What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to talk all about Tennis
Elbow, and really, what the hell’s causing it in the first place because a lot of you
out there who deal with this common, very common orthopedic issue, aren’t playing
any tennis at all, but you’ve been really having a hard time getting rid of it. Well we have to, as we always say here, start
looking somewhere other than where it hurts. If you really want to get to the root cause
of what’s going on with whatever orthopedic issue you’re dealing with, whatever issue is preventing you from getting
your best workouts in, or competing, you have to start looking at the place that’s not hurting. At least start looking above and below where
it’s hurting. So let me explain a little bit. When we’re talking about Tennis Elbow, we
know that it’s this spot right here on the outside of the forearm that’s killing us. But, does it mean that that’s the cause? No,
we know, already we know that 99 percent of the time, when something’s hurting, it’s a breakdown of one of the supporting
areas or joints that’s causing this one to start bearing all the brunt . And especially when the joint in question
here is one of those more stable and immobile joints, and that’s exactly what you’re dealing
with here in the elbow. All it likes to do here is hinge up and down.
That should remind you of something else. The knee. The knee, we’ve talked about before in other
videos, how the knee deals with all of the inabilities of the hip and the ankle to do
their own job. When the ankle breaks down, or the mobility
of the ankle is either too much or too little, it sends stress up through the knee. When the hip is either too tight or too weak,
it sends stress down towards the knee. The same thing happens here in the elbow. So before you start thinking, ‘Oh I’ve got
to sit here and rub the outside of my elbow because my therapist told me to do that,’
or ‘I’ve got to really strengthen the outside
of my forearms by doing a lot of wrist extensions, right, you know, wrist extensions with dumbbells,
because I have weak forearm extensors.’ That’s probably going to cause you to have
even more pain. And I can tell you this, it’s not going to fix your problem. So, we’ve got to start thinking a little bit
differently. If you look at your forearm, a lot of times guys the weakness is not on
this side of the forearm that everyone tells you it is. It’s actually a weakness on this side of the
forearm, completely counter to what you’ve been told. So, here’s how that all that out. If your
forearm flexors are weak, and let’s go back to tennis because it’s going to be an easy
way for us to describe its function, if you’re playing tennis and you have to serve,
right, you know that a lot of wrist flexion, powerful wrist flexion will come in as the
racket comes down to execute that serve. Guess what happens if you don’t have enough
power to execute that flexion? You have to, you have to create it. And you create that by preloading the wrist
flexors, by putting them on stretch very much the same way that if we want to jump high,
we don’t start from here. We have to preload the quads and glutes by
leaning, you know, by squatting down to jump. Well, the same thing will happen here, but every single time you have to execute that
powerful wrist flexion, you’re going to have to preload back here and you get an overuse
of that muscle. It’s not that it’s weak. It’s being
asked to do a job that it wasn’t meant to do. And that’s to pick up the slack for the
muscles on the other side. So, the first thing you’re going to want to
do is start evaluating. Where are you getting the pain? What is the activity that’s causing
it? And maybe see if it could be something related
to your forearm. See, in this video there’s no one fix. And anybody that tells you that
there’s one fix is not telling you the truth. There’s no one fix, but I got to at least
get your mind thinking where it might be. And certainly get it off of the area that
everyone else is telling you that it’s on. Because, I know long term you’re going to
have a much better shot at fixing this. That said, the next place you’re going to
want to look, up here in the shoulder. When we look at the shoulder here, how could
the shoulder have anything at all to do with what’s going on here at the elbow? A lot, because they’re attached. We all know
guys, this is one bone that comes down and feeds into the elbow. So whatever’s mechanically happening up here,
just like whatever’s happening at the hip, is going to have a carry-over effect into
what the joint does below that. So, guys with bad posture, we all know, there’s
