Hello I’m Doctor Heather Moore owner of
total performance physical therapy today we’re going to go through some exercises and some
stretches in order to be able to treat tennis elbow now one of the things that needs to
be said is that most often tennis elbow is coming is being cause by problems in your
shoulder and problems in your palms or your wrist so if you are treating just the elbow
you’re treating the symptoms you’re not treating the actual cause of the condition
so we’re going to show you an exercise that later that’s going to focus on the shoulder
which is why I’m going to make this disclaimer before we go any further because we want to
make sure that as you’re treating this on your own or you know supplementing a treatment
at home you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the shoulder as well to minimize
the over use that is being cause at the elbow tennis elbow is just pain on the outside of
the elbow generally people will just speak about a point that’s very tender that they
can touch and it hurts some people will talk about having pain right down here numbness
and tingling is not associate with tennis elbow so if you have that going on in your
hands and fingers it’s probably something else not necessarily a tennis elbow or could
be a combination of tennis elbow and something else what you want to do is the best thing
for tennis elbow is strengthening the shoulder and doing this stretches and not using it
as much if that’s possible many people obviously get it in a dominant hand where they can’t
afford not to use it but you want to make sure that when you’re doing these exercises
that there’s not any pain associated with them these should be pain free they maybe
uncomfortable the stretches may cause a little bit of uncomfortableness, the massage portion
may cause a little bit of uncomfortableness but you don’t want it to be excrutiatingly
painful so the first stretch we’re going to start with is you just going to put your
arms straight out in front of you you’re going to point your palm down point your fingers
towards the ground and you’re going to pull your finger towards you now for some of you
who are very inflamed you may not be able to pull your fingers backwards straightening
your arm out and pointing your fingers down to the ground maybe enough of an exercise
for you that’s okay stop where you feel stretch if you feel that you can pull your
fingers back go ahead and do so it’s not a no pain no gain situation so you want to
make sure that you gentle pull feel a stretch you want to hold that 30 seconds and you want
to do 6 of those this is a gentle exercise so you can do this many times throughout the
day, the next exercise were going to show you how to do is actually massage treatment
so what you want to do is you want to get your 2 fingers okay most people describe the
point where really hurts you want to come down of that point a little bit coz that point
is actually bone but if you come a little bit more of that point downward and you take
2 fingers and you just gentle go cross nice and easy like strumming a guitar okay you
want to press so that’s uncomfortable you don’t want to press excrutiatingly painful
the more inflamed it is you’re not going to be able to press very hard and your just
going to be rubbing back and forth nice and easy over the area as it gets better you might
really be able to put some pressure on there you want to do this for about a minute don’t
do it too often because this can be irritating specially if you’re really pressing on there
so a minute in five times a day nice and easy you’re going to feel it sore probably but
you should feel too much pain after that last exercise is the shoulder exercise that we’re
going to go in to again this should not be uncomfortable for your elbow this is should
be totally felt in the shoulder you want to go ahead and lay on your side you want the
side that’s in pain up so you want to lay in your good side have your bad side up you’re
going to keep your elbow next to your side and you’re just going to rotate your arm
up and down nice and slow you want to lower this for about a count of 3 so you’re not
letting gravity do the work you’re just going to move it up and down nice and slow,
if you get to 30 of these and you don’t feel like a decent workout in go ahead and
add a soup can, go ahead and add a weight okay nice and easy you want to do about 30
of these when you’re doing this you don’t throw your shoulder back you don’t want
to move any other part of your body except your arm, most problems that are cause at
the elbow are actually from the shoulder due to a weakness of the rotator calf and this
is one of the exercise that’s going to help you strengthen that rotator calf if you have
any questions please give us a call at 2159979898 or visit us on the web at www.totalperformancept.com

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