So there’s this guy. Yeah – this guy. And
this guy decides to make a better deck shoe. This better deck shoe. With a rubber
sole that looked like waffles and stuck like syrup. And a custom upper made up of
whatever fabric you were feeling. And surfers dug that. So pretty soon these shoes started popping up all along the coastline. Including a little surf shop in Santa Monica. Where some
hoodrat kids had started surfing asphalt. Carving banks, hijacking pools and reinventing skateboarding in the process. So by
the time they showed up to Del Mar in matching blue ’44s, these shoes
was essential as the boards themselves. Then the guys were like “Hey can you make them like this?” So we did. Which lead to this shoe. Which lead to this shoe. Which lead to a stripe down the side. And kids sketching up the uppers. Then this guy took over and got these shoes traveling off the wall and into the ruckus. Sticking to the floor and bouncing around pits before ending up in Hollywood. Blowing up in a movie the lawyers say we can’t mention. Whatever. You know the one. From there we took it international. While uniting kids from Sao Paulo to Shanghai
under a checkerboard flag. And bringing the underground to the main stage one show at a time. Creating the House of Vans to give a nation millions of place to come up. Just like those that came before them. So while groupies line up to chase the
next fad, we’ll keep rockin our vans. Just like we have the last 50 years. Same as it ever was, only sometimes a
little different. This is our story and we’re sticking to it because we’re the
Van Doren Rubber Company but you can call us Vans. these shoes are inspired by surfing

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Story of Vans”

  1. they need to make more of these than just like 5 these videos are awesome, animations hillarious, and we know the movie is Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  2. Question for anyone who knows some stuff on ward vans and why they are so similiar but a little bit different than the old skools????

  3. I got a pair of wards. They are sick. But why are they only sold at fred meyers footlocker kohls and Famous footwear?🤔

  4. It’s nice to see vans creating this fun video of the history of vans. Been skating myself for a long time and I gotta say I love the retro 70’s and 80’s style of skateboarding, where it came from and thrived. I even surf. And Jeff grosso, damn I love your loveletters!

  5. Vans shoes, first factory store was on Broadway Ave. in Anaheim,  in '66….right next to the railroad tracks. I lived on south/east street  then, and we'd ride our schwinns down the train track side lines, past Santa Ana street and the orange juice canning factories,  and past Vans Shoes,  on our way to Ehlers' bicycle shop. They were good cheap canvas skate and surf shoes, because we could throw them in the washing machine to help get the sand out. Didn't need socks… Was surprised to hear that the Zepher crew up north,  had decided to copy our anaheim 'look'…Hard to believe that was more than fifty years ago. And then, the fast time movie came out,….Hollywood's version of what was already going on at Anaheim High, Katella High, Loara High,….who'da thunk it back then ?

  6. I love the classic low cut black vans and the off white or cream coloured slip ons they are soo beautiful and the price to clout ratio is off the charts with these. If you are a person truly into fashion and street wear in general (no not talking bout hypebeast cuz they succ ) then you must have at least on pair of vans cuz these things are an essential.

  7. my Vans story: a few other ppl and i used to wear Vans and it was our style until all these annoying kids began to wear them and take our style and make it look like we're just trying to fit in with everyone now when we are just trying to be our own unique selves. and yes i am the same age as all the kids im calling annoying

  8. Fast Times at Ridgemont High!!!

    “Hey Bud, Let’s Party!” – Jeff Spicoli

    All I wear are those checkered slip ons.

  9. Vans are dope asf they are affordable and look cool when they are dirty or clean and go with any style and fit any size and for any age.

  10. I never really liked Vans but for some weird reason because of this video I kinda want to go out and get a pair now lol

  11. I saw a movie called LOL its boy high school..and it had a part where a dude was wearing vans and the movie was made in 2012 I was shooked

  12. Sorry, but this slightly skewed history lesson leaves out the Kids that grew up in Anaheim, near Broadway, East, South, and Santa Ana and Anaheim blvds./streets, where the Original Van shoe factory outlet was. Right there on the railroad tracks…. Long before the Zepher crew way up north,  picked up on the function, these local kids were skating in vans, riding wheelies on their schwinns, and cruising their bicycles down the santa ana river trail, pulling their surfboard on carts. History that we lived.

  13. I ❤️ Vans. I've even tattooed the Vans logo on my body. My favourite Vans shoes are the Half Cabs, TNT & Chukka Lows. 🤘

  14. I'm not sure why people who don't skate wear Vans they aren't even comfortable except for the Vans pros and those were made specifically for skating

  15. I LOVE VANS ,they are my fav kind of shoe . Toatally watch this 1 thousand time and you will LOVE this vid (KEEP ROCKING VANS)

  16. Too many girl posers here in Southern California at my school, thanks PLUS VANS AREN’T RUNNING SHOES THEY ARE FOR COMFORT AND SURFIN THE STREETS

  17. Vans is the best BMX shoe, rubber holding up good (using our shoes for brakes on the tire) the waffle sole pattern grip the pedal perfect and they look hella good! LOVE VANS <3

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