Hello in good morning huh, it is currently 5:20 in the morning And I just pulled an all-nighter again I’m not doing good, but I’m gonna try talk to you the best as I can because um That’s what I do. Yeah Sorry. Today’s another travel vlog. I know you guys probably like Emma stop with the travel vlogs We’re done, but um April’s a busy month, so buckle your seat belt and come along for the ride if you want Today we’re going to Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley for Coachella Music Festival I’m so fucking excited. I’m definitely tired though. I just pulled an all-nighter and you’re probably Emma. Why did you pull an all-nighter? Here’s my answer. I was editing a video, and I thought that I’d be done by around 1 a.m. And then next thing you know it’s 5 a.m.. And I’m still not done what time am I supposed to wake up 5 a.m. To leave for the airport does that make sense, thank you, and yeah cuz they just love you guys so much It’s time to drink a juice because good morning. Oh shit. I like this. Sorry I’m going with the app dotes. So thank you dote for sending me on this trip. I’m so fucking grateful It’s going be a long day, It’s going be a long Like there’s Let’s just start all travel There it is. You guys are really getting the best version of me right now mm-hmm. I’m a fucking mess, ha I’m back with Mimi. Literally everybody’s gonna be like you were just with her like a week ago. Oh yes but like I missed you so much Everybody else was in terminal 3, I was in terminal 7. Um we were like looking for each other Couldn’t find each other. It was a big fat. Mess. I’ll see you when we get to the Airbnb I’m sick of this. I am not gonna like vlog the car ride I do enough car vlogs like we need to switch it up. I can’t even believe this is real I’m just stripped down for your butt ass naked. Oh my god. I don’t know what’s going on. Welcome to my crib. Ah. We got a big field. What are you going to do in that field Emma? Yes, it’s my house tennis courts would definitely be a lot cooler if you could actually see the tennis court. Found it Louise, but what do you need if you have floaties a pool but an air blower fatty smooth kitchen what happens if you poop your Panties you wash it Dining-room table for when we have to have I don’t know why you feel everything on There Here’s a Room where I’m gonna get kinky Already taking my poops Look out this is where I’m gonna be doing my work from work know my work. I don’t go to school mm-hmm drop out Yes, hello So if my left toe Hey ladies we’re at dinner we got these three flip in blankets How cute is it? I’m naming her sandy can’t get enough got some water. Let’s take all taste test I Can’t get enough of her oh, I’m sorry You know our earrings now because I think I want to try to be a girl I don’t know. We’re gonna see what we can do with that. I’m so excited for food Let’s kind of see what’s on the menu a bunch of like really Like classy stuff. I’m not very classy, so we’ll see how that goes, but there’s like roasted beets. I’m scared beets I don’t know. I can’t read a menu. It’s like I’m not smart enough for that good night Over time okay, I’m really tired now, and I want to just and I want to just poopoo in bed You know when you want to go to bed and it’s 3 p.m.. And you’re bad That was hella sick. I want it. I hope she does that again like a lot tomorrow. I’d like the next day Okay, no it actually works. It like makes me serious with my ala kinda hurt, okay, so guys really serious, I was like I know lately I Just haven’t been like real of you guys lately because I’ve been like not telling you how I feel And she’s not proud of it, and here’s what it is. Here’s how I feel. It’s that. I’m bored. She’s bored she Okay, so basically here’s what we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna do a little challenge in my video I know we don’t do those a lot But I thought it’d be really fun if we did it so basically everybody’s gonna come into the bathroom and tell a secret to the camera and then I’m gonna see it later when I edit it and It’s gonna be a great time so Okay, so my secret is kind of embarrassing and my secret is I I use your toothbrush tonight, and I’m not even sorry about it I Forgot my toothbrush I was telling my secret. I said that I used her toothbrush. Did you actually do that? Hopefully this is her toothbrush New secret Actually he’s dead. I’m sorry about it a secret about She actually followed me and watched my videos before I ever knew about her. I shoot some Emma’s literally the funniest and she’s so free prettiest isn’t even like I see her But like it’s just a fact and I feel like no one really appreciates. How pretty she actually is Love you Hannah Did your girly inspirational – I’m trying to use her toothbrush, okay? Tell your secret um when I was five years old they shaved off my eyebrows. I have to film it every day one time Beep crazy just to be me we’re right here mine is like right We have magic, but birthmarks that is so cool ok Breakfast time Made a little iced coffee here. We’re really killing it out here today. Some dry toast just toast. That’s dry I Fell down the stairs yesterday, and I have a bruise on my butt and I literally have to lift one cheek waddle That’s we live I’m gonna be here every day because I feel really special and I feel really special about it My neck is about to rip off though really besides that we’re doing so good Alright, I’m stupid and I forgot to film oo TVs when I was actually at the flippin festival so now I have to do it Now startop is from honey. Bum my bralette is from brandy melville my skirt is from UNIF My belt is from brandy melville my glasses are from Francesca’s And I was also wearing white Doc Martens that were not shown in this picture ok. That’s it I’m gonna do this for every single day And so just get ready for that so if you