a whole bunch of them running around the gyms all the time. The internal shoulder rotation here. The rounded
shoulder posture. What does that do? It creates an internal rotation of the arm. The internal rotation of the arm creates a
pronation here of our forearm. Right, it all kind of comes together. That’s sort of this
posture here. If you have this prolonged internal rotation,
flexor pronator tightness, you’re going to get a prolonged stretch on the outside of
the extensors on the opposite side. Remember what happens when we have prolonged
stretch? We get weakness. So, we could have weakness, see. It’s not always at black
or white. We could have weakness. But guess what? It’s wasn’t that we just
didn’t do enough of the wrist extensor dumbbell exercises. Because you could do all these
that you want. If you don’t fix this posture, it’s never
going to really help to counteract what’s going on at this forearm. And that’s, I think,
the issue here. You’re told to do one thing. That’s only part
of the problem. And again, it’s not really that. If you could reposition this shoulder
in the right place, maybe you’ll still have the adequate strength
in that forearm to not have caused that in the first place because once you restore the
normal length-tension in there, you’ll be alright. So, lastly, athletes, throwing athletes, again
the tennis server, the football player, the baseball player, anybody that has to throw
or you know, try to decelerate, if you don’t have the proper strength and
mechanics here back through your shoulder blade and scapula to eccentrically decelerate
your arm, guess what’s going to try to kick in and do
the job that that’s not doing? Once again, you’re right. It’s the outside of your forearm because
you can see that if my muscles are supposed to be decelerating my arm here so that it
doesn’t fly off of my body into the camera right at you, if it’s not doing it, it’s going to try
its damnedest every single step of the way, all the way through this kinetic chain until
the very last chance I have, which is right through my hand as I let go
of the ball, if I don’t have it there, I’m going to try my hardest right down through
the forearm, and we’re going to get a really overactive
use here, eccentrically of our forearm extensors to try to accomplish that. So, here I’m not getting help, I’m not
getting help, my arm is coming in too quickly. I really have to hold up on my wrist here
in this extended position. I put a lot of stress up on this bundle up
here. And again, yeah I’m trying to do my damndest as a wrist extensor to help, but it’s not doing me any good in the long
term because all it’s doing is giving me a hell of a lot of pain. So, I hope guys that you can see that to fix
this problem, to fix one of the most common orthopedic problems around, it doesn’t matter
what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter how you got it. You have
to start looking at least below down in your wrist into your forearm, or up onto your shoulder.
And most of all and stop doing this. Stop wearing your braces that you put over
here that you buy at Walgreens. And stop thinking that just doing these exercises is going to
fix your problem. You’ve got to make sure that you’re doing
the right things to attack this problem long term. Alright guys, if you like these kind of videos,
remember we break out Raymond every now and then so we can do some more of the PT’esk
videos. But, I want to know about it. Let me know.
Leave your comments below. What are the issues that you’re dealing with,
and I’ll make sure I cover them in the video. But at the end of the day, it’s all about
keeping you in the gym and functioning as best that you possibly can. And when I write my programs as a Physical
Therapist, I do exactly that. It’s about getting bigger, yes esthetically.
It’s about getting stronger, yes. We want you to perform better. But if you can’t stay healthy, then it’s not
going to mean a damn at all. So I’ve got to make sure that when we write
our programs, we’re writing them using science and putting it back in strength. And that’s what we do. If you haven’t already
guys, head to ATHLEANX.COM right now. Get our 90 Day Training Program and see what
it’s like to train like an athlete, to stay healthy and perform at your best. Because a lot of times we never, ever get
a chance to experience that. We’re always banged up. Alright guys. We’ll be back here again in
just a couple days. Let me know if this one helped you out.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Tennis Elbow (WHAT REALLY CAUSES IT!)”

