(upbeat music) (upbeat piano music) – One of you guys start with me. We’ll start it off with
drops and then off the feed and then we’ll progress it live. How long can that racket be? How much can you lengthen it? Yes. Back and push. Alright, I’ll use the bounce. Same thing. Keep moving, here we go. Bueno. You hear my Spanish there, Rob? You’re here to work. If it hits the green, it’s out. If it hits the blue, it’s in. Rob’s focus today was call
balls that are out, out. I mean, if you’re going
to make a move like that, you’re going to have to
at least make contact with the ball. Yeah Rob! Call it out, baby! That’s the way to move, Vinod. Some good clearance over there, Clarence. That’s what I’m looking for, there. (bombastic trumpets) This is pretty fun for work. It looks like you become more
determined and try harder. Would it be weird of me to say, take your focus and narrow
it, like, to net clearance? You want the point so bad that
you’ll never get the point because you want it so bad. Measurable, process-oriented goals help outcome goals. Focus on outcome only hurts. (hip hop beat) – The team had a great
week of practice, really and I think that the older guys understand the rivalry we have with State. – We prepare the same,
we do the same things, we stick with our routines. And I think that’s
important to do those things even when the environment’s
going to be a lot different. – We knew the big match is coming. The State match is one of the
best matches we can play in this whole year. And we knew a great crowd
is going to be there. So we were all ready for
a big moment, actually. – If we give these guys
something to cheer about, something to get excited about, which I know we will, gosh, that’s such a huge advantage. Let’s take advantage of the situation. You know? – It’s easy, boys. It’s easy. Let’s get it boys, let’s go. – [all] 1, 2, 3, Rebs! – Alright! (cheering, yelling) (intense music) – We felt it. And it was growing throughout the doubles, and I’m looking up on the stands, and it’s…it’s packed. – We changed the sides and
I looked up and I was like, “Wow. What is this? This is amazing.” So many people came here to support us. – Playing in front of a
record-breaking crowd, the Rebels would capitalize early. (crowd cheers) – I mean, it was definitely
a very special experience for me, because I’ve
personally never played in front of such a big crowd. – It’s probably, honestly
my favorite moment in my tennis career so far. I’ve been playing for 15
years, and that’s got to be, Friday night was just amazing. – It’s like, some kind of
pressure just coming at you, and, I don’t know, you’re shivering. It’s…I love it, it’s amazing, and it, it’s impossible to play bad. – You look up in the stands
and there’s just a sea of people everywhere, and they’re
waving the guys’ big heads and you really sense
the crowd, and we just fed off of their energy. (intense music) – With all eyes on sophomore Grey Hamilton and freshman Fabian Follart, the infectious energy moved from up in the stands down to Court Two. – I played doubles with
a bunch of different guys in my life, and Fabi definitely,
there’s more chemistry between us than anyone
I’ve ever played with. We just clicked. – I think it’s pretty
good for a whole team because we controlled the whole energy and the momentum for the whole team. – You can just feel the energy, and the guys were just
feeding off that energy. – While the Bulldogs would fight back, the doubles point was never in doubt. With a six-four win on Court One. (crowd cheers) And a six-four win on Court Three. (yells) – We’re going to go out there, and we’re just going to let it go. We’re going to go for after the ball. We’re going to be brave out there. We’re going to trust each other, and you’re gonna trust yourself when you go out there
and step on the court and go after your shots. Alright? In the big moments, trust it. And go with it. Okay? If we do those things,
we’ll live with the result, but I want everybody to feel like I gave it everything I
had on every single point. (epic music) – Despite the early success on Court Two, Gus Hansson dropped his second set Love-Six. But what fans didn’t
know was that this Rebel was far from full strength. – We had our team dinner,
and everything was as usual, and I went to bed, I mean, in solid time. And I woke up seven
times during the night, sweating and stuff like that. I was freezing the whole night, and I felt directly in the morning that I was sick. – When Gus got down
four-oh, I could really tell that he was really suffering out there. – I haven’t really been
in those situations before where I can barely stand up, like in the end of the
second set and I know that I have to play a third set. I mean I just tried to,
drink a lot of water and think of the good stuff
I did in the first set. – I was just like, “It’s 40 minutes, man. “It’s 40 minutes. Everything you got. “And let’s see what happens.” (crowd cheers) – You go, Gus! Come on Gus! (crowd cheers) – Hansson would battle
through his illness, setting up match point. (crowd claps) – Honestly, I was really doubting that I could finish the match, but I was just fighting,
and I haven’t won a match in that way ever before. So it was just so much energy in my body and I was so pumped. – With Stefan Lindmark
claiming his singles point on Court One, Ole Miss
led State three to one, and needed only one more game point to win the match. Attention turned to Court
Four, where Filip Kraljevic had at one point led in
the third set five-love, but was now fighting
for the win at five-all. – I mean, I knew that it was
going to be a tough match because that player already
beat me in the fall. So I knew it was going
to be a tough match. – He jumped out to a quick start. The guy responded really well
to get it back to five-all, and then Filip once again
responded to that very well. And the last game, he went
up double match point. – The momentum completely changed, and at five-all, I
thought “okay, now Filip, “you have to be tough.” And that’s exactly what he did. – We believed in him We talked with Devin before the match about believing in everybody, and we didn’t stop believing in Filip. (crowd chants) – Let’s go (mumbles)! – It was at that point that I just took a deep breath and decided I’m going to hit this
serve as hard as I can. (crowd roars) I was going for the ace and I really hit a pretty fast ace. – Fabi and I were actually right there on the sideline, and I whispered to him right beforehand, I said “He’s going to serve ace-T and that’s exactly where he went, and he hit an ace. It was pretty incredible. – It was amazing, that
moment when everybody just started running over to me. I’ll never forget this moment. It was amazing. – What an unbelievable
day it’s been, honestly. I don’t know, it’s been a roller coaster. Me and Gus were hanging
out in the hospital for three hours, and he just (laughing)
Z Man. And Z Man was there for about two hours. (laughing)
And, you know, the effort that you guys gave today, you guys gave everything you had. And you guys gave the crowd
something to cheer for. From the first point
– Here we go, Grey! It was so good! That’s right, TB. I mean, it was absolutely beautiful. And I can’t say enough about this team, about the character you guys have, and the never die attitude
that you guys have. You just gave it everything you had, and that’s why you deserve this win today. Congrats boys, bring it in. (cheering) – What are we saying, Z? (mumbles) – One, two, three! (all yell)

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