wanted to know where this shit was from I got you I got you girl. I love you so much. All right. I love you. Bye I’ve literally been here for 5 minutes already at the coffee place. I don’t even give a Frick level-10 sweating right now like I feel like I’m dying this was $9 I’m not to be the judge foods worth the $9 it was kind of worth the $9. It’s very damn good I’m gonna cut all this out It’s literally eight o’clock we have six more hours. I’m exhausted. I want to go to bed, but guess what Ryan never stopped Are you kidding me End of day one wow what a day shall we talk about it, and no we should we talk about it We’re gonna talk about it. What a long damn literally so tired. It’s like what time it is it’s like 1:00 a.m. I think it’s 12 44 literally. There’s no connection at the coachella grounds. I couldn’t upload any Instagram pictures I mean got a selfie such a bitch and I Couldn’t like text my mom and be like mom I’m not dead like I couldn’t do that, and yeah, I’m really I’m really tired I’ll see you tomorrow peace out. Let me semis good night, baby Day 2 ha ha these earrings really hurt my ears, I’m like really in pain. Uh-huh sorry stupid picks up Like her about rocks orange county is a special guys today. I’m so excited. We’re literally leaving early like we’re leaving like right now It’s like 110. We’re gonna leave in like 50 minutes to go see Rex Orange County I’m gonna cry when I see him, so I’ll see you when I see him, and you’re gonna see me freak out what? All right for starters we have bandana, which is from the bandana store actually I don’t know where I got that so I don’t know maybe Amazon or something glasses are from Amazon my top is from zafo It’s actually bathing suit top because we’re crazy like that my shorts Are Levi’s my little fucking chain head ass thing is from brandy melville socks are from Topshop and shoes are converse so Mozilla Haven’t vlogged at all today, and I just want to let you know that I’m sorry But I hope that you forgive me we’re gonna gain some coffee right now. This is my second copy of the day Okay, like are we surprised we’re back for a second one Guys I just thought I’ve lost my goddamn camera. He was on the ground. I’m in idiot. Okay. Sorry bye um hello I swear to fucking god. This bitch is on crack. She’s on crack. I’m freaking out geometers You’re off the camera cuz I’m being annoying as fuck right now. Okay. Bye okay? Well, she may be on crack, but at least she’s self-aware Hi, it’s day three let’s talk, it’s been a minute, okay I just wanted to fill you guys in because it’s kind of been a hot minute It’s so scary to bring out my camera because every time I bring out my camera I almost lose it and so I’m just like scared that I’m gonna like lose my camera Okay, sorry my body has been in like excruciating pain the whole time my upper back my feet have blisters all over them my voice Hurts I have dust all up inside my nose. I am a mess last night. I saw Timothy Shalem egg. Just chilling I was like you are so hot then I saw Jim Charles like twice since I hide of them those I’m scared I always thought Justin Bieber. It wasn’t him okay. That was fucked up. Yeah, that was we were freaking it yeah, it was just a fat dude with a band and I Think we saw, Olivia O’Brien you saw her what? It’s actually not as crazy as I thought it was gonna be but it’s just like you’re constantly walking around and your body hurts And you’re just like what’s going on look and you’re dehydrated when there’s lines for everything Alrighty get into the crowd you. They really can’t and your edible all the time. I’ve been here. There was entire also I kept thinking that somebody was gonna Somehow like open my backpack while I was standing there and take my camera out so super paranoid about that doesn’t mean it All right, so I didn’t really get a good full photo of this outfit So this is gonna be a little bit of a struggle, but we’re gonna do it Anyways, all right my glasses are from Francesca’s again My little top thing basically naked top is from forever 21 My jewelry is from forever 21 And then this little necklace right here may or may not be something that I designed and will be selling down the line Maybe will but maybe it won’t my skirt is from PacSun and my shoes are Nike Air Force Ones From Nike obviously so there it is stay three outfit. That was it Literally here again like this is the only place you see us like we are not anywhere else. We’re getting coffee at all times it’s just how it is really happy sometimes I Finished it in two minutes Bye At this point Coachella became living hell, okay, I didn’t want to be here anymore But I still had to be there for another I don’t know hour-and-a-half. It was not good I have never been more tired in my life That’s kind of good Hello and welcome to Emma’s Coachella review you might be like Emma Let’s just like end the vlog right no one gives a fuck well I thought it would be kind of valuable if I gave you guys a little Coachella review because everybody’s always talking about how amazing it Is now perfect it is and how flawless it is and how perfect it is And how it’s the best time of the year, and how it’s so fun and there’s no flaws and it’s totally worth the Thousands of dollars that you invest into it the funny part about it is it’s not even actually Investing because you don’t ever actually make any money back It just sucks money from your wallet, and then you never actually make it back it Just goes into nothing because you don’t it’s just that’s the thing about it Also, look at this weird piece of lint in my hair It makes me really uncomfortable, and I like can’t get my eyes off of it and like editing right now He’s really difficult because they keep staring at the stupid piece of lint anyway, okay, well today I’m here to tell you the truth I think everybody wants Coachella to