This is the
puzzle, which is very popular on the Facebook, and very few people could able
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and subscribe our YouTube channel Puzzle Adda which motivates us to make more videos. So, here is the solution for this puzzle. In the first equation, we have a
tree with star plus a tree with star plus a tree with star, which is equal to
21. So, we can say a tree with star is equal to 7. Now in the second equation we have a circle, inside it there is six lines plus a circle inside it six lines
plus a tree with star which is equal to 19. So taking the value of a tree with
star from equation 1, which is 7, so a circle inside it 6 lines, according to the
equation 1 and 2 is equal to 6. So a circle inside at 6 lines is equal to 6.
Now we come to equation 3 which says A Star + A Circle inside it six
lines + A Tree with star which is equal to 15. So from Equation 1 we have A Tree with star is equal to 7. From equation 2 we got a circle inside
it 6 lines=6. So putting the values
so we got a star is equal to two. Now the last equation the equation for which we
need to solve which says A Tree but without a star plus Two Stars into
circle inside there are five lines, not six lines, in this figure we have circle
with five lines. So, equation says A Tree without star plus Two Stars into
Circle inside five lines, so taking the BODMAS into consideration, we will
first consider multiplication symbol then, we consider addition so with the
value of a star from equation third we got the value of stars in
this equation which is two stars is equal to four. Now circle with five lines
is equal to five as the circle in the equation 2 is equal to 6 which has six
lines so first we will do the product of 5 and 4 which is equal to 20 and then
there is a tree without star so a tree with star minus star is equal to 5 so
the answer to this puzzle is 25. So this is the correct solution of this puzzle.
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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Tree Puzzle – 99% People Failed To Solve This”

  1. This video has mistake in the end, which has been resolved in another video

    Watch this youtube video to get the correct answer of the puzzle.

  2. A tree with a little star is a different size of that of a single large star. The problem is flawed.
    We have a big single star and a little star on tree.
    They are different size stars and can not be assumed to be equal value,
    They problem is flawed.

  3. Sir, you have misunderstood, the answer will be 25 not 26, because the last tree has 6 lines, carefully look at all the people.

  4. Only saw that now that tree has 6 branches vs the 5 previous …wow this was a great puzzle was so proud of myself but was still tricked lol

  5. This solution is incorrect, the proper one(corrected one) is shared by author here:

  6. Answer should be 26 Explanation
    Tree with star = 7
    Wheel with 6 spokes = 6
    Star = 2
    In last
    Single tree with 6 layers + 2 stars × wheel with 5 spokes = 6 + 4 × 5 = 26

  7. 7 + 7 + 7 = 21

    6 + 6 + 7 = 19

    2 + 6 + 7 = 15

    5 + 4 x 5 = 25 <– I was wrong..

    6 + 4 x 5 = 26 (Thanks Ziad Hadla)

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