The 2019 Ole Miss volleyball team comes into Sec play riding an 8-game win streak Through the swings and turns of a season the matchups with the top of your conference become measuring stick contests that can spring a season forward With the Tennessee Volunteers coming to town the rebels were more than willing to accept the help You Hey guys, we are at Batson Children’s Hospital we’re gonna hang out with some kids today and hopefully make the day a little bit better What’s your name – me on the go No That is cool. I guess I made it. It’s already starting there – Cutlass you want to switch so you can do the important part? Weirdness meet you – what do I? Dr. Octopus, what the heck Come here that makes sense You got got through fast Percy. Okay. Ready? Go go fast go Just that it’s a pleasure to be able to be around these kids and you know just hopefully brighten their day up a little bit because I know they they brightened up ours probably a whole lot more than then we brighten theirs and when you get an opportunity to do something like this it just Puts everything in perspective for you There goes high off Hands and pushes the rebels ahead by two And a bear doesn’t look tired a big kill to start set five as she goes down the line bear huge hammer of a swing on the near side Here’s bear off and for another kill While this success was predicted by some a trip across the pond would be where Anna would show up and show out You know coming in you don’t really know what to expect from freshmen I mean you see them in camps and you’ve talked to them on their official visits But we got a little taste of it in Europe when she was hitting on the outside for us They were just rotating outsides but like I was accidentally shots the Europe trip really helped me find my stride because I was able to work on what I need to work on the court and I was able to just get comfortable with everyone and not Worry about if I make an error I was able to just bounce back it’s been fun to see her kind of coming in her own and in Europe she had like no facial expressions when she’d get kills and now like she’s Has so much energy and it’s so fun and I think that just shows how Great of a player she is to come in her freshman year and be able to be as successful as she has been Coulter’s for the first kill for an affair the freshness Freshman of the week in the southeastern Fantastic way to welcome yourself I don’t know if we knew how big of an impact she would make so that’s been a very pleasant surprise for us But she is just fearless out on the court and that’s very hard to find in freshman. She’s hard-working as well And I think the more and more we go You’ll start to see more and more of her. She’s wants to learn she wants to get better and that’s the biggest part of it and as a type of person to Always ask for feedback like if she is struggling and something she like capers like help help me out You know what? Can I do and I’m always like we’re always helping her and we’re helping each other And so it’s been really really nice to have her because she’s so open and she also is a really really strong hitter So it helps us out a lot While being a freshman is all about learning the opportunity to learn from one of the best is something bear takes advantage of I always look up to Emily because if I’m ever struggling on the court Like if I’m not able to get a kill I’ll always ask her what I need to do And she always types me up on the court she’s always encouraging me to just play my best and she’s always there to Just be my hype man and just help me whenever I need help Among the list of rebels to look up to Emily Stroud would be near the top Over the last three seasons, her impact has been felt across NCAA volleyball Macro set the Stroud Drop again full house are the blocker She’s gonna leave here arguably One of if not the best volleyball player to come through here and six rotation outside hit her She gets served at all the time. She’s a one of our primary passers from a defensive standpoint She’s just gotten better and better my freshman year. I I barely really played I think a couple games I was like a D s and that was really exciting for me So no, I did not expect to end up like where I am. My freshman year was really hard, but And it does like I didn’t want to do it anymore But I feel like from that that made me a stronger player and like helped me Be a better leader to now going into my senior as she knows what spots to hit you know how to swing high and You know adjust when the when the defense has set up on her and I think a lot of ass to do with power I mean and then I think there’s a lot of teams that just don’t have somebody that can replicate what she does in the gym So practicing for it is really hard. Does she put that ball on you really really quickly and really hard strap on the outside She’s got a fool clock bars. Is there Purcell get to the second ball shrub to get off those back? It’s almost hard to describe she’s definitely the kind of kid the coach hopes for She’s a workhorse and she puts her all out on the court every single time. She steps out She’s always willing to work hard and fight on the court and she’s not going to give up that hard work has led to many Accomplishments over her years including breaking records for single game kills three times Single-season