  1. I cant rais 5 kg now pain is killing me in elbow, and you are right in all exe. I doo all that stuff and its even worse now. Thanks for video, it hellps, i see now few problems more to fix. 💪

  2. You probably have the best training and body mechanics videos. Would you factor previous injuries into the equation of this type of training limitation? Can a former sprain or tendon tear be a hindrance for training?

  3. Very nice information i don't train biceps and forearm flexors often . I thought being a powerlifter my biceps will get trained during back workouts but now I will train biceps and forearm flexors. Thank you

  4. I have a huge muscle growing all around my elbow like a semi circle almost, its not an issue it doesnt hurt just looks strange never seen it before

  5. Notice how musclebound dudes always posture themselves so their muscle are always poppin out, ask one what time it is if he has a watch on and youll see what im talking about, its hilarious !

  6. I have spent months researching treating tennis elbow naturally and discovered a great website at Freds Elbow Helper (check it out on google)

  7. I need help, please. I can't even extend my arm straight, it's like in a V shape now and hurts like it's broken. The elbow area is visibly swollen.

  8. So what can I do to get rid of that pain because I do wear brace and put ointment on it and put ice on it and try to do the arm extended I work for a cleaning service so I'm picking up heavy stuff everyday Matt's trash all kind of heavy stuff at work so what can I do to relieve the pain please give me some insights on that thanks

  9. Exercise to do is
    Take a light dumbel
    Hold arm on flat surface
    Do not pull with the upper arm extensors or forearm
    Rather curl the dumbel up by using your other hand so no tension on top forearm then release with hand when wrist curled with db to top(with other hand) and then do a megative downwards meaning sloybyake the hand (wrist) down using the bottom part of forearm
    If sore then use lighter db
    Do not curl the wrist up with top extensors of foreram thats main thing

  10. I like your logic. Thanks for that video. My question is on double joints in the elbow. Do they have to be trained differently because of their range of motion? Or is the movement still the same? I think they are weaker than regular joints. Therefore causing pain and injury referrals elsewhere. Is it harder to achieve the same strength as people with regular joint. Thanks

  11. Question, I work out – at a daily basis- for the past 2 years and the last past 3 weeks my elbow has gotten weak, which I can only assume it is tennis elbow, and after watching this video I have a question as to someone who pushes a bike on and off the life. If this helps when rolling a motorcycle on a life all the weight is on the left side so not sure if that contribute to the pain on my left elbow, your input would be greatly appreciated

  12. I must have watched 100 videos about how to fix tennis elbow and nothing worked, it wasn’t until I started treating it as a shoulder problem that it finally went away.

  13. I feel awful.I fell on a snowy hill got up felt fine,but a half week later started feeling a joint pain in my elbow after a second fall on ice. What should I do to recover?

  14. I am a Chef and do a lot of repetitive motion mixed in with bad posture because of how I do my work. As a result I have a weak shoulder that has now caused pain in my elbow. My knife hand will even seize up on me from time to time. What are some ways of strengthening my shoulder?

  15. It bloody hurts. Well I suppose at 68 I have to expect a bit of pain here and there.
    Wish that 'Skeletor would get dressed when appearing in public.
    Thanks for your advice and I will give you the 'thumbs up' when I can get it to work.
    The Motor trade call it 'Wankers cramp'! .

  16. I played arm wrestling like 4 weeks ago and since then when it's chest day, I feel pain on the side of my elbow and the side of my biceps. And when everything it staring to hurt I have trouble to grip the bar.

  17. Well, i am exploring this video because my phyiso guy has me doing quite a bit of direct forearm strengthening exercises. Kind skeptical.
    i appreciate hearing more input about the problem. I am not being told its tennis elbow, but it does fit the same kind of symptoms, pain
    on the outside and surface of the forearm, just part way beyond the elbow, exactly where you were pointing.

    My injury is work related. I watched this cause a friend said a certain cream helped him. I really liked the explanation, telling me, as i expected, that information is vital to the healing
    process. If you don't believe the diagnostics, you wont buy into the cure (exercises). I am 57, my forearms are real tight on the inside (due to work), 
    the last thing i need is working my problem the wrong way.. Not sure what to do, may keep poking around on the internet, may try another physio connection.

  18. I’ve began having this pain shortly after having two vaccines in my left upper arm and it’s been six months now and at this point I can barely lift anything…. is it possible to get this tennis elbow from vaccines,
    or could it also be an overuse of holding an iPhone extensively?

