hello guys you are watching physio talk today we discuss about tennis elbow what anatomic structures will involved in tennis elbow in tennis elbow pain is occured at outer side of elbow at lateral epicondyle how we diagnose it by clinical testing i clear all your doubts in this video so let’s start our video in order to understand tennis elbow there is important to know anatomic structures involved the humerus is long upper arm bone lateral epicondyle is a place for attachment of tendons & ligaments (music) common extensor muscle attached at lateral epicondyle which extends the wrist back over use of this muscle cause pain at lateral epicondyle because of over use of this muscle by tennis player tennis player develops a tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis which commonly known as tennis elbow in today’s video we discuss tennis elbow through animation we diagnose tennis elbow by clinical testing Through cozen test elow at 90 degree forearm will be pronated now dorsiflex the wrist against resistance positive when pain at lateral epicondyle now lets discuss physiotherapy management of tennis elbow open surgery for tennis elbow repair the damage tendon orthoscopic surgery may be performed for tennis elbow hello friends you are watching physio talk LIKE , SHARE & SUBSCRIBE PHYSIO TALK IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS PLZ COMMENT BELOW

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