So, are you ready? Okay! *Wario laughing*
Oh yeah! *Wario laughing* *Ding sound effect* Okay. *Buzzer sound effect* Nooooo!!!!! Oh no! Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha! *DK screams* Wah!
*Pipe sound effect* *DK gets triggered* Nooo!!! Good luck! Oh! Ah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah…
*Barrel jump sound effect* GET OVER HERE!!! Oh yeah! Ow!
*Thud* Hello sir, can I take your order? -Wah.
-Wah. *Confirmation Wahs* Oh come on… WAAAAAA I’m-a bet you can’t do this! FOOORE! Luigi: My nose… Mario: Sorry, Bro… JUST KIDDING, BITCH! Wario: Hurry up, will ya! Waluigi: This looks too easy… I CAN’T LOSE! Haha! Waluigi’s #1! Haha! Don’t expect mouth-to-mouth! Wario: Good luck…to ME! Ehehehe! Hahaha! Put that in the record books! Luigi: Okie dokie, look out! FORE! Pidgeotto: Bwack! Luigi’s a bitch! Pidgeotto: Bwack! Luigi’s a bitch! Pidgeotto: Bwack! I took $100 from Luigi’s wallet! Mario: Hmmm… FORE! Waluigi- HORI SHIETU!!! *Boom* Wow! LOSER! YOU’RE A LOSER! Daisy: This shot’s so easy! Oh yeah! I Won! You know I’ll win! Wario: Hello. It’s-a me. It’s-a goody-two-shoes Daisy. Wario: Ahahah! I’m-a so funny, I make myself laugh! Who has time for winning these days? Aw fuck! Waluigi: *Confused Waa* Noooo! Wario & Waluigi: Arrgh! We Lost! Waluigi: Wahahahaha! Wario: Oh yeah! Toad: Hey, whatta ya doing? Wario & Waluigi: Oh no! Mario: Hey! Are you ready to Mario-cise? Waluigi: You’re cheating! Toad: Hello! Mario: HE FUCKING CHEATED! Waluigi: Everybody cheating but me! Wario: Who do you think you are, buster? Waluigi: NOOOO! Waluigi: Are you sweating? Wario: *going crazy* Waluigi: PEEPEE! Wario: *going crazy* Waluigi: I JUST SH*T MY PANTS! Wario: I love boobies! Wario & Waluigi: *laughing* Wario & Waluigi: *laughing harder* Wow! Hole-in-one! Wario: THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Come on, come on, come on, come on! Wario: GET OUTTA HERE! Hey! What time is it? Waluigi Time! ♪They call me Waluigi♪ ♪I’m stuntin’ in the Dubillac♪ ♪And when them bitches see me♪ ♪Them bitches don’t know how to act♪ ♪They call me Waluigi♪ ♪I’m stuntin’ in the Dubillac♪ ♪And when them bitches see me♪ ♪Them bitches don’t know how to act♪ *Triumphant Waa* Old man: Nice job, dick-face! *Confused Waa* Wario: FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU- Oh-ah! YOU SON OF A BIT- Ooh, triple bogey. 🙁 Wario: FUCK THIS SHIIIII- *Boom* *glass breaks* *PEW* Old Man: You darn kids get off my property! Wario: Oh, mama! I hate losing! Waluigi no win this time… Wario: If I can’t be the best, I SURE AS HELL CAN BE THE WORST! FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER! DEFEATED NOW, BIATCH? Waluigi! Come on! Let’s-a go! Dr. Pootis: You. Yes, YOU! Fight like big man! DK: Surprise Mothafucka! Wario: Hurry up, will ya! Wario: Oh yeah! Wario wins! Ahahaha! YAHOO! Mario Head: Oh look! Wario: I’ll get you next time! Wario: I won! I won!
Waluigi: Wehe-he-he-heh!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “the Wacky Wario bros: Golfing for gold”

  1. 3:33 Wario: Waluigi Luancher
    Waluigi:(jumps over Wario)
    Waluigi:Not Today!
    (In my mind)Wario Nuke!

  2. wario: waluigi launcher
    waluigi: not today (uses wario launcher)
    direct hit!

    (strange raging sound, yes, the sound is raging too)

  3. Wario: If I can be the best I SURE AS HELL CAN BE THE WORST!!!!!!! FAK U!!!! MOTHERFISH!!!!!!! CRASHING 6:45


  5. So I decided to go back to old smg4 videos because the new ones are terrible now. This video was hillarious!

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  7. 3:32 Waluigi: Wahh????
    Wario: Wahluigi lawnchair
    Waluigi: Noooooo! Not today!! Wahhhhh!
    Wario: !! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
    Daisy: RAWRRRRRRRRR!!!
    Wario: WAHHHHHHHH!!!

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