  19. Thanks for your video. I appreciate your advice on this issue because I need to address a tennis elbow problem. I have it in both arms and I know how I did it. I ride a mountain bike and at times I need to perform a manual to lift the front wheel to clear logs, puddles, etc. Last time I rode I felt the pain almost immediately after pulling up/back on the bars to land flat from a 'drop off' and avoid going over the bars. I landed rear wheel first instead of flat. My forearms were under static tension and the jarring was significant. I now have that classic pain that I am familiar with from past experience.
    From your video I have formulated a plan. Please tell me if this makes sense to you… Firstly I need to give it a break to let it heal. Then, no more manualing to clear things on the track, just slow down and take it easy. The popsition of mountain bike brake levers is usually at a low angle and the wrists become bent forward often (flexion?) So I am also going to adjust my hand position on the handle bars by raising the brake lever angle to allow my wrists to not be so bent forward. Also I believe I need to address weakness in my back so my shoulders are not curved forward plus, consciously manage my posture when riding to keep my shoulders from curving forward.
    Thanks for your great advice.

  20. I just can’t train arms anymore the way I would once upon a time.

    The pain during bicep curls is so excruciating that I can barely perform a clean curl.

    How to eliminate these woes ?

  21. I've got pain in my wrist, elbow and shoulder.
    My Doctor said that it's a tennis elbow.
    Can it be that it came from riding my motorcycle? Because very often my hand and lower arm get numb by riding.

  22. Hey Jeff, Need your help. I have a competition coming up in mid may the involves throwing paper airplanes as far as possible. I've had a pain similar to a tennis elbow in my right arm (my throwing arm). Could you please help by advising which exercises to focus on to strengthen my elbow so i can improve my throw. Really need your help !!!!!

  23. I went to a physical therapist and she did dry needling. She poked me in the peck, tricep in a couple spots and my elbow. First appointment went well i didn’t have pain for 4-5 days and i went back 3-4 more times and ive had constant pain since then. To this day it still hurts

  24. I've done nothing more than scrolling my YouTube lists, woke up with a pain from hell! Hope this'll help 🙏

  25. How would you correct lateral epicondylitis and do you prevent it? I lift, I don’t play tennis or anything like that that you are reviewing in this video. By the way, I completely enjoy watching your videos.

  26. Thankyou Jeff.You have something for everything here and i have thee worst tennis elbow that i noticed fom the start felt like it began in my hand..either there ot shoulder. Gonna run this vid across sports med doc this week. Bet he alreadh follows your stuff! this is just what i needed to view in advance of this upcoming appointment.

  27. Ive had elbow pain for about 2 weeks now after an arm wresting match, it hasn't gone away and Im scared it might be something worse than Tennis elbow or tendonitis, its only mild pain during certain movements but its preventing me from lifting weights, especially bench pressing.

  28. I got it from riding a mountain bike. Wasn't keeping my writs straight. I was preloading the top of my forearm. I bought top quality handlebar grips and learned how to massage the affected areas and now it's OK

  29. Thanks to you, over a short time I've learnt from you that the Human Body's like the eco systems of the Planet, they're all connected.

  30. My problem is, it hurts when i grip something. Or squeeze a stress ball. And the pain is on top of arm above the elbow. What is the cause and the cure?

  31. Hi Jeff.. So which exercises do you recommend… You mentioned what we shouldn't rely on.. So what do you suggest? Or recommend

  32. Wish u would talk about cure.. like.. 2 exercises that will help??? Skip all the stuff up to that point

  33. Very interesting. Can you provide the specific shoulder, back, etc exercises to do to heal elbow pain. Thanks for all you do !!

  34. Hi, can you please make similar video on Bicep Femoris injury. I hurt back of my knee while squating withe heavy weight. I am not able to recover for more than a month.

  35. Feel like you didn't say anything at all tbh…

    For those wondering how to help. It heal:

    Mark Rippetoe swears by high volume chin ups.

    A lot of people have success with a Flexbar and doing "Tyler twist"

  36. I'm struggling with tennis elbow which flares up when I apply grip pressure in any way.
    Anyone had this problem and fixed it?
    Its ruining my workouts and combat training too

  37. My "tennis elbow" is caused from constant typing. I do data entry for almost 10 hours per day. Is there anything else I can do to help relieve this pain. It's like a cramping feeling in my elbow and ache in my shoulder. Thanks for your help.

