[Max] My goal of this game is to make Brian lose because he’s won way too many times. [Adam] Hey, that’s a decent goal, I like your strategy [Max] I don’t- I want you to win Adam I don’t care [Adam] Well okay then [Adam] Way, wow look at all that. Excuse me gentlemen I have to- not get a Hole-in-one [Adam] Oh, welcome back hi nice to see you again [Max] This is a deceptively… hard one [Brian] Yeah [Adam] Oh nice to see you again [Ritz] Oh hi hows it going I have a spider on mine [Max] OOH SO CLOSE [Adam] Come on goddammit I thought, we were gonna have fun but now I’m not having fun [Adam] Do ya have to bank it? [Max] I love watching everyone fail [Brian] Me too [Adam] No Brian. [Brian] YES! [Adam] NOo. NO with your happiness [Max?] *weird mouth noises* [Adam] *weird moaning noise* [Adam] Oh okay, I’m better now. Check this out Max hngg look at me go! [Brian in background] get out of the way real quick [Adam] Hello gentlemen [Adam] ayyyyyy little smooch [Adam] Here we go here we go [Adam] *gasp* c’mon baby! [Ritz] YEAH BABY [Max] good job Brian [Adam] giawddammit [Adam] i mean congratulations! [Max] i’m happy for you Brian! *all making noise* [Adam] *sounding like his face is being squished* So happy inside [Brian] Yo, Joe you’re between, my legs you gave me a little fright [Adam] get out of here Joe, Brian’s trying to do his job [Adam] Ohh come on baby! [Max] OH! is brian having problems?? [Brian] NOOOOOOO [Adam] Brian you’re having problems? oh this is *horrible* oh god This makes me so sad that this is happening [Max] You are the target because you’re successful with your golfing, usually [Adam] Look at how screwed you are, from that corner [Max] That’s a shitty fucking angle [Brian] *makes weird noises* [Adam] Oh, played it safe I see, okay [Max] Yay Brian, yay! *claps* [Brian] WHAT?! [Max] Woah, god christmas has come early [Adam] How do we- where do we go? I’m gonna follow Max [Adam] Ayyy Little pass-by with the smooch *kissy noise* [Brain] Got a dog in my face- [Max] Yeah blame the dog [Adam] Tell your doge to get out of here, we’re playing golf! [Brain] Dogey, you’re killing me! [Adam] You need to adopt a dog more often Brian, this is great [Adam] Can we go a straight shot? [Brian and Ritz] Yup [Adam] *gasps* *everyone talks over eachother* [Adam] No, no, no, no , I’m good! Brain, don’t make a mistake! or please do [Max] Dogey don’t screw him up [Adam] *wheezes* oh my god [Max] Did he get it? Did he get- *giggles* [Adam] Yeah, oh he did get it [Brian] *makes sobbing noises* [Adam] Alright, ah you gotta give it to him [Max] Wait, how is he on a four? [Adam] Wait, where are we going?! [Max] OH God [Adam] Wait, wha- what’s happening?? *everyone makes unidentifiable noises* [Ritz] Wanna hit reset? [Brian] How did I get a double bogey? *more noises* [Ritz] You wanna hit reset, or F or whatever? [Adam] what the shIT [Adam] Ohh I know where to go! Alright, you see that barrel up there? That barrel is not what it seems [Max] I see the barrel, I know what we have to do [Adam] Brian can you get out of my way please thank you Brian I need to- you need to move, move your cute little tush! [Max] No you got it, you got it, you got- [Adam] *noise of triumphant failure* [Max] no you don’t [Adam] Listen we can, make this better [Brian] Adam went for a little ride [Adam] Ah well well [Max] Ooh look at that plant you’re next to Brain, or ah, Adam [Adam] I think what we have here is a failure to communicate It’s okay, we could be better Brian. Brian, we could be better! [Max] Hit the bank off the right! [Adam] *gasps* hoh my god I’m a genius! [Adam] *wheezes* woooow! [Max] I mean, I said it and he did it [Ritz] Okay yea so, so Max is a genius, is what I gather [Max] *mumbles about genius* [Adam] Where are