kills two times and is currently closing in on the all-time kills record I think I’m more just excited for this team. And this season. We’re about to have and It just feels different than past seasons. I think we’re gonna be really successful and If I end up breaking it cool, like if not, and we’re still successful. I feel like this year Because we’re distributing the ball more and that just shows How much better that is for a team again? I think drops a ground breaking player and it’s funny to kind of watch her evolution from being a spot player her freshman year to being a starting as a right side her sophomore year and moving to the outside and then all of a sudden she’s We can’t not have that kid on the court for her. It’s definitely something that that’s You know really cool to see All that hard work come to fruition now She will be one probably one of the first to tell you that She’d much rather see the team succeed and she’d rather us be playing in the NCAA tournament. She’d give up those records and Accolades and all that stuff. She just wants the team to do. Well, I really want to make to the tournament That’s still have been my big goal, but I really for myself. I just want to enjoy My last season like a bunch of lasts and I think finishing off with the other three seniors I just really want to take in like all the memories and the moments we’ve had together and have a good last team The three matches that they played last weekend they Held everybody to like under 20 some of them 10 and 12 points. Okay, I think that’s gonna be the The lineup but they go with so they found a lot of success with the 5-1. So I think that’s what they’re gonna do What’s on the she is what they what they ran last weekend I think that I mean, like I said, they were really successful they hit for a super high percentage Good alright Block is gonna have to be set up in a good spot because they’re a really good offensive team attacking attacking attacking alright, and so the more touches positive touches we can get more step blocks we can get of course place to our Advantage and let that be a conscious effort as we go into Friday that that’s something that we’re going to emphasize Good tag guy. Oh good slow down There it is right there oh That’s it We’re serving well everybody’s serving I think they’re serving really tough. Yeah Well we need and that’s why we’ve been on a system quite a bit over here. It’s been good serving coming our way Got to keep that up Keep firing When the place the play happens quick like that and the blockers are in and you totally can just rip it line You can go straight. I neither Let’s start starting in your normal spot And then as soon as you toss is like, okay This is this is the ball we know is going then you open up and go score here score here. Come on Proud of this side today y’all serve really tough put up a solid block lots of good defense. I mean guys that’s what we need we need that competitiveness every day in practice because SCC’s not easy Now they were gonna be easy So when we push each other and practice, it just makes us better be fresh and ready to go Friday, right? whoa Hi welcome to Maggie’s minute. I’m a freshman D s and I’m here with freshman middle blocker Ava Wampler Pleasure if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Well Maggie personally it would have to be superseded Because I just have not been super speedy on the court lately and I’d like to up my game in that area What is your spirit animal and why my spirit animal is a bear? Hosannah bear? What would be your go-to pregame song? My go-to pregame song is bad bad bad by young thug Cuz it makes me feel bad like I can conquer anything on the court. Okay, so I’ve – so I’m a big swifty So my first one would be ready for it by Taylor Swift and then the second one would be she-wolf by Shakira Well, give us your best Coach Mac impersonation Alright guys if we get two wins on the road this weekend ice cream for everybody Well, thank you for watching Maggie’s minute, and I hope to see you at the game against Tennessee Friday night We’ll just keep driving 6:30 tonight volleyball game. Hope to see that free t-shirt You know, we’re not gonna do anything super special because cameras are on us and Because I think what we’ve been doing before games is what’s been getting us prepared tonight is about belief continuing to be about belief and you guys understanding and realizing that You belong and let’s just get after him tonight, and I’m ready to bring home that win Teams in the country invades Oxford trying to snap the rebels eight match win streak Tennessee’s a definitely a top four team in the league. They caught fire last year We knew everything about all their players what they like to do and we were gonna have to play our best game to beat them And so we all just worked really really hard. We got really really excited and amped up for the game Encephalopathy an early back-and-forth battle would take a turn when Tennessee’s senior outside hitter Tessa Grubbs caught fire Tallying seven quick kills in the first half. She’s taken nine swings. She’s got seven kills We got a slower down and we’ve had about four or five Transition opportunities that I think we’ve tipped if we’ve had five we’ve tipped for. All right keep the pressure on them attack attack attack The