  38. Suggestions on where to started if there's issues with both shoulder and wrist? I sprained my shoulder playing fast-pitch JV ladies softball, practiced pitching near everyday. My wrist I obtained with my second child, he was a challenging babe, and HEAVY, he had colic so we held him a lot to jounce and move him to ease his colic. I was a vet tech 9 years, now I am a residential painter's apprentice. It's affecting my job, and I want to be the best I can be. I'm almost 45 any suggestions?

  39. I was doing reverse Curls and felt a hot sting in the area he is talking about… What can i do to fix that problem Tennis elbow? No!… I have Gym Elbow…

  40. As someon who has had tennis elbow this is the first really good explanation of what is going on and where to look . Thanks Jeff. I now have another different elbow issue but its an irritation of the nerve in the back of the elbow any insights for that ?

  41. Does this hurt by doing push-ups or chin ups ? Mine does ? I mean I’m not sure if I have this tho. I was using my bike and it started hurting as well but the most pain comes from doing some weights . But most pain came from my left elbow which is weaker cause I’m a righty . Lol

  42. Terapi sendi sembuh dengan minum oli sendi dan. Terapi relaksasi ligamen Insyaallah sembuh ditempat. Kontak Terapis Sport massage Agus Parjito.wa. 087836 280086.

  43. I'm having this issue but I'm a rock climber. I started pushing grade and within three weeks my elbows started hurting.

  44. Anyone with tennis or golfer's elbow should try CBD. In fact anyone who lifts weights should. The DOMS I get has decreased significantly, the soreness that used to last 4 days now lasts 2 days. Soreness has also dramatically reduced in terms of severity, I actually miss not feeling as sore.

  45. Right elbow has so much pain I can’t do bicep curls atm.
    Even grabbing a bottle a water hurts

    Love to be able to get rid of the pain

  46. I have chronic tennis elbow, and couldn't heal it on my own so I sought professional help through physical therapy. I've seen 3 doctors, and finally making progress. The longer you have it, the harder it is to heal. Learned some great things and SLOWLY making progress.

    Few tips, buy a brace that immobilizes your elbow while you sleep, so you can't keep with the elbow bent in the fetal position at night. Elbow needs to be straight. Second get a theraband flexbar, depending on your injury start light to medium resistance. Perform an eccentric motion on the elbow, with a slow release. Theraband resistence bands also help. Lastly, don't over work your arm. You can't plow your way through this injury. 2 sets of 10 morning and night is plenty.

    More aggressive approach is blood flow treatment, and dry needling. A few visits to a physical therapist who specializes in sports may help.

  47. I've had to stop bicep curls and lateral raises because they gave me this .

    I'm going to ditch all isolation movements . I never used to do them I'd just do power and Olympic pluss pull ups . Never had an injury in 20 years working out that way .

  48. Sounds like improper body mechanics while playing any sport or activity? Tennis, baseball (pitching), basketball, golf, etc, etc.

  49. Bengkel atlit specialis Hamstring. Enkle, Lutut cidera, kram perut sembuh ditempat dan recovery atlit. Sport massage Agus Parjito. Wa.087836280086. Karanganyar, Solo. JATENG.

  50. Hi there. Thank you for the videos! I just came across them. I have been having wrist, nerve (carpel tunnel is the closet thing I can seem to think it would be) and wavering numbness in my left leg below knee. I broke elbow a couple of months ago and I am a writer. I have spent the last week reading the entire internet basically freaking myself out haha. Curious if you had a video about any of this? The nerve pain has been less since I have been aware of moving more and doing stretches and massaging out arms, legs, back and neck…as much as I can do alone. If you had a video, that would be great. I appreciate any feed back you can give me. If not, ill assume WEBMD is right and im filled with all cancer, pregnant with somebody else baby, and am in the transition of becoming a fascist.

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