jeans loafers & a slim fit jacket etc. easy for most of us to do as I've just elaborated….

  6. Tommy Hilfiger Flag has been one of my all time white sneakers. But Kenneth Cole sneakers are smashing good!

  7. Hey Ashley, I checked out your website. You specifically told about how good white sneakers look on everything and that at first they seem scary. But when I tried them I must say, my inner voice told me not to do it but I told myself to listen to you. Ashley says white sneakers. I have to buy it. So I bought a Adidas superstar in white. For the first time I didn't get any response but today (the second time) when I was hanging out with my friend at a local joint. A group of Iranians passing by told me that my shoes were awesome. This one guy who was from West Indies, he actually came upto me and was talking to me because of my shoes. He said he had the same pair and was really complementing me. I am not gay but if someone compliments me about something, I'm done, I'm flattered above the roof . What the hell just happened?
    Did the world get upside down just because I wore white sneakers. I swear wearing these sneakers made me feel like no girl was out of my league. How?
    Ps. I love you Ashley. Lots of love from India.

  8. Hi. Two questions: 1) Is over 40 too old for white tennis shoes and 2) What are your thoughts on wearing white shoes after Labor Day (in the US)?

  9. Don't think I can pull the trigger yet on some bright white shoes. Would some white adidas such as the Superstar or Samba, with the black adidas lines on the side be almost as versatile or not even close?

  10. Hi Ashley, I rarely comment on YouTube but this video really deserves commenting. I really liked all of these combinations you put together. Especially the second one. I liked you gave options for different price ranges. Really like your channel! Keep up the good work!

  11. You just earned yourself a subscriber! Great info, awesome clothing suggestions, and good, clear presentation! Great job!

  12. question. I want to buy the white leather vans shoes. but can I wear them around summer or should I look for canvas instead. keep in mind that my budget is limited and I can buy only one pair

  13. Hi ashley, adidas super star or stan smith for start? And if super star, is white with black strip will be ok? Thanks

  14. Ashley, what do you think about the Ecco Soft 1 white sneakers? Is it a good option in terms of design if I don't want to wear only the Stan Smiths?

  15. Do you recommend other white sneaker brands in low top and with the medium stylish sole such as those in your video? What about if they have a white logo on the side panel and/or a little bit of color at the back collar and tab panel (light blue, or green), like Stan Smiths and some Armani sneakers? The reason why I ask is that I find total white sneakers extremely boring and without character.

  16. Could someone please give some sock advice with these things?

    I pretty much never wear shorts; don't cuff; not rockin' the bare ankle look; all trousers would have a 'slight break' minimum. In theory, no one should even be able to see any socks I'm wearing, but… they'd blatantly be seen eventually…

    So, what do you do about sock colour? Anything except white?
    Or do you pretty much have to do the 'no-sock' look regardless? I'm really not a fan…

    Blue jeans is my staple, if that matters.

    Appreciate any feedback. Cheers.

  17. Sorry, but I still don’t have much of an idea about how to match white shoes, shouldn’t you match your leathers? So why a brown belt with white shoes?? Black shirt and dark pants with white shoes?? It triggers my OCD

  18. Decided to follow your recomendation and found a great white sneakers from florsheim, simple shoes and my wife likes them.

  19. Blazer and jeans just don't look good together. Never do that, guys. Chino pants would've been a better option.

  20. What about belts? Typically you would match belt and shoe color. But a white belt doesn't make sense to me. How about matching the belt color with you pants when wearing white sneakers?

  21. White high tops, blue jeans, black band t-shirt, studded belt, denim jacket. Now your ready to go audition for an 80s thrash metal band.

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