we going, I’m confus- oh! Hole-in-what? [Max] All right! [Adam] Well that was great! [Max] Brian, did you get that hole-in-one? [Adam] Did you get a hole-in-one too Max? [Brian] Oh. my. fucking. god. This. stupid- [Adam] Wow. You are my favorite person. Hey, hit the target! [Max] Brian you have the weirdest luck right now [Adam] Just hit the target! [Adam] Like that Brian! [Max] There you go [Adam] We all float down here [Adam] Where the hell do we go, and what are we doing? Do we go into the barrels? [Max] All right good [Adam] Do we go into any of the barrels? [Max] Yeah, they all have it. [Max] The easiest way is to go up onto that roof, like overshoot it a little bit. Well… [Ritz] Well not that much [Max] I think we’re still okay. *Adam makes weird noises* [Adam] Wait where am I?! God damn it! [Brian] Hey Adam, wouldn’t it be great if you could hit F? [Adam] NO [Adam] ooooh, complete concentration! [Adam] Alright alright, where to now? [Max] Couldn’t you just go through the center and circumvent all of it? [Adam] You know what? It’s not as fun Max! [Ritz] If you hit it hard enough and don’t do what I do [Max] I’m gonna see… [Adam] I don’t trust this, this looks bad! We’re just doing a straight shot. [Ritz] Oh okay, I’ll just hit v and find it [Adam] *grumbles* Damn it! Goddamn it [Adam] Had that right there! Can one of you boop me in? Don’t be shy, I’m your guy. [Brian] I would love it if Max fucks this up [Max] Hup! Try again [Brian] Nevermind. Nevermind! Okay [Adam] Oh wow. Wow, that was uh- [Brian] Anyways like I was saying- [Adam] Like you were saying! *laughs* [Adam] Think i’m gonna mess this up. *Brian messes up* [Adam] Oh woww, I did. Hi Brian. Welcome to it [Ritz] Woah! [Max] Oh my god, that was a nice shot there! *Adam grumbles triumphantly* [Ritz] But Adams still in second place [Adam] Hey hey hey whoa whoa whoa [Adam] Oh what a beautiful little rainbow. Fantastic [Max] That was kinda cool, meeting each other in the sky there [Adam] Hellooo Gentlemen! [Brian] Don’t talk to me. [Adam] Please don’t make that Max. [Ritz] Dammit [Adam] God dammit Max I mean congratulations [Adam] They always say that to you know [Brian] I need to catch up I’ve no time to f*ck around [Max] Nice post Malone reference [Adam] You’re welcome [Max] They always say that to you now [Adam] God dammit! [Max] ohh goodbye! *various screams* [Adam] Saved by the god damn windmill [Max] Saved by the windmill [Adam] I love windmills so much. Where do they put windmills, can I be there? *Ritz sings a song in the background* [Brian] The Netherlands [Adam] Max you need to perform a little bit less [Ritz] M’kay [Adam] Okay, where am i going? [Brian] please- keep th- F*ck this c*nt of a f*cking game! [Adam] Woah. Woah! [Max] Strong words! [Adam] This is miniature golf and I need you to take it down several pegs [Max] We need miniature swears [Adam] Yea little tiny little tin- GODDAMN IT F*CK IT *peals of laughter* [Adam] We fall so that we can get back up on top of Master Wayne, goddamn it [Max] Get back on top of Master Wayne? [Adam] That’s what- that’s what Alfred said, right? [Max] You got 8 strokes but we got 18 seconds, you gotta hurry up Brian, you gotta hurry up Brian [Adam] Wake up and drink some coffee like me Brian [Adam] Get the goddamn athlete inside of ya, pull him out, punch him! [Max] You got one last shot! One shot. Focus up. Five seconds. Do not listen to him [Adam] Five seconds, you got this. Straight into the hole babyy [Adam] You are now a father. [Adam] Nevermind [Adam] Maybe we should try to talk Brian up [Adam] Because all of this talking him down [Adam] it’s gonna make him come after us, you know, with like a squirt gun? [Adam] Or maybe like a bag of poop but you need to be careful [Adam] I’m gonna need some big-time failures Max [Max] What the fu- I’m so sorry about that Brian [Adam] Did you just hit Brian? [Max] No I didn’t do anything but I was- I felt bad about what he did [Adam] Wait you felt bad about what Brian did? That doesn’t make any sense [Adam] Oh hi! What are ya doin here- WOAH YEAH BABY! [Ritz] Nah, you’re going to roll back into the water- no. No. No! YES! [Brian] That’s what I did [Ritz] Hey I’m in third place, I got a ways to go [Adam] *grumbles* noo [Max] *imitates seananners dolphin laughter* [Adam] Okay, okay [Adam] Don’t do my laugh you can’t, f*ck off! *laughs* [Max] The dolphin laugh is back, b*tch [Brian] Adam, third place is coming close your way! [Adam] Yeah [Brian] How’s it feel? [Adam] It feels- Ohh you hit it off the wall and then you go back! [Max] You do it [Adam] Off the wall then the back. Off the wall then go back! [Adam] Boom just like I called it [Max] Off the wall then go back! [Adam] Off the wall then go back! [Adam] Come on. Somebody boop me! Just one person it doesn’t matter who- [Adam] Brian… [Adam] Did he mute himself by the way, or is he just angry? [Max] I don’t know [Brian] I’m just f*cking, done with this piece of f*cking sh*t [Adam] Wait how are we supposed to get past that wall? How does that work [Max] Uh… you boopity boop! I dunno [Adam] Here we go… [Adam] Nope! [Ritz] Uh, that’s not the move Adam [Adam] Not the move! [Max] Didn’t you just go straight across? [Ritz] I went straight across! [Adam] I got- *laughs* [Max] I’m not gonna say nothin [Adam] This game- this game I swear- I swear sometimes… [Ritz] Does it Adam? [Max] I think Brian left [Adam] Wait, he left the game? [Max] Yeah, I think he pulled a me and left [Ritz] Adam, please [Adam] Hold on, let him finish, let him finish! [Ritz] I gotta do this in two now [Adam] Let him finish [Adam] let him finish… [Max] There you go, there you go [Adam] oh, oh ohhh! [Max] Wow look at the precision of that! [Adam] Haha, god dammit [Adam] Brian wake up! Brian we need you here- woah! [Ritz] Wow you- you booped me! [Adam] Yea, it’s what I do [Adam] It just got real evil, all of a sudden [Max] Hello! Wow, this is fucking creepy [Adam] Yeah [Ritz] Hello, Satan [Max] All of a sudden we’re in a spooky map [Adam] Keep golfing like a pro and I’ll just keep not doing that [Max] No! I didn’t get it [Max] Par is 8 on this apparently [Ritz] What?! [Adam] I’ve just given up guys [Adam] I’m just eating nacho cheese, I don’t have anything else in my diet [Adam] Oh, thanks for playing yeah [Ritz] Ohh I love when they thank us [Adam] Tell that to Brian! [Max] Yeah, thanks for playing Brian! [Max] Thanks for playing [Max] Jesus… [Adam] Oh ayyy! You go down the crazy catacombs of wheels! [Adam] Okay, that’s weird [Ritz] This is… fun. [Max] *random spooky noises* [Adam] Wait, where am I? Oh I did a good move thing. I’m fantastic! [Max] *laughs* I did a good move thing! [Ritz] Does that not happen often? [Adam] Not often [Adam] I’m getting accosted in a corner [Ritz] You’re getting pounded [Adam] Mmhmm [Max] And how? [Adam] And! How? *laughs* [Adam] Is this what giving up feels like? [Max] Yeah [Ritz] Yes [Adam] I’ve hit rock bottom gentlemen [Adam] I can’t go anywhere cuz there’s too many goofy skulls, and rotating moving walls [Ritz] Just gotta be quick Adam [Adam] I can’t go because the timings all off every time I try to go [Adam] It- controls me! [Max] Why don’t you go the safe round go to left and then set up a shot? [Adam] I can’t- it just keeps messing with me, the game keeps messing with me [Max] There you goo [Adam] Haha! In your face bogey

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100 thoughts on “THE SECRET MINI GOLF STRATEGY – Golf It!”

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