lead would prove to be too much as the Lady Vols would take the first set 25 to 20 They had I think 20 or 21 kills in that first set. You just don’t see that very often We actually didn’t play that bad of a first set. They just played so much better Bounce back after losing set. Number one. We’re looking for that first win at home boy. It would be a statement We’ve got to generate the points on our side, we really haven’t done that yet Let’s make them pay but we have to transition earn points. I doubt right away They keep the pressure on them when they make errors for us. Okay Although the rebels were comfortably ahead Tennessee wouldn’t give up the set so easily Riding the wave of a six to nothing run. They took a late 22:19 lead The rebels would look to their senior leader or response six, Oh run for, Tennessee Strap in the back row a great response Number three and Oxford in Spite of the fact that the momentum was on the side of the home team Tennessee would respond in set three early and taken 11 to four lead It’s happened to us a few times this season where we kind of get a little behind and and it’s we have maybe a Set against a good team that we just struggle with and I felt like that Set in those five was one of those they kind of jumped out on us and then they held on And kind of kept that cushion ultimately the set was lost 25 to 19 Turning their attention to set for the Rebs would come out running Barnes pushes outside. It’s an Emily Stroud show of another swing at the overpass and put it away The hapy rejected row puts it over salt the minor goes up it takes a swing and five the line Teams just so resilient. I mean they realize that the next set starts back at 0-0. Let’s win this one I think just with this team. We have a lot of heart going into the fourth set. We’re like we lost the third That’s fine. Like we’re gonna win the fourth and we’re gonna win the fifth So new set 0-0 we’re gonna win this one the rebels fought their way to set point 24 to 19 But proving their own resilience the Lady Vols would again fight back to tie it at 24 This time freshman Anna Bear would answer the call in a big way Slide Cummings man treated she’s rejected on a solo by an affair This season Hansen going outside the parent are she puts it through the block dug up by Nicole Purcell a nice trout This one set back over by parent are incredible effort trout with another chance. This one’s I got Mike Colter She’ll have another swing. Tell it off the block and we’re going in line here in your center That is an impressive impressive last. I believe it took a seven points to end What should have been a one-point push for Ole Miss? Believe guys we got to keep believe it here. Alright Execution we earned a lot of points in that set. We just gave up a couple of runs We we keep those to a minimum guys. This is going to be ours. Alright, okay Ole Miss takes game number four forces of fifth set here at the gillip center It’ll be age set to fifteen points win by two She’ll give or miss a 3-1 win number ease Another point for the room are Mars go toughen putting it straight down on the overpass Herren our palak, Lauren Mars and Aubrey sulfa my It was just got the whole crowd excited, you know our team like when you block someone like the back of a hitter You know you turn around you see your team so excited for you. So that just gets you even more pumped up I feel like it’s how many one gets a blocked and pressure point. It’s just a good momentum Pusher so those blocks helped a lot to get us just keep rolling when you make that switch Being up where there’s up. One two, whatever You know, you just feel like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel As the two teams switched sides the rubbles would keep a stranglehold on the lead Lorin bar is going right side to guzik’s Route 11 For match point there was no question where the ball was going. Who do we want taking at at match point? Both of these teams have been tested in non-conference and are ready for moments like this 1413 Ole Miss match point it’ll be Sedona Hansen is serving for the Lady Vols the service up from the senior Cross courts way from Stroud the car 13 the rebels Will win this one the celebration has begun a yellow for the first time in his life to Steven McRoberts wins and SEC opener We just beat Tennessee who was like top of our conference usually we’re amped I’m so proud of our team who played so hard. I’m really really excited that was a huge huge win for it that I know that that win is gonna Carry on the recipes and the wraps are freakin running Hey once we got up for one We controlled it the rest of the way and we did what we said we were going to do at the being a set No runs for them. All right. I’m so proud of you guys. This is guys believe you got to believe All right. They’re as good as anybody in the conference. All right, this is our year. Yeah We cannot be satisfied no Hey, you know they were looking at us and going all those late wins. They haven’t beat anybody now we have Yes If you twirl around counterclockwise three times the elf Sorry, the mayor’s coming, I’m sorry All right, you can do it No, go by Ryan I’m gonna go over here Maggie Cuz I had a loose cuticle and it was hurting me Stay in your lane and stop worrying about me you

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