be as amazing as it looks because like they just want to believe it You know and I wanted to believe it. That’s for damn sure and was I let down No, it was still a really cool experience But it’s definitely not what I expected it to be so I thought I would kind of take you through the pros and the cons so first we’re gonna start out with the cons because there’s more of them I think that part of it is because my expectations were so high that like a lot of things stuck out to me as being Like kind of shitty the first con is that your body is gonna be hurting at all times my feet were hurting From standing on them all day my back was hurting from like standing up all day and jumping around and shit my lips were Constantly chapped like it did not matter how much chapstick i put on they were just getting dried out drying out dried out my nose Was all dry and had like dust and crusted in it because there’s like dust flying around cuz you’re in the desert Yeah, I had blisters all over my feet I don’t know why I was like chafing like my backpack strings were like chafing my like arms like it was bad I’m also sensitive. That was probably part of it I’m a pussy moving on it’s not all about the music a lot of people. I know even me I was like oh, I’m going for the music dude like what the fuck like I don’t care about anything else I just want to hear the artists. I love ya know. No it’s not like that okay I was like so disappointed because there was a lot of artists I wanted to see that I just couldn’t end up seeing because like sometimes – two of your favorite artists will like be playing at the same Time and you have to like choose You know you and your friend might not agree so then it’s like I don’t want to see them, and it’s like well I want to see them and they’re like “go hang go by yourself”, and you’re like well I don’t want to die, but also a lot of the times You’ll show up and you’ll be so excited, and then they’ll be like a technical difficulty for example I went and I saw Rex Orange County. He was a special guest I was so excited He’s one of my favorite artists like ever and like his microphone kept like fucking up like it like stopped working completely at one point And he like you couldn’t even hear him also like his microphone kept making like weird loud squeaky sounds was all fucked up I’m like what the hell you’re going just for the music I would say don’t go because it’s so much money And you’re probably not even gonna see everybody you want and like it’s probably not even gonna sound as good as it would if you Just like went to their concert like Separately another con is that it’s a fuckin mess. It’s a big mess There’s creepy men Everywhere people just like grabbing your arm and like kissing your hand and following you around and shit like I’m ugly and they still were Doing that and that says something drunk people everywhere like people throwing up It’s a mess okay moving on there’s just no reception so if you want to like text your friend and be like where are you? You can’t like if you’re lost you are lost next it’s so fucking expensive if it was cheaper I wouldn’t be as harsh but because it’s Literally anywhere between like four hundred and fifty dollars in like two thousand dollars depending on when you buy your ticket Or if your VIP etc I spent like nine dollars a day on coffee. This is actually a lie I literally spent 27 dollars a day on coffee because I bought a minimum of three And they’re each nine dollars meaning that I spent a minimum of twenty seven dollars God I got in acai bowl one day and that she was fourteen dollars I mean it would have been twelve, but I wanted almond butter on it So that added two dollars. I don’t care the only cheap thing at cochella is the water bottles in there two dollars each, which if you really think about it It’s still kind of a lot, but whatever also buying your outfits for it are expensive because that’s like the whole point of Coachella it’s the outfits and like the pictures and making it look fun when it’s really like not as fun as it actually looks so that’s All the cons now, let’s talk about the pros number one the vibes are good You’re gonna meet a bunch of different types of people you’re probably gonna see some celebs which is always fun but like if you Don’t go to Coachella Just to see the celebs because you’ll look at them from far away and be like whoa and then That’s it and it’s like is that really worth a 700 dollar ticket? No. Everybody’s just trying to have a good time except for the pedophiles They also actually are trying to have a good time but like not Kind of good time that we like in this community Another Pro is that? It’s super fun to post about it on Instagram and make everyone else hate their lives that aren’t there the way that people make it Look on Instagram wow like it’s a lie like I mean I’m being honest like it looks so fun on Instagram like I remember all the years I was like oh my god like that looks so amazing and it’s cool But like it is not as fun as it looks on Instagram the amount of like struggles that we dealt with throughout the whole thing Was like absurd I feel like that’s about it. So that’s all the pros and cons Overall I think I’d rate Coachella a 6 out of 10. It’s exhausting afterwards. You’re like this is just Like I can’t even believe I just went through that Hopefully that shed some light on what it’s really like and you can like make a decision more educated Lee now everybody else Lying to you guys being like Coachella so fun its the perfectestttt thing i loooovvee it who knows if i will be going next year, i dont know I don’t know if I can do that again, but then again. It’s one of those things where it’s like It’s kind of worth it tho follow emma chamberlain on instagram